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Digital Abstractions

Art is a game between abstraction, mathematical systems and digital codes seems to say the collective exhibition The Digital Abstractions, present at HeK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel from April 7. Artworks that trace the imagery and create parallel worlds through the support of computer, software and binary structures

Effimera: relazioni disarmoniche

From April 2 to May 22 MATA, the new space in Modena devoted to contemporary culture, will be hosting the exhibition EFFIMERA – Relazioni disarmoniche [EPHEMERA –Disharmonic Relations] curated by Fulvio Chimento and Luca Panaro and featuring works by Eva and Franco Mattes (1976), Carlo Zanni (1975), and Diego Zuelli (1979)
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The Black Chamber

Black Chamber is a selection of some of the most significant works by a generation of artists and activists who devise both technological and social tactics to peek into contemporary phenomena of surveillance, paranoia, and the ambiguity of massive voyeurism and actual systems of corporate or state control over citizens.
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Evan Roth. Internet Landscapes: Sweden

Internet Landscapes is the new project signed by Evan Roth. A series of web-based artworks that allows audiences to experience the Internet’s physical, digital and cultural landscape. A multilayer research that encourage art to create a link with a fundamentally changed network land

Debora Hirsch: donotclickthru. The exhibition at Galleria Pack, Milan

Galleria Pack Milan, is pleased to announce their first collaboration with the Milan-based Brazilian artist Debora Hirsch. The exhibition is entitled donotclickthru. Hirsch’s artwork is often conceptual and appropriative as she gathers visuals (images and texts) from a wide variety of media
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!Mediengruppe Bitnik. Random Darknet Shopper

!Mediengruppe Bitnik live and work in Zurich/London. They are contemporary artists working on and with the Internet. Their practice expands from the digital to affect physical spaces, often intentionally applying loss of control to challenge established structures and mechanisms.

Mass Effect. Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century

Since the turn of the millennium, the Internet has evolved from what was merely a new medium to a true mass medium. Mass Effect provides an essential guide to understanding the dynamic and ongoing relationship between art and new technologies.

Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966)

A major exhibition bringing together over 100 works to show the impact of computer and Internet technologies on artists from the mid-1960s to the present day. The exhibition features new and rarely seen multimedia works, together with film, painting, sculpture, photography and drawing.

Carlo Zanni’s ViBo: Koh-i-N∞r

ViBo is one of the alternative models of distribution of the video art, towards those present on the market, elaborated by an Italian artist Carlo Zanni. He aims at democratisation of the digital art distribution methods, conflicting with the category of uniqueness desired on the market.

Blending and disrupting the realities: interview with Joseph DeLappe

Although changing over time, thanks to increasingly efficient technology, the digital world and the real world have come together to contextually coexist, often creating problems. Looking at the many works by American artist Joseph Delappe you can somehow trace the evolution of this dynamic.

The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies

Furtherfield launches its Art Data Money programme with The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies, an exhibition featuring artworks that reveal how we might produce, exchange and value things differently in the age of the blockchain. 

The Art of Difference. New self narratives in Expo 2015 Italy

This is the curatorial text written by Marco Mancuso and Filippo Lorenzin for the Streaming Egos project by Goethe Institut, to reflect on the representations of the Self on the Net in Italy in the ‘10s of the new millennium ‒ which for the country is a time of severe economic crisis and deep changes in the political, cultural, economic and work sectors.

A stream of junk: interview with Sašo Sedlaček

Sašo Sedlaček, Slovenian artist interested in obsolescence long before it became one of the hottest topics of the discussions of these years, presented his first solo exhibition in Italy about these and other issues. Curated by Domenico Quaranta and opened since May 16 in the spaces of Ultra (Udine)

The emojification of reality: interview with Carla Gannis

Online communication, chatting, colorful and disturbing interfaces are critically used by Gannis becoming the starting material for her artistic research. She is one of the most prolific American artists of digital art and in recent months her name has been one of the hottest in the market.