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I Giovedì del Design: Trasformazioni Affini

(Italiano) Questa sera, Giovedì 10 Gennaio 2013 dalle 19.30 alle 22.30, presso la Design Library di Milano (http://www.designlibrary.it), l’osservatorio Digicult (http://www.digicult.it) organizza, con la collaborazione di Media Haka (http://www.mediahaka.com/), l’incontro “Trasformazioni Affini”
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Anders Weberg. Url And Networks As Artworks

Web based art, must have an address, an URL, which tells the user where the artwork is stored on the web. This obvious, but inescapable fact has the Swedish artist Anders Weberg among others, thought about in there art works. So, If you digit www.theurlistheartwork.com/, in your browser you will be taken to a homepage with the text: The url is The artwork by Anders Weberg, October 2009. The actual address, the URL is in this case the artwork. Can a net.art work be more minimalistic and sublime than just a simple URL?