Media Architecture


(Italiano) Video Sound Art Festival. “TA EROTIKA Hidden doors”

(Italiano) Con numerose novità torna anche quest’anno Video Sound Art, il festival milanese dedicato all’innovazione e all’arte contemporanea diretto da Laura Lamonea e giunto alla sua VI edizione. il festival quest’anno si svolge in autunno - dal 20 ottobre al 6 novembre, con una struttura reticolare che si sviluppa sul territorio cittadino milanese, toccando cinque differenti sedi

Yuri Pattison: user, space

At the Chisenhale Gallery in London it on show User, space by Yuri Pattison. Taking inspiration from modernist architecture and science fiction Pattison creates installations that examine the pervasive nature of new technologies, which increasingly influence both how, and where, we live and work, presenting a future that is already imagined.

Codex Anima Mundi. fuse* and the wonderful algorithm

In the countryside surrounding the town of Modena, immersed in peace and silence, a big luminous country farmhouse is home to one of the most up and coming protagonist on the Italian digital art scene: fuse*, a studio for digital art and design founded in 2007 by Mattia Carretti and Luca Camellini.
Frank Gehry 1.jpeg def

Frank Gehry. Building in Paris

Frank Gehry, one of the major exponents of Deconstructivism, has inaugurated on May 27 at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Venice, Building in Paris. A unique architectural event where are exhibited the models of the studies, the project design and the artist's ideas inside an almost surreal scenario.
Roberto Burle 1

Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist

At the Jewish Museum in New York is ongoing the exhibition in honor of Roberto Burle Marx, the famous and extrovert architect and botanist who marked the twentieth century by redefining and rebuilding the landscapes. On show, over the artist's works, a group of international contemporary artists who have been inspired by Burle Marx.

Archaeology of the Digital: Complexity and Convention

Archaeology of the Digital: Complexity and Convention is an exhibition that explores the phenomenon of integration of digital methods in architectural practice. The preservation of digital archives, design strategies and the impact of the digital will be some of the topics discussed inside the exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture
Liam Gillick 1

Liam Gillick: Campaign

For the first time in Portugal we will be exposed Liam Gillick with his latest project Campaign. A spatial choreography where inside are connected the concepts of time, duration and social vision. New sculptures that interrogate and play with the viewer, to create alternative physical spaces designed to stimulate the thought.
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Future Architecture Platform. Deadline 20th December 2015

The call for ideas will close on 20 December 2015. By 20 January 2016 platform institution members and the general public will select applicants on the basis of their ideas from various creative disciplines. These will help build new and engaging visions and nurture relationships between architecture and, in this case, the Future Architecture platform’s network of museums and festivals.
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The message of architecture’s phenomenological medium

When we talk about materials in architecture, the process of manufacturing reigns above it all in order to express whatever desire design withholds, almost without limits. The sincerity within the material’s rawness is now facing its faux-version when costs are at stake and time is of the essence, mostly for reaching the intended design.
Making Africa 1

Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design

A Continent of Contemporary Design showcases work from a diverse range of creative fields: object and furniture design, graphic arts, illustration, fashion, architecture, urban planning, art, craft, film, photography, and more.
The New Creativity- Man and Machines2

The New Creativity: Man and Machines

From the first house R.M. Schindler to contemporary architects, The New Creativity: Man and Machines examines creative practices in relation to the social and technical complexes that support and constrain them.

(Italiano) Corso di Sistemi Editoriali per l’Arte: incontro con Matteo Ghidoni

(Italiano) Prosegue il ciclo di talk e laboratori nell'ambito del corso di Sistemi Editoriali per l'Arte, condotto da Marco Mancuso. Mercoledì 12 Maggio 2015, dalle 11.30 alle 13.00, è in programma l’incontro con Matteo Ghidoni, co-fondatore e co-direttore del progetto San Rocco, magazine monografico di architettura in Inglese
future food district3

Future Food District for Expo 2015

An innovative Pavilion with facades drawn by the world's largest plotter, explores how digital technology can change our interactions with food – and with our fellow human beings.