Performing Art

Joan Jonas 1

Joan Jonas: From Away

At DHC / ART in Montreal is present until September the first retrospective of the multimedia artist Jonas Jonas. The exhibition follows step by step the American artist's career, that mixes languages, signs and cultures where the geographical and ideological borders are canceled, crossing aesthetic visions from past to present.

The scene is a prism. Notes about ST/LL of Shiro Takatani

If the theatre, according to the word's etymology, is the place of the vision, it's all about understanding what we are going to see and what we actually see on stage, from which point of view experts from the theatre world look at the world and at which level of resolution they see things. Shiro Takatani is one of the leading exponent in contemporary theatre
Holbaek 1

An Age of Our Own Making

An Age of Our Own Making is an exhibition that takes place in three different Danish cities, with the goal of initiate a reflection on the current human condition. Ecology, liberty and political space are some themes that artists will use in their artworks to track down the human and his status inside of the contemporary society.
Korakrit 1

Korakrit Arunanondchai: Letters to Chantri #1

Letters to Chantri # 1 the new installation/performance by Korakrit Arunanondchai, visitable until May at the S.M.A.K Ghent, opens a reflection on our lifestyles and the current consumer society present in the East and in the West. Hybrid artwork in which exoticism, religion and futurism are interconnected, creating a new vision.

Bill Vorn. Immersed in a world of robots, metaphors, and paradoxes

Bill Vorn is a Canadian artist and academic based in Montréal. He has worked on performance, interactive installations, experimental soundtracks, soundtrack scores, and sound editing, creating components for film, video, and various other artistic projects. His works have been shown at major international media art festivals and events
metabody 1

Becoming illegible. Jaime del Val: how to disrupt Control Society

Jaime del Val is a Spanish interdisciplinary artist and researcher. His art is a open dialogue between interactive dance, electro-acoustics, video, and urban interventions associated with a strong social activism. In 2013 he initiated Metabody, a multi-layered project involving artists and academics from 16 European countries
Ragnar Kjartansson 1

Ragnar Kjartansson

The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) is pleased and proud to welcome Ragnar Kjartansson and the unique world he conveys through ironic humour and a philosophical melancholy. This internationally acclaimed Icelandic artist combines music, theatre, performance, visual arts and film in works filled with romantic suffering that unfold over time.

Self-Made Media. Matteo Marangoni and instrument inventors initiative

My first contact with Matteo Marangoni, and with the collective he is part of, iii, occurred on the occasion of the Reading Room, a series of group readings supported by iii. In this series of events contemporary researchers, cultural theorists, philosophers, and artists are invited to share texts with the audience
Al and Al 1

AL and AL: Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse

Inspired by this revolutionary concept, the artists have undertaken three multiverse journeys across space and time, travelling from the atomic scale reality of DNA into the mind of thinking machines in the future who believe Alan Turing is their creator, through to the point of no return at the edge of a black hole.
New Exhibition 3

GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahh Laandtttt: Charlemagne Palestine

Palestine’s works form a highly personal universe of rituals, intoxication, and shamanism. Relational Stalinism – The Musical is an ambitious assemblage of new performances created by artist Michael Portnoy enacted and developed with a troupe of dancers, actors, singers, and improvisers.

Zina Saro-Wiwa: From Nollywood to the Niger Delta

Saro-Wiwa’s films began as explorations of both performance and story-telling inspired by the aesthetics and heightened dramatic narrative of Nollywood films. The artist uses constructed drama to expose the raw vulnerability involved in demonstrating love, enactments of belief and expressions of sorrow.
Ikkan 1

n + n Corsino: Surf and Surfaces

The exhibition Surf and Surfaces presents a total of 7 choreographic navigations from n + n Corsino’s oeuvre, each an elaborate construction of real and virtual images and figures, from sounds, languages, words to letters.
Caecilia Tripp 1

Caecilia Tripp: Going Space

Tripp has always taken an interest in the question of construction, fluidity, and getting beyond identities, Caecilia Tripp’s solo exhibition brings together an emblematic collection of earlier works that the artist has produced since 2004, as well as a number of new pieces that can be seen for the first time.
List project 1

List Projects: Ann Hirsch

Ann Hirsch is part of a young generation of artists using the Internet and social media as platforms to investigate representations of gender and sexuality in popular culture. List Projects: Ann Hirsch features three bodies of work the artist’s self-described “greatest hits”.
Here call def

HERE Artist Residency Program (Harp). Deadline: 3th February 2016

HARP is designed to assist mid-career individual artists or collaborative teams (writers, performers, composers, directors, designers, dramaturgs, puppeteers, dancers, singers) working in a hybrid form in live performance. Hybrid form refers to the full integration (not just as backdrop) of two or more genres (theatre, dance, music, puppetry, media, and visual art) in the work.
Christine Sun 1

Christine Sun Kim: Rustle Tustle

In Rustle Tustle, Christine Sun Kim, who was born deaf, invites viewers to expand their understanding of what sound is and can be, undermining the all-prevailing sound etiquette set by hearing culture.
rome media art call def

Rome Media Art Festival. Deadline: 15th January 2016

The event "Rome Media Art Festival", conceived and promoted by the "Fondazione Mondo Digitale", has the task of build a space in Italy relative to the relationship between art and technology , to value the artistic creations achieve with the new digital tools.