Connecting Cultures: Mamma fotogramma e WEFAB workshops

“Milano & oltre. Una visione in MoviMento”, è un progetto avviato dall'associazione culturale Connecting Cultures. Per tutto il mese di maggio 2013 artisti, architetti, urbanisti, fotografi, scienziati, policy maker, performer, danzatori si sono alternati nel proporre una Milano insolita. Digicult è stato chiamato per organizzare 2 workshop, proponendo due realtà tra le più interessanti sul territorio: Mammafotogramma e WeFab

Sincronie Festival. DATA: E. Domnitch & D. Gelfand, Hidden Worlds screening

On Tuesday the 15th of December 2009 at Teatro Arsenale in Milan, Digicult presented DATA, the third meeting of the Sincronie Festival 2009, a contemporary and experimental music event that began in 2003. DATA is an event, a reflective critique on the existing relationship between contemporary art and science on the basis of mathematical processes, numbers, logic abstractions and formulae

Screen Music Festival 2007

Screen Music is an event that focuses on the analysis and description of the most modern forms of electronic audiovisual interaction in terms of projections and live performances

Mixed Media, Hangar Bicocca

Mixed Media was an important moment of reflection for Milan on the themes of artistic and professional creativity related to the use of new digital technologies

Wave: Piemonte Share Festival 2005

Wave section of Piemonte Share Festival 2005 registered the collaboration of Digicult in the ambit of the audiovisual section of the festival