Digicult has a liquid structure, we do not exist in a proper office, we exist only online. We are ethereal, we are a network, our work constantly crosses the boundaries of art, design, cinema, society, communication and scientific research. We are a mutant and unclassified new professional category, spontaneously working across shared and fluid methodological, aesthetic, cultural and technological paradigms.


Marco Mancuso
Founder & Editor in Chief

Marco Mancuso is a critic, curator and teacher in the field of Media Technologies applied to Arts, Design, Contemporary Culture, with a professional interest in practices like Art Management, Online Publishing and Open Cultures. Founder and Director at Digicult and Digimag Journal.

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Silvia Bertolotti
Book Editor

Silvia Bertolotti is freelance writer. With a MA in Philosophy and a Master in Arts and Cultural Management, she is currently a PhD Candidate in Media and Communications Studies. Areas of special interest to Silvia are web culture and digital arts, new media studies & cybersecurity.

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Filippo Lorenzin
Editorial Assistant

Filippo Lorenzin is an indipendent curator and critic of contemporary art. He’s interested in the relationship between art, technology and society, anthropology, psychology and history. He actively collaborates with many international magazines as author and commentator.

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Martina Raponi
Editorial Assistant

Martina Raponi is an independent writer and researcher; her work is conducted within the field of contemporary arts. She is the author of Strategie del Rumore, alumna of Sandberg Instituut, and currently based in Amsterdam. She investigates the writing practice beyond the written word.

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Roberta Colavecchio
Press Office and Media Manager

Roberta Colavecchio is an independent researcher, media specialist and cultural producer. She holds a PhD in New Media Theory, Postcolonial and Cultural Studies from “L’Orientale” University of Naples, and actively collaborates with international art spaces, research centers and cultural platforms in order to blur the borders in-between eARTh, humans, animals and machines. She is currently based in Amsterdam, where she works in communication, social media management and content creation.

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Giulia Simi
Marketing & Strategy Manager

Giulia Simi holds a PhD in History of Art and Media from University of Pisa. For 10 years she’s also been working as a new media art critic, lecturer, digital producer and strategist for museums, publishers, no-profit organisations and media companies both in Italy and in UK.

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Manuel Carbone
Web Editor

Manuel Carbone is an independent musician, obsessed with experimental heterophonies and abstract textures. From a young age and throughout the years, he has developed (and nourished) a blatant fixation not only with musical cultures, but also with art, contemporary poetry, philology and anthropology.

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Matteo Cremonesi
Web Consulting

Matteo Cremonesi focuses his interests on contemporary art and new media. He is PhD candidate at Luephana University of Luneburg, he is lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and works at Link Art Center as curator of Link Cabinet. He contributes to Artribune Magazine and is a member of the art group IOCOSE

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Andrea Cagnini
Web Developer

Andrea Cognini is the classic prototype of a developer: shy and introverted. Hates people so much to have met in “the black screen” his true friend. Now he works in a large advertising and ecommerce agency, but still can withdraw into himself and participate in other fascinating projects.

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