Live Coding

LIma 2

LIMA: preserving, distributing and researching of media art

LIMA and the artist Jonas Lund are proud to present For Preview Only, a 24-hour piece based on the LIMA collection. The For Preview Only files of 2336 works and 463,8 hours of art have been appropriated by the artist and brought together in a 24-hour (online) piece.
Electyroacustic Symposium Call

Electroacoustic Symposium. Call for entries

The symposium is the ninth annual iteration of this important opportunity for exchange between diverse EA communities. This year will take place in Toronto - August 2015. Deadline: 02/28/15

Streaming Museum Maurice Benayoun

Streaming Museum, an international public art and online museum, will celebrate its fourth anniversary on January 31 with the US premiere of "Emotion Forecast" and "Occupy Wall Screens," real-time artworks by the renowned French artist Maurice Benayoun. The exhibition will be on view for one month at Big Screen Plaza in New York City and through 2012 at
numero54_If not you not me 01

If Not You Not Me. Annie Abrahams And Life In Networks

Annie Abrahams's show If Not You Not Me at the HTTP Gallery in London (12 February till 20 March 2010) was inspiring in its subtle, low-tech sensitivity of inter-connectedness. This was Abrahams's, a French-based pioneer in the field of networked performance, first solo show in the UK. Abrahams created three new works for the show. Documentation of several of her previous projects, including some of her most well known pieces such as One the Puppet of Other (2007) and The Big Kiss (2008), was also effectively displayed.

Moving Image Lab

Mediamatic and B3 Media organize an action packed 5-day workshop about designing interactive audio-visual projects for a mix of new media platforms and channels. The workshop participants come with their own project ideas and /or footage, and work towards a functioning prototype

Tuned City

Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation is an exhibition and conference project planned for July 01.-05. 2008 in Berlin which proposes a new evaluation of architectural spaces from the perspective of the acoustic

Test_lab, Live_coding

V2_Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam is internationally recognized like one of the main centres for research and practice for what concerns new media art and technological and artistic experimentation. It has recourses of several events and workshops to give life to wide discussions about modern age and to propose the most interesting matters of the world creative scene.

Davide Grassi. Brainloop For Virtual Liveness

It was a lot of time that, even if directly interested and involved within the new media audiovisual performances, I was not surprised by the theoretical, technical and aesthetical installation of a project like the new Brainloop of the Italian-Slavonian artist Davide Grassi.

No Music festival X

(((NOMUSIC))) started on June 2001, according to the principle that a diffusion site on Internet should correspond to the representation of the singular performances of a new generation of artistes, musicians, performers and other actors of the electronic scene.

Semantic Vjing

The number of images surrounding us is everyday increasing in events and place of every kind. Sometimes probably you have thought about the existence of a secrete meaning behind the images that are projected on screens of club and festivals and about that meaning construction

Satellite Jockey, Audiovideo 2.0

It could seem a banality talk about audiovisual projects that use the infinite samples of multimedia contents that populates the Net on a review like ours. Besides is more and more on anyone lips, experts and not: the 2.0 Web is coming

Wj-s Project…web Emotions

For a long time I turned whirling for gorges of the Net searching for a project able to astonish me and speed up my mind. A project able to throw the basis for a happy integration between the virtual world behind our net cable and the chaotic universe of multimedia performances

Southwestnet: Techno

The eighth project in SMoCA's "southwestNET" series, this exhibition highlights groundbreaking art using new technologies by Mark Amerika/ Rick Silva/ Nathaniel Wojtalik and others

(Italiano) The Colours Of Recycle

(Italiano) Per spiegare la filosofia alla base del progetto  utile partire dalle perole del suo stesso autore, il dj milanese A034: grazie...a tutti i partecipanti...di cuore. felice di aver sentito cose inaspettate, suonare persone avuto il privilegio sentire le proprie tracce arricchite e reinterpretate da che, una per una, stimo profondamente


E' online il progetto audiovisivo condiviso partorito dalla mente del dj milanese A.034 e fondato sui principi copyleft delle Creative Commons