Laurent Lamarche: Atlab

In the context of Leipzig’s Spinnerei Winter Gallery Tour, Art Mûr is pleased to open its 2017 programming with the first solo exhibition of Laurent Lamarche in Europe. For the past ten years, the Montreal-based artist has been investigating ideas and images that question our relationship to nature and current technologies. His practice includes photography, sculpture and installation and explores the porous boundaries between nature and artifice.

Frei Otto. Thinking by Modeling

Otto Frei the most internationally celebrated and innovative German architects is now on show at ZKM in Karlsruhe. The exhibition presents the well-known and completely unknown projects. The material on display comprises over 200 design models, objects, tools, drawings, sketches, plans and films and various large-scaled media projections

Jorge Molder: Observations dans le noir

Observations dans le noir by Jorge Molder is on display at the Gallery Bernard Bouche in Paris. Important Portuguese photographer, through this series, Molder's work takes a dreamy and metaphysical gaze, placing himself as the main subject in a search of his memories, but without excluding the viewer

The fluid principles of contemporary images

"We have entered the digital age. And the digital age has entered us. We are no longer the same people we once were." These are the words by Fred Ritchin that in After Photography, examines the transition from analog to digital, exploring the possibilities of new technologies that lead the photograph to another identity and another form

Jessica Eaton: Transmutations

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran presents Transmutations, the first solo exhibition by Jessica Eaton. The Eaton explores the color and movement theory, the science of optics, and the human vision system. Her artworks are in fact the result of a continuous visual experimentation that combines perception, technical components and study of materials.

Day of Collisions at FACT

On November 10, the FACT in Liverpool will host Day of Collisions. A full day of activities that investigate the relationship between art and science, linking together engineers, physicists and scientists with the most experimental artists of the contemporary scene. The day will be full of meetings, workshops and public debates
Andrea Buttner 1

Andrea Büttner: Beggars and iPhones

The Kunsthalle presents Beggars and iPhones, the first solo exhibition in Austria by Andrea Büttner. The work explores the concepts of public-private and visible-invisible, in a parallel perspective that involves the current digitization and the most ancient forms of art. By introducing philosophical, social and cultural reflections.
john gerrad 1

John Gerrard: Power. Play

From June 9 to August 7, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) presents John Gerrard: Power.Play. The artist that during his career has explored the use of post-cinematic and the surveillance phenomenon, inventing virtual worlds infected with the real, by operating with the new tech systems in isolated locations.
Silvestre pestana 1 def

Silvestre Pestana: Technoform

It is on show at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Silvestre Pestana. Experimental artist that from the Sixties creates artwork in which are linked together: performances, poetry, politics and technology. Inventing new spaces and physical mappings where every mental and physical limit fades, assuming on new meanings.
Ulrik 1

Ulrik Heltoft: 7 Films, One Photo and a Silver Nose

The fusion between art and science, the contemporary and baroque art, illusion and reality are the atmospheres present at the Gl. Holtegaard gallery, through the exhibition 7 Films, One Photo and a Silver Nose by Ulrik Heltoft. An artistic path where everything is reversible and the boundaries between reality and fiction are confused and uncertain.
basim magdy 5

Basim Magdy. The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings

At Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle until July is on show Basim Magdy, Artist of the Year 2016. His artworks introduce in a psychedelic trip conducted between photos, installations and videos, in which through the use of techniques and chemical processes the vision of reality is distorted, offering at the viewer a most open and free way to see.
Cameron Robbins 1

Cameron Robbins: Field Lines

MONA presents Field Lines, Robbins’ first international solo exhibition. Cameron’s work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements nature, made visible through mechanical instruments of his own invention. In Field Lines the natural forces, not always perceptible, are revealed to live inside and out of the artwork.
thomas 1

Thomas Struth. Nature & Politics

The Photographer Thomas Struth presents at the Museum Folkwang - Essen (Germany) his new work entitled Nature & Politics. Struth through his images explores the relationship between the humanity, the imagination and the technology. Encouraging the viewer to catch the elements of the things often invisible.
Evan Roth 1

Evan Roth. Internet Landscapes: Sweden

Internet Landscapes is the new project signed by Evan Roth. A series of web-based artworks that allows audiences to experience the Internet’s physical, digital and cultural landscape. A multilayer research that encourage art to create a link with a fundamentally changed network land
Metamorph 1

Fourth Trondheim biennale: Meta.Morf 2016

The fourth Trondheim biennale - Meta.Morf 2016 - will showcase artists, writers and scientists that in various ways take a closer look at man as interstellar traveller, and how we at the beginning of this millennium are about to redefine our relationship with the stars and, consequently, ourselves.
Ryoichi 1

Ryoichi Kurokawa: Unfold

A unique and sensory exhibition from acclaimed Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, transporting audiences into space through beautifully visual and sonic environments to showcase the birth of stars. This groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary exhibition will be Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokowa’s first UK solo show and will bring together the fields of art and science.
eflux 1

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige: I Must First Apologize…

I Must First Apologize… is the culmination of a major project by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, an exhibit featuring an extensive body of work in film, sculpture, photography, and installation looking at the history of online spam and scamming. The artists have collected and archived more than 4,000 scams, a certain kind of spam email since 1999.