Digicult Agency develops projects for festivals, galleries, institutions and cultural centers in Europe and worldwide. Encompassing exhibitions, concerts, performances, films, public art works, publications, courses, productions, round tables, and workshops, Digicult Agency programs are presented in collaboration with major/renowned Italian and international partners.

Since its birth in 2005, Digicult has been having the possibility to collaborate with national and international partners, working with art and cultural institutions, festivals and events, media centers, art galleries, schools and academies and online platforms. Working side by side with all its partners, Digicult develops exhibitions and concerts, special events, workshops and screenings, involving also Network’s members and their backgrounds, theoretical studies and professional experiences.
The professional people that represent the Digicult Network of journalists, curators, theorists, practioneers and critics, are often involved in seminars, lectures, meetings and round tables, because of their hybrid and interdisciplinary backgrounds, studies and professional experiences. These educational and instructive events are thought as a moment of confrontation and sharing among media practices, aesthetic experimentations, technological researches and applied sciences.
Digicult has being up to provide theoretical and practical classes in universities, academies and art/design schools worldwide from many years. This education activity can supply a wide critical overall view of the contemporary digital artistic production. Usually more focused on media art critic theoretical courses, Digicult classes wided in the last years on digital media management, as well as digital publishing, teachings showing Digicult's attitude to the contemporary fields of open and free culture.
Encompassing exhibitions, concerts, performances, films, public art works, publications, Digicult’s agency programs are presented in collaboration with some of the major digital art events worldwide. Productions and promotions are developed through close and often long-term relationships with some of today’s most interesting artists, theorists, curators, critics, researchers and are supported through a wide range of technical, scientific and artistic collaborations.
Digicult Agency is currently engaged in publishing special editorial projects, catalogues, books and publications in collaborations with national and international publishers. Its goal is to be more active in the publication of critical and theoretical essays commissioned to international authors, university theses of special interest, publications edited in collaboration with other national and international publishers, as well as peer-reviewed publication with institutional international partners.