Open Culture


Disorder and the Disinformation Society

This book is the first general social analysis that seriously considers the daily experience of information disruption and software failure within contemporary Western society. Through an investigation of informationalism, it describes the social processes producing informational disorder

Silicon Valley. I signori del silicio, Evgeny Morozov

For several years, companies in Silicon Valley promise prosperity, equality and a new society in which everything will be shareable and accessible. Surpassing the old logic of the market. But is this really so?
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The works presented in this exhibition explore the image at the moment of its fundamental reconfiguration. The artists featured in this exhibition respond to the permanent transformation and free circulation of images with a gesture of focused attention.
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Nuit Blanche Toronto. Deadline 1st October 2016

Each year the City of Toronto works with Curators to commission a series of installations ("Exhibition Projects") for their Exhibition areas. In addition to these commissioned projects, participating Exhibitions include two projects each selected by the Curators through an Open Call process. Open Calls are funded and produced by the City of Toronto.
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Free Admission

By opting for the theme Free Admission in this autumn’s exhibition, Praz-Delavallade indirectly addresses the question of open access, a concept that has been generalized on social networks, as users gain free and open access to cultural, scientific, philosophic and economic content.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015: beyond the first decade

Since its first edition, Libre Graphics
Meeting has been bringing together software developers, artists,
 designers, users and other contributors to Free/Libre and Open Source
 graphics software. For its tenth edition, LGM heads
 to Toronto for four days of talks, workshops, hack sessions and meetings.

Crossroads call

Crossroads. Deadline: 15th April 2015

The Int. Conference for PhD Students. The theme of the conference addresses regions of Europe and Middle East which, in Classical Antiquity, made part of both “East” and “West”. Deadline: 04/15/2015