Resonate Festival 2016. A combination between Art and Technology

A Resonate welcome speech is always a short and sweet moment. Festival organiser Eduard Prats Molner (aka Edu) took to the stage to declare the festival open and walked off. The essence of Resonate was as a leveller and was a place for sharing and debating ideas both during sessions and otherwise.
Monster resurrection 1

David Link’s Monster Resurrection: an archaeology of calculating machines

Monster Resurrection, a video installation by the artist and theorist David Link, portrays four British engineers and curators who practiced media archeology long before the humanities discovered this theme. The collection of interviews follows the team leaders of these four projects, their careers, the emergence of their interest in old apparatuses and the completion of the reconstruction project in detail.

Spaces for independent art: hot topic in Cairo

The activists' network and the underground art scene in Egypt have been following in these years a path that remembers for many aspects the birth and the raise of the Reclaim The Streets movement in the England 90s (then in all Europe)

Zkm presents “GLOBALE” and the new works of Ryoji Ikeda developed at CERN

GLOBALE - The New Art Event in the Digital Age is the new major curatorial project hosted within ZKM’s exhibition spaces, presenting an impressive and varied program lasting 300 days until April 2016. A unique event of its kind, as for size and offer: exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures and symposia

DIY Synth Fair: the Indie edge

This year Incubate Festival, known for its innovative and groundbreaking program, organized a DIY Synth Fair as part of their programme. Presented in the form of an exhibition instead of a traditional trade fair, from a Pop up shop location in the center of Tilburg

Sonar+D 2015. Matter and physicality

The last edition of Sónar Barcelona has been without a doubt the most complete and exciting in a long time. Sónar has found thanks to Sónar+D the perfect formula through art, technology, innovation and business. The conference is an amazing meeting point for creators, artists and industry leaders

The 56th International Art Exhibition: All The World’s Future

The 56th Venice Biennale comprises 89 national pavilions, 44 official supplementary events, and countless unofficial exhibitions curated by Nigerian-born Okwui Enwezor in conjunction with the art world’s most significant bi-annual assemblage of global talent (mostly white) and international tourists (mostly wealthy)

Listening to our sound: a reflection on the issues of Sonic Acts 2015

What is the individual thrown into the world? Part of it or, on the contrary, an alienated and manipulative element? These are to a certain degree the questions that underlied the general concept of Sonic Act’s 2015 edition, the AV festival born in Amsterdam already 16 years ago

Art for medicinal purposes. Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age is a perfect example of art allowing you to look deep inside yourself and make positive changes. Throughout the multimedia exhibition, the mental wellbeing of the FACT Liverpool inmates is to be examined through the vast array of installations and short film screenings

(Italiano) La ricognizione dell’artista/drone: Internet Drones

(Italiano) Negli ultimi giorni di gennaio ha fatto il giro della Rete una notizia che ben inquadra il concept di una mostra come Internet Drones, la nuova esposizione collettiva inaugurata da Ultra a Udine curata da Kamilia Kard a partire proprio dal 31 gennaio

Radiofonica: la Radio Art a Milano

Radiofonica è un momento di incontro sulla creazione radiofonica e sonora, curato da Anna Raimondo e Alessandro Bosetti, con la partecipazione di Marcus Gammel. Evento totalmente gratuito allo spazio O' di Milano

afterglow: 27th transmediale, a nonlinear report

Commissioned works, performances, conferences, talks, and an Internet black market have spiced up afterglow, the 27th transmediale that has taken place between 29.01 and 02.02 as usual at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. Under the multiple meanings of the afterglow, and slogans such as “How do you feel today?” “Feel Healthy, Feel Fit”, the debate has rotated around the different approaches towards e-waste, cloud computing, surveillance, mining, big data, and whistle-blowers.

Stamatia Portanova: Moving Without a Body, MIT Press

What differences does the idea of the digital make? Stamatia Portanova’s book Moving Without a Body, recently published in MIT Press "Technologies of Lived Abstraction" series, offers a provocative perspective on the question of dance and choreography in the digital age. How do the digital nexus, the compositional world of video, motion capture technologies and choreographic software in the hands of artists uncouple dance from the everyday, lived body?