Exposition imaginaire 1

L’Exposition Imaginaire. (The Imaginary Exhibition)

The digital world is changing not only our habits, but also the way we perceive and experience art. Go to the museum it seems, today, a practical endangered, replaced by virtual walks inside the galleries. The exhibition tries to answer these questions, observing the phenomenon from various perspectives.

Breaking news

Through very different languages Alterazioni Video, Filippo Minelli and Carlo Zanni burst in real and / or constructed scenarios imagining a turning point, the arrival of an external event, something probably envisioned, but never fully understood, to change both the perception of the landscape as a political result both the relationship with the information and what it alters or keeps silent.
unit 1

#unit: Connecting Unicorns. World’s First Queer Tech Festival

Here comes the second edition of the world’s first queer tech festival and it is once again going to take place in Berlin at Postbahnhof Club. The #unit festival is one of the largest queer tech events in the world and it is a platform for queer and straight techies as well as people who love technology to connect.
arts of bot 1

The Art of Bots

From April 15 to 16 at the Somerset House in London will present The Art of Bots. A set of meetings, workshops and debates that will introduce the bots. Computer programs that access the network through the same channels used by humans and that often mock the internet.

Open Call: Paraflows.XI exhibition. Deadline 31/03

What influence do migrant scenarios have on the construction of identities? What about pen names and fictional characters? paraflows .XI will be looking into the components of identity and trying to find variables to put these components together in different ways.

(Italiano) Bill Kouligas: il progetto Lexachast e l’audiovideo web based

(Italiano) Bill Kouligas è uno dei protagonisti della scena elettronica europea, capace di dare decisivi contributi alla ricerca di nuove forme sperimentali come designer, direttore artistico di un’etichetta peculiare quale la PAN, curatore di eventi e festival dedicati all’indagine delle nuove frontiere audiovisive oltre che dj, produttore e musicista.

Social Media in Southeast Turkey

This book presents an ethnographic study of social media in Mardin, a medium-sized town located in the Kurdish region of Turkey. Elisabetta Costa uses her 15 months of ethnographic research to explain why public-facing social media is more conservative than offline life.
kub 1a

KUB Billboards 2016

Starting in 2016, KUB Billboards constitute a new, independent line of programming to enhance the visibility of a younger generation of artists, positioning them right at the center of Bregenz’ public eye. The KUB Billboards concentrate in particular on those artists who have been growing up in the midst of recent epochal turning points
eflux 1

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige: I Must First Apologize…

I Must First Apologize… is the culmination of a major project by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, an exhibit featuring an extensive body of work in film, sculpture, photography, and installation looking at the history of online spam and scamming. The artists have collected and archived more than 4,000 scams, a certain kind of spam email since 1999.
videonale lagos 1

Videonale in Lagos: Changing City – Shifting Spaces

With the topic Changing City – Shifting Spaces, Videonale in Lagos explores the dynamics of urban space in a video art workshop for artists based in Nigeria, led by the internationally acclaimed Anglo-Ethiopian video artist Theo Eshetu.

Be feral, open and yourself: interview with Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni Video is an Italian collective founded in 2004. Alterazioni Video works have been exhibited in museums and istitutions all around the world. The milanese audience will have the opportunity to see all Turbo Films in a special retrospective at Spazio Oberdan from 18th February to 4th March

Disorder and the Disinformation Society

This book is the first general social analysis that seriously considers the daily experience of information disruption and software failure within contemporary Western society. Through an investigation of informationalism, it describes the social processes producing informational disorder

Mass Effect. Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century

Since the turn of the millennium, the Internet has evolved from what was merely a new medium to a true mass medium. Mass Effect provides an essential guide to understanding the dynamic and ongoing relationship between art and new technologies.
LIma 2

LIMA: preserving, distributing and researching of media art

LIMA and the artist Jonas Lund are proud to present For Preview Only, a 24-hour piece based on the LIMA collection. The For Preview Only files of 2336 works and 463,8 hours of art have been appropriated by the artist and brought together in a 24-hour (online) piece.

Ideas in the making: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Ideas in the making: HKW focuses its work on long-term research across artistic, scientific and academic borders. It aims to produce new perspectives on war and violence, and on how the relationship between humanity and technology is changing and what new time regimes evolve from this.

Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966)

A major exhibition bringing together over 100 works to show the impact of computer and Internet technologies on artists from the mid-1960s to the present day. The exhibition features new and rarely seen multimedia works, together with film, painting, sculpture, photography and drawing.