Virtual Worlds


Maurice Benayoun. Just Dig/It!

The exhibition Just Dig/It! presents the large-scale installation Inside the Tunnel under the Atlantic created by Maurice Benayoun. The virtual project that linking the Pompidou Center in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal, trying to connect the people and let them explore the space in a different and virtual way.

Blending and disrupting the realities: interview with Joseph DeLappe

Although changing over time, thanks to increasingly efficient technology, the digital world and the real world have come together to contextually coexist, often creating problems. Looking at the many works by American artist Joseph Delappe you can somehow trace the evolution of this dynamic.

Impakt Festival – Soft Machines

The 25th edition of the Impakt festival, Soft Machines, takes place at the intersection of affect and machines. The concept of empathy becomes both content and form through lectures, performances, screenings, and an exhibition.

”Up-in-the-Air” with Sachiko Hayashi

Sachiko Hayashi is a visual artist who primarily works in video and screen-based interactive media. She is originally from Tokyo and has lived in the US and UK, but is currently living in Sweden
numero59_Cao Fei 01

Cao Fei: Demolishing The Virtual. Rmb City And The Crisis Of Art-reality

Chinese artist Cao Fei formally launched her last major project, RMB City, almost two years ago in January 2009. Nearing the end of its predetermined lifespan, the Second Life platform should come to an end within the next several months. At this juncture I have been attempting to take the pulse of the virtual community as a whole, speaking with current and former collaborators on RMB City, collectors, writers, and other interested observers in order to figure out how to measure the success or failure of the digital metropolis. See below for a summary of the findings so far; next month in this space we will continue this survey with a debriefing on Chinese art in Second Life

remap berlin

The exhibition hall "Altes Museum" in the virtual world Twinity will open the exhibition: Remap Berlin by Marco "Manray" Cadioli

arrested time

Arrested Time is an exhibition of works combining contemporary technologies with traditional drawing and printmaking methods

Cam Girls And Sex On Second Life: A Report

Rocco Siffredi sounded the alarm: You Porn is killing the porn industry. A cry of starlets like Eve Laurence withdraws from the business main stream to provide its community of fans tailored services, without passing by production houses, in perfect style participatory pornography. The magazine Focus goes on sale with a dossier on MP3 players that are vibrators to the music, equipment wii remote to masturbate with your partner and kiss-phone prototype that simulates the kisses. The Orgasmatron in Woody Allen's comparison of all this affection. While waiting to be able to have fun with the wii with my favorite cam girl who sends me in 3D, take the technological revolution of sex very seriously and I do a tour in the Red Light District in Second Life.

Alessandro De Gloria, From Child’s Play To Serious Games

Dr. Alessandro de Gloria is a professor of Electrical Engineering and member of the Elios Group at the University of Genova. This group is involved with the design and development of serious games, which use human computer interaction technology to create gaming scenarios for educational purposes.

Wow:Emergent Media Phenomenon

WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon explores various forms of cultural production based on World of Warcraft, in particular and on gaming in general

_augmentology 1[l]0[l]1_:interface Between Two Worlds

The _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ project reaches out into a multitude of networked environments, like a multi-tendrilled creature, it explores and reports back information to a central hub, located at the _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ blog. Existing in the virtual, the task is to explore other synthetic worlds and attempt to reflect back something of the nature of living within them and our own world. The resultant collection of projects and ideas can be considered a 'Synthetic Reality Manual' as Mez Breeze, who initiated the project, describes it.

The Neo World Of Virtual Life

Virtual constitutions, virtual nations, 3D environments, democracy, censorship, some of the keywords contained in a draft virtual reality 'to Second Life', funded by the European Union. The three-year project from 3.3 million euros, Virtual Life is a 3D environment that is the basis for a secure and reliable communication, to develop trade, educate and entertain.

Ludic Cartography Mapping Game Spaces

The How They Got Game Project at Stanford University is currently seeking papers that explore the connections between mapping, cartographic practices, and electronic gaming for an illustrated book that will be published in 2010

Janez Jansa Exhibition

On the occasion of the publication of the book RE:akt! Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting , published by FPEditions and edited by Antonio Caronia, Janez Jansa and Domenico Quaranta, Fabio Paris Art Gallery is proud to announce the exhibition SS-XXX | Die Frau Helga. The Borghild Project Reconstruction (2007), by the Slovene artist Janez Janša.

The Aesthetics of Gaming

Pace Digital Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition curated by Michelle Kasprzak, The Aesthetics of Gaming. Explore Anita Fontaine + Mike Pelletier's CuteXdoom II and Joe Mckay's Avoid that present two interactive scenarios with strong aesthetic qualities that are radically different to the look, feel, and modus operandi of a typical commercial game!

(Italiano) Berardo Carboni Alla Prova Del Machinima

(Italiano) Anche se i facili entusiasmi che Second Life scatenava sembrano tramontati, le sperimentazioni artistiche nel mondo virtuale non si arrestano. È il turno del regista italiano Berardo Carboni, auotore del lungometraggio virtuale Shooting Silvio, che ha finito di girare nel mondo della LindenLab il suo secondo lungometraggio VolaVola\FlyMe.

Land of Illusion: Monument 08

"Land of Illusion" Open Space: The virtual installation takes place in "Land of Illusion" in Second Life, which is an open space for artist collaboration and creativity.