Bill Vorn. Immersed in a world of robots, metaphors, and paradoxes

Bill Vorn is a Canadian artist and academic based in Montréal. He has worked on performance, interactive installations, experimental soundtracks, soundtrack scores, and sound editing, creating components for film, video, and various other artistic projects. His works have been shown at major international media art festivals and events
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Big, Open & Beautiful #9. Hack the Body

What is the relationship between us and the technology? Between our body and our intimacy and new technological information? At the Big, Open & Beautiful: Hack the Body presents on March 23 in Amsterdam, academics and artists will discuss the significant impact of technology in our lives, in our bodies.

Rafael Lozano Hemmer: Pseudomatisms

Lozano-Hemmer expands on this notion by reminding us about the impossibility of true randomness in a mechanic universe where any pretension of autonomy in any program is only a simulation. In the words of the artist, a pseudomatism aims to make tangible the biases inherent in these simulations.

HUMAN+. The Future of Our Species

The Center of Contemporay Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) in association with Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin present the exhibition Human+. The future of our species. Showcasing the work of fifty artists and pioneering research proposals, HUMAN+ explores possible future paths for our species.

Elektra presents Québec Digitale Roma

ELEKTRA presents Québec Digitale Roma, from October 9 to December 6, 2015, in Rome. This showcase of Quebec digital artists will be presented as part of the Digitalife Luminaria exhibition during the Romaeuropa festival

Eppur si muove – Art et technique, un espace partagé

The exhibition Eppur si muove (And yet it turns) focuses on the many links that exist between the fields of the visual arts and technology, as well as the decisive influence that the history of the sciences and technology has exercised on contemporary artists.

Impakt Festival – Soft Machines

The 25th edition of the Impakt festival, Soft Machines, takes place at the intersection of affect and machines. The concept of empathy becomes both content and form through lectures, performances, screenings, and an exhibition.
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Frederik De Wilde. The Invisible Boundary Among Art & Science

Among the works presented EOD 02 (Electric Organ Discharge), byFrederik De Wilde particularly captured our attention. EOD 02 is an installation realized in collaboration with the LAb[au] in Bruxelles. It consists of four mirror aquariums located on pedestals with integrated audio.

Alpha-Ville 2011

Taking place from 22nd to the 25th of September, the third edition of Alpha-ville Festival will spread across several venues in London, running alongside the London Design Festival and the Digital Design Weekend at V&A , and including venues such as Whitechapel Gallery, Rich Mix, Netil House, The Vortex, XOYO and Space Studios.

Sonic Acts XIV Travelling Time

Travelling Time is the fourteenth edition of Sonic Acts, which will have place from 23rd to 26th of February 2012 in Amsterdam, and its theme is the human experience of time. Time dictates our schedule; time gives us structure. We think of ourselves as living in the present, with the past behind us, moving towards the future. But in fact, there is nothing so complex and ambiguous as time: the arrival the early twentieth century of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics has tampered with our straightforward concept of time.

Nathaniel Mellors Ourhouse

For the exhibition "Ourhouse", De Hallen Haarlem co-commissioned a new video series and animatronic sculptures by Nathaniel Mellors (Doncaster, 1974). In recent years Mellors has developed an experimental practice in which video, sculpture, performance and critical writing are combined. The complex relationship between language and power is a recurring theme in his multi-faceted body of work, typically manifesting itself in absurdist, humorous narratives which reveal a penchant for satire and the grotesque.

Federico Diaz Geometric Death Frequency 141

Geometric Death Frequency–141 to be Installed in the MASS MoCA Entrance Courtyard. 50-foot data sculpture of fragmented wave crashing into the museum's entry courtyard, rendered and assembled by robotic machines and untouched by human hands from concept to materialization.

Sonarmatica 2010

SonarMàtica splits itself in two this year for Sonar 2010 Barcelona and Sonar 2010 Galicia, two different exhibitions which can be seen in Barcelona and A Coruña on 17th, 18th and 19th June. The Sónar 2010 Barcelona exhibition displays interesting artistic work produced using and based around the world of robotics.
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Body, Cyborg, Robot In Lugano. Interaction Between Mechanical & Organic

Primary and basic technology become works of art capable of playing with our passion for machinary and technology, a form of "pain" that we feel with and through our bodies. Simplicity is at the heart of Macchina Inutile (Useless Machine), an almost inconsistent assembly of delicate stems and coloured metal pieces built on to a spinning structure that slowly speeds down

(Italiano) Corpi, Automi, Robot Tra Arte, Scienza e Tecnologia

(Italiano) Il Museo d'Arte, nell'ambito delle iniziative promosse dal Polo Culturale della Città di Lugano, organizza, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta di Milano e con la partecipazione del Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci" di Milano e del Museo Cantonale d'Arte di Lugano la mostra "Corpo, automi, robot. Tra arte, scienza e tecnologia", la quale affronta con un approccio interdisciplinare il rapporto tra il corpo umano e la rappresentazione che di esso è stata data da parte delle arti, della scienza e della tecnologia, soprattutto per quanto riguarda la dinamica dell'imitazione del corpo (con gli automi) e della sua sostituzione (con i robots).

Shared Robotics

RoboDays presents the exhibition Shared Robotics at Kunsthallen Brandts in Odense from August 21th to November 29th 2009. In "Shared Robotics" two fields: robotics and contemporary art are fused.