Social Networking

Digicult social networks services for media arts actors employs a wide set of digital tools and methodologies in order to provide a modular intervention to comunication. The study of relationships, connections or interactions of our partners, uses methods in social network analysis to identify influential nodes, local and global structures, and network dynamics.

There are three intervention areas: Analysis, Strategic Planning and Management. The intervention can focus on one, two or three of them, depending on the customer’s needs.

To activate a social networking strategy with Digicult, write to:

Social Networking / Analysis:

Depiction of a state of the art of the customer’s fields of intervention. It answers to the following questions:

- Who are the main digital opinion leaders in my field?

- How do they operate?

- What are the hot topics that generate social buzz?

- What kind of symbolic capitals do I own?


- Identification of established and potential online interest networks. This phase will be conducted mainly on Twitter and on the blogosphere, because of their data accessibility. If the customer has specific needs relate to other social networks, they will be discussed from time to time.

- Network Analysis with influencers selection. Definition of the opinion leaders on the base of a rank of qualitative and quantitative data.

- Identification of hot topics, keywords inside and across disciplines, music publics, art fields.

- Mapping of the customer’s various kind of symbolic capitals, in relationships with networks, hot topics and opinion leaders (Net Etnography).

- Writing of a complete report, including a network data visualization section and a quali-quantitative database.

Social Networking / Strategic Planning

Definition of a development plan to increase and consolidate the customer’s capitals within the network. It answers to the following questions:

- What is the best strategy to improve my online reputation?

- How can I use my symbolic capitals at their best?

- What are the best ways to keep in touch with my online publics?


- Realization of on-line interviews to identify customer’s implicit and explicit goals and objectives.

- Writing of a custom mini-manual for each social network.

- Writing of a specific thesaurus for each social network.

- Writing of a calendar with short, medium and long term tasks and milestones. – Online training for social network managers.

- Help desk

Social Networking / Management

Short/ medium/ long term management of the customer’s account. It directly operates on the customer’s social network accounts, managing them according with the Analysis and the Strategic Planning.