Hybrid Design


Archaeology of the Digital: Complexity and Convention

Archaeology of the Digital: Complexity and Convention is an exhibition that explores the phenomenon of integration of digital methods in architectural practice. The preservation of digital archives, design strategies and the impact of the digital will be some of the topics discussed inside the exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture

A journey into our future. Interview with Zoë Hough

The Microbial Verdict has just closed at London’s Arebyte and curated by Nimrod Vardi. In this installation, Zoë Hough has simulated a hypothetical reality whereby the fictitious government institution The Department of Self and Sanity obliges citizens, to ingest a tablet containing a brain activity-tracking protein

A space for communication. Interview with Minimaforms

Founded in 2002 by brothers Stephen and Theodore Spyropoulos, Minimaforms has created projects posing questions on how we communicate in an increasingly artificial and culturally mediated environment. This is the interview to Stephen and Theodore Spyropoulos

The material-ability praxis of Manuel Kretzer

Architect and Designer Manuel Kretzer is research assistant at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD), ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He coordinates the Postgraduate Master of Advanced Studies’ digital design and production modules

The anonymous architecture, a globalization transporter

Over the years, technology has been seducing our domestic spaces and urban integrities with possibilities of expansion beyond traditional overviews. At the end of the WWII, military technology was already arising, inserting itself at home for necessity and altering our perceptions of space. Media and technology have dismantled any barrier near or far, expressing the inexistent lines and boundaries between countries, landscapes, events and culture. Today we find ourselves learning from every other culture, from DYI's someone posted online proving its workability or not; with open source technologies that convert our homes into micro labs for our children who suddenly become makers.

Transnatural Exhibition

TransNatural is a series of four exhibitions and symposiums which presents interesting attempts from art, design, and science to fuse technology with nature. A glimpse of a new world with work of articulate media artists, speculative designers, product designers, avant-garde businesses and bleeding edge researchers.
numero61_ New Plannig Protocols 01

New Planning Protocols. From Design To Science Transitions

During the last decade the design field has been showing a growing interest in the possibility of improving scientific research with its products, by making use of multi-disciplinary integration methods and tools and scientific matrix-based criteria. Contemporary design aims to promote innovation and experimentation procedures, where design and science get closer to each other, melt and give birth to something new.
numero55_Scienze and Mind 01

Science And Mind. Mikael Metthey’s Interaction Design

Within the current context of critique and practical artistic activity, predominantly based on now well entrenched mechanisms of expression pivoted on subversion, destruction of rules, rough and direct exposition of the violent attacks against both the artistic and social status quo, French-born 27-year.old interaction designer Mikael Metthey, structures his own critical speech along wider periphrases.
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Synthetic Aesthetics. Life Design

It is too late to apply for the bursary in Synthetic Aesthetics: the deadline for submitting the applying form was set on the 31st March 2010. The call for bid was addressed to 6 artists/designers and 6 scientists/engineers who wanted to take part to the exchange project in Synthetic Biology, design and aesthetics. Anyway, this is also an opportunity to expand on the topic of synthetic aesthetics, which is directly linked to synthetic biology,a theme which Digicult has already coped with, although briefly, in the past.
numero53_Biomimethic 01

Biomimethic Prized By Science. Scientific Imaging As Art

A team of researchers from the Seconda Universitˆ of Naples formed by Professor Mario De Stefano from Environmental Sciences Department, Pharmaceutical Science for Environment and Health Section, myself from the History and Environment Industrial Design Department, Luigi Vanvitelli School of Architecture and by recently graduated at this same school, Doctor Antonia Auletta, awarded with honorable mention during the 2009 edition of International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, the prestigious international competition of scientific photography organized by National Science Foundation and by Science magazine.

electrosmog festival

ElectroSmog is a new festival that explores the concept 'Sustainable Immobility' in theory and practice. Sustainable Immobility is first of all a critique of the growing global crisis of mobility.
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Mindful Technologies. Aware Objects And Eco-visualizations

Visual voltage is the travelling exhibition promoted by the Swedish Institute and the Interactive Institute whose Berlin version Visual Voltage Amplified had its opening on January 7th at the Felleshuset, one of the buildings of Scandinavian Embassies complex in Berlin.. The exhibition, supervised by Susanne Jaschko shows projects, concepts, and experimental works from artists and designers who critically deal with of energy production and consumption in an age of global sensibility to the environmental issues.

Chris Woebken: La Gioia In Divenire

Uscito dalla nidiata di designers della Royal Academy of Arts, ricercatore presso la New York University, Chris Woebken  tra i pi originali interaction design americani.

Social Media and Healthy Environments

This event is a one-day conference, which forms part of activity related to the EPSRC Research Cluster – Innovative Media for a Digital Economy (IMDE)