The enhanced listening experience. Resonate by Naakte Ontwerpers

On a quiet morning in The Hague, I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy de Bruijn and Sam Van ‘t Oever, also known as De Naakte Ontwerpers. Tommy and Sam are two young designers who developed a device able of creating an experience which allows to listen not only through the ears, but also through the flesh.

(Italiano) Moda: i tessuti e i colori più innovativi

(Italiano) La moda, in questi anni di forte spinta tecnologica, sta diventando il laboratorio virtuale all’interno del quale vengono sperimentate soluzioni hi-tech che nascono magari nell’industria chimica o nel settore della ricerca ecosostenibile
Reshape 15 Call

Reshape 15. Deadline: 31st May 2015

RESHAPE15 | Wearable technology competition is an open contest for makers and designers that explore the possible developments connected to the world of wearable technology. Deadline: 05/31/15
numero71_The sublime 01

The Sublime And The Vulnerable. The Art Of Carrie Mae Rose

It is around these magical objects that the latest aesthetic and conceptual work of Carrie Mae Rose takes place. Sculptor, performer, interactive designer, she is best known for her work Wearable Weapons produced during a residence and fellowship at Eyebeam in New York. Sharp collars made of blades, corsage built with upcycled scissors and razor blades confiscated at the Transportation Security Administration of airports: these objects push the limits of modern fashion design.
numero68_ You re doing 01

You’re Doing What? Make A Living Inventing Your Job

The (long) way heading (by subway) to the New York Science Hall, hosting the World Maker Faire in Queens, gives me time to read some free presses and resume an article of the sunday NYTimes I haven't finished yet. It's a long piece about the twilight of the US manufacturing sector, started from the 50's to nowadays [1], and about the definite takeover of China. At the same time, other articles are dealing with the increasing unemployment rate, and with the even more worrying fact that one out of three US unemployed citizen has been jobless for more than a year. From long-term contracts to long-term unemployment.
numero58_Dream Addictive 01

Dream Addictive. Designing A Sound Ecology

Dream Addictive is a collaborative project in the context of the relationship between art and technology, founded back in 2003 in Tijuana, Mexico by Carmen González and Leslie García, both with a solid background in the field of applied sciences, physical computing, visual programming and independent hardware production. These elements made them particularly sensitive to the development of artistic works in interaction design, highlighting the possible dialogue between the reality of the audience and the simulation provided by the machines.
numero58_Mark Grimes 01

Mark Grimes. Maker Faire Africa: The Net Doing

The last years are witnessing the rise of a new phenomenon generally defined as Makers movement. Its pillar is the network grown around Make Magazine and Maker Faire. Make Magazine is a publication born in 2006 that connects a wide range of DIY projects related with technology. Makers Faire is a meeting held around the USA aiming at the connection of backyard inventors, artists and high-tech crafters. Behind this boom is O'Reilley Media, the publisher worldwide known for its software manuals and for the support to many initiatives related to technological innovation, social entrepreneurship and high-tech startups.
numero57_Mobile A2k 01

Mobile A2k. Education Through Technology In Africa

Mobile A2K: Africa Interfaces Education Technology is focused on the relationship between technology and education in Africa, which programme includes three seminars organized by lettera27, a non-profit foundation from Milan, from 11th to 12th of September at Festivaletteratura 2010 in Mantua.
numero57_Isea Ruhr 2010 01

Isea Ruhr 2010. Latin America Forum

One of the most important events within ISEA RUHR 2010 - The International Symposium on Electronic Art was maybe the Latin American Forum IV, a series of conferences and debates divided into four meetings during which historians, artists and editors discussed and tried to define the contemporary artistic trends of the continent.
numero56_Buddha machine 01

Buddha Machine. Third Generation Sound Toy

FM3, the experimental music group whose productions examine the relationship between composition, art, and everyday life, consists of original members Zhang Jian and Christiaan Virant.