Press Office

The fundamental aim of a Press Office structure is represented by the need of channeling into one only activity the most institutional communication activities and cultural references (festivals, exhibitions, art installations, art galleries and cultural events, charitable trust, museums, referential newspapers) and those belonging to new circuits of experimentation through new media.

In the preliminary stages of the press office activity, it will be created the contacts network through which it will be possible to communicate activities and events. The addressee will be divided into a part dedicated to e-mail addresses, a part dedicated to telephone contacts and a part about e-mail addresses. The contacts network which DigiCULT proposes itself to embrace is constituted by press agencies, journalists, critics, editorial offices, art galleries, websites, professionals and teachers. This archieve will be enriched and developed thanks to an editing activity carried out by our press officers.

To work with Digicult press office, contact:

Press releases and press kits
(complete or in integration with a pre-existing press office)

Digicult staff will take care of the editing and the writing of texts and materials for communication models such as press releases, both in web and hard copy version. The preparation of this material will occur in relation to both periodic activities, and single events, through a steady dialogue between the press officer, the art gallery staff, the external curators and artists.

Relationships with the press
(complete or in integration with a pre-existing press office)

The press office and communication activity will come with direct relationships of our press officer with journalists and critics, aimed to obtain spaces and in depth examinations dedicated to the art gallery, on the main communication mediums and to establish a collaboration and media partnership.

The press office is divided into

- creating specific directory

- writing news, specific releases, possibly in integration and coordination with existing press office

- design and management for specific periodic newsletter

- relations with the press and industry professionals: contact with Italian and foreign magazines, weekly newspapers, online and paper magazine in contemporary art, design and architecture

- specific communication at the international level through the main mailing lists of reference in the world of contemporary art, digital art, design and architecture

- specific and personalized communication through the close contacts of Digicult with some of the most important international artists and designers, as well as the most important museums, galleries, research centers and national and international media centers that deal with contemporary art, digital art, design and architecture