Affect and Social Media #3 | Deadline: 28/02/2017

The organizers of A&SM#3 welcome proposals for 15min presentations and artworks that interpret and explore the affective, feely and emotional encounters with social media grasped through the following themes: Experience; Engagement; Entanglement. Presentations and artworks can widely interpret each theme, but preference will be given to proposals that respond to all subjects.

A Prehistory of the Cloud by Tung-Hui Hu. MIT Press, 2016

Tung-Hui Hu is a former network engineer and current professor at University of Michigan. In his book A Prehistory of the Cloud, published by MIT Press in September 2015 he examines the gap between the real and the virtual in our idea of the cloud. A system of networks that enables multiple users to share the same pool of computer power

When Digital Innovation meets Industry: the iMinds’ model

iMinds is a Flemish non-profit organization, that drive digital innovation for society and economy, through strategic and applied research on key digital technologies. Offering to people and organizations active support in research and business development, and also encourages tech entrepreneurs to bring their smart innovations to life

The socio-economic impact of the cultural heritage on the communities

It 'obvious change of paradigm occurred in recent years regarding the evaluation of the potential social and economic terms of cultural heritage: the transition from a conception centered on the retention of a value-centered, testified in a clear from Faro Protocol of 2005 - promoted by the Council of Europe
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I Giovedì del Design: Trasformazioni Affini

(Italiano) Questa sera, Giovedì 10 Gennaio 2013 dalle 19.30 alle 22.30, presso la Design Library di Milano (http://www.designlibrary.it), l’osservatorio Digicult (http://www.digicult.it) organizza, con la collaborazione di Media Haka (http://www.mediahaka.com/), l’incontro “Trasformazioni Affini”
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Anders Weberg. Url And Networks As Artworks

Web based art, must have an address, an URL, which tells the user where the artwork is stored on the web. This obvious, but inescapable fact has the Swedish artist Anders Weberg among others, thought about in there art works. So, If you digit www.theurlistheartwork.com/, in your browser you will be taken to a homepage with the text: The url is The artwork by Anders Weberg, October 2009. The actual address, the URL is in this case the artwork. Can a net.art work be more minimalistic and sublime than just a simple URL?