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Meta-Interview. A conversation with Robert Wechsler

Since 2013, Metabody is developing technologies, tools and techniques at the convergence of the arts, that will be integrated in the first fully interactive architecture that will be touring throughout Europe in 2017-18. For this pavilion, intermedia artist Robert Wechsler is developing an interactive installation called Meta-Interview.

Shiro Takatani. The extension of visible

there is a sort of landscape full of visual and sonic inputs determining – unconsciously – our perception. Just around these minimal perceptions, boundaries of the infinitely small, are the works of the Japanese and worldwide known artist Shiro Takatani, already leader of the Japanese theatre company Dumb Type and today involved in different projects, from installation - as Frost Frames, conceived for the Kyoto Spiral Hall in 1998 and the collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto for LIFE – fluid, invisible, inaudible…(2007) – to live performances, like the recent La chambre Claire (2008) and Chroma (2012).

Anthroposcenic reflections. The iconic universality of Teatro Deluxe

Vera Michela Suprani and Claudio Oliva – founders of the artistic project Teatro Deluxe , which examines visual arts fields from different perspectives, including dancing – succeeded thanks to their stubbornness and competence. It is in fact typical of a country like Italy to have great difficulties in adopting a fair merit system.
numero67_ The theatre 01

The Theatre Of Sound. Acoustic Research By Fanny & Alexander

Among the most interesting backgrounds on a European level, Fanny & Alexander was founded by Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani (with the stable contribution of the actor Marco Cavalcoli) in 1992. Fanny & Alexander, which has asserted itself as research group in the theatrical context, produces works of art marked by the contamination of different artistic disciplines.

(Italiano) Istantanee Performing Fest Kollatino Underground

(Italiano) Prosegue a Roma fino al 18 maggio al Kollatino Underground la prima edizione del Festival Istantanee – visioni tra danza e performance , un progetto curato da Maria Paola Zedda, in collaborazione con Kollatino Underground e Santasangre. Il festival, incentrato sui linguaggi contemporanei di danza e performance presenta lavori di alcune delle compagnie più interessanti della scena nazionale e internazionale, legati alle arti visive.
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Francesca Grilli. Searching For The Daily Miracle

Francesca Grilli, who was born in Bologna and now lives in the Netherlands has developed her research on the human figure realizing works inspired by her personal memories which are linked to her family and her daily life. Her work recently focused on the obsessive search for the daily miracle, through the manipulation of reality and adding an unexpected variable that produces a sense of familiarity that can also be shocking. As she herself explains, the daily miracle is a minimal invisible action which often transforms reality into magic, daily actions and tasks into something fabulous.
numero62_ That Measure of Light 01

That Measure Of Light. A Conversation With Ugo Pitozzi

Ugo Pitozzi, choreographer and video-artist, is one of the major personalities of ballet born during the ʻ80s. His background stems from his education: he studied idioms of visual arts at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, contemporary dance (he studied the Laban technique), contemporary technique with William Forsythe, Mary Wigman's principles with Erika Thimey, and choreography dance composition with Gerhard Bohner. He also attended choreography dance composition and contemporary creation with Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk, Simone Forti.
numero61_ Oliviero Ponte diPino 01

Oliviero Ponte Di Pino. Dieci Anni Di Webmagazine

(Italiano) Il progetto Ateatro nasce il 14_01_2001, Wikipedia nasce il 15_01_2001. In principio era il blog (alla fine degli anni '90, la parola ancora non si usava) e si chiamava, archivio personale di testi, frutto di oltre vent'anni di attivitˆ culturale di Oliviero Ponte di Pino - uno dei critici di punta della scena contemporanea - digitalizzati e riversati online (in pagine html statiche), poi via via arricchito di nuovi materiali d'attualitˆ.
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Humanity Of 3d. Billy Cowie’s Research

The fourth edition of Teatro a Corte International Festival, which toke place in Turin and in eight Savoy residences in Piedmont from July 8 until the 25th, presented a wide selection of contemporary and experimental productions in the fields of theatre, dance, nouveau cirque, video-dance and performance, hosting 31 groups from eight different nations. The event schedule comprehended 38 shows, 5 site specific projects and two creations commissioned for the Festival.
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The Explosion Of The Arts. Sineglossa Live Performances

Sineglossa is an artistic collective residing in the Marche region in Italy, comprising personalities from different disciplines but with the same intent and the same sensitivity. Created in 2006 by director Federico Bomba, the painter Luca Poncetta and performer Barbara Hall, the theatrical debut happened in 2007 with Camera Verde, to which followed in 2008 Pleura e Pneuma. In 2009 are among the companies winning the contract ETI New creativity, working on Undo and Remember me.