Live Cinema

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Festivals of Live Cinema: Screen City & PAF

The Festivals of Live Cinema project is a unique collaboration between Czech and Norwegian platforms for film and contemporary art of the moving image. With the participation of a number of international artists, curators and scholars, Screen City and PAF articulate the questions raised by the so-called phenomenon of Live Cinema today.  

Kino der kunst: Art Film à la carte

This spring, Munich will once again spotlight media art. Under the motto "Science & Fiction", the second edition of the world's most unique art film festival, KINO DER KUNST, will be held from April 22–26, 2015.

La città visibile. Performance con Mammafotogramma Studio

Quello con Mammafotogramma Studio è il primo evento curato da Marco Mancuso per Digicult nell'ambito del progetto Milano e Oltre organizzato da Connecting Cultures nel mese di Maggio alla Triennale di Milano. L'evento è previsto per Domenica prossima 12 Maggio, dalle 11 di mattina alle 20 di sera sulla Terrazza della Triennale
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The Digital Gregor Samsa. Interview With Pierrick Sorin

Pierrick Sorin, a multimedia artist which expresses himself through various means such as sound and video installations, presented the project entitled: 22:13 (this title is likely to be changed at any moment) at CentQuatre. The artist focuses his attention on short films, on the art of bricolage and storytelling through images and projections. A varied audience filled the room, even occupying the staircase seats

(Italiano) In-primis Impressus

(Italiano) Adiacenze è lieta di presentare In-primis impressus. Il progetto intende indagare i percorsi e gli sviluppi dell'operato di tre artisti, figli di una generazione che ha già fatto i conti con la propria eredità, che mettono al centro della propria ricerca la materia visiva e sonora come sostanza duttile e malleabile.
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Gob Squad. Neverending Live Cinema

On their website, just after the welcome messages, it says: Gob Squad make performances, videos, installations and weird happenings, mixing performance, theater, film and real life. Apart from the huge variety of artistic practices mentioned, the focus rests immediately on the weird. The term, difficult to translate alludes to different meanings such as strange, eccentric or curious. Indeed, after having had the opportunity to take part in a work of the Anglo-German group, it becomes much easier to understand the reason for that adjective.

Cornerhouse: Unspooling Artists & Cinema

Celebrating 25 years of Cornerhouse and produced as part of Abandon Normal Devices, the curators, Andrew Bracey and Dave Griffiths present UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema, a large and ambitious group exhibition that straddles two giant bodies of reference – art and cinema – showing 19 international artists: Michaël Borremans, Cartune Xprez, David Claerbout, Sally Golding, Ben Gwilliam & Matt Wand, Roman Kirschner, Kerry Laitala, Wayne Lloyd, Sheena Macrae, Elizabeth McAlpine, Juhana Moisander, Alex Pearl, Greg Pope, Mario Rossi, Gebhard Sengmüller, Harald Smykla, Ming Wong and Stefan Zeyen.
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Interactive Ethology. An Interview With Andre’ Goncalves

This reflection came after a meeting with Andre Goncalves, Portuguese artist (year 1979), skilled in performance and sound, video and interactive installations. The works of Andre, presented in various festivals and in important digital culture centers in the world, have strange names and seem to be the result of experiments and natural, social or technological phenomena analysis. All made with the clever use of Do It Yourself electronics.

Constellations: Stephan Mathieu

Created especially for the Cosmocaixa Planetarium, Constellations is an audiovisual project by Stephan Mathieu and Caro Mikalef inspired by the music of Antonio de Cabezón, one of the most important Renaissance composers of keyboard music, who was born 500 years ago this year.

sonic acts 2010

The opening event "Deep Spaces" presents a selection of audiovisual adventures in spaces defined by sound, light, smoke and lasers.

Cimatics 2009: Festival and City

The seventh edition of the Cinematics Festival 2009 in Brussels has just ended up, after ten intense days of events which involved the whole city.

Elektra 09

The 10th edition of Elektra - digital arts Festival - will take place from May, 1st till 10th of this year at the Usine C, at the Cinémathèque québecoise and at five galleries in Montréal

Elektra 2009: 10 Pioneering Years

Ci siamo quasi. Il prossimo Maggio si svolgerˆ a Montreal, Canada francofona, la decima edizione di uno dei festival non solo pi longevi ma anche qualitativamente pi interessanti e inossidabili al tempo nell'ambito internazionale dell'arte audiovisiva e dei live media, l'Elektra festival.