Disorder and the Disinformation Society

This book is the first general social analysis that seriously considers the daily experience of information disruption and software failure within contemporary Western society. Through an investigation of informationalism, it describes the social processes producing informational disorder

Silicon Valley. I signori del silicio, Evgeny Morozov

For several years, companies in Silicon Valley promise prosperity, equality and a new society in which everything will be shareable and accessible. Surpassing the old logic of the market. But is this really so?
transmediale 1

Transmediale/conversationpiece 2016

Following the program announcement from last month, we are pleased to announce further participants from the realms of art, culture, and media, who will gather for transmediale/conversationpiece, to take place at Haus der Kulturen der Welt from 3-7 February 2016.
Agitrop 1

Agitprop! Politically Engaged Art

The Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition Agitprop! explores the legacy and continued power of politically engaged art through more than 50 contemporary projects and artworks from five historical moments of political urgency.
Transmediale 1

Transmediale 2016 reboots itself as: Conversation Piece

With the name Conversation Piece, Transmediale 2016 creates an intensive space of exchanges, murmurs, and transitions and aims to provide the conditions for a reflection on idealized aspects of contemporary life under digital capitalism.
nicolas maigrait

Global Proxy: an interview with Nicolas Maigret

Nicolas Maigret practice revolves around the investigation of media, using its bugs and malfunctions as starting points for intervention. It is from these imperfections that Nicolas highlights the identities of the media he analyses and tamper with, bringing up evidences of their functioning.
Simon Denny 1

Simon Denny: Products for Organising

Simon Denny is an artist who works with sculptural installations that include print, graphics, moving images and texts. Products for Organising, is developed in response to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and will feature new installations that revolve around contemporary radical management practices and the historical hacker organisational forms that may have inspired them.

Spaces for independent art: hot topic in Cairo

The activists' network and the underground art scene in Egypt have been following in these years a path that remembers for many aspects the birth and the raise of the Reclaim The Streets movement in the England 90s (then in all Europe)

“Globale” exhibition at ZKM: global control and censorship

This exhibition at ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, is based on the collaboration with a network of scientists, journalists, activists, and artists. The exhibition’s aim is to expand public debate about the ever-present surveillance and censorship methods

Jacop Appelbaum. SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy

With SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy, NOME Gallery in Berlin presents Jacob Appelbaum’s first solo show in Germany, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli. Having previously collaborated in art projects with Ai Weiwei, Trevor Paglen and Laura Poitras, Jacob Appelbaum now presents his own works as an artist.

Spread what has been destroyed: interview with Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin Allahyari is a new media artist born in Iran that is working on Material Speculation: ISIS. It's a series of 3D modelings of selected artifacts destroyed by ISIS fighters in museums of Middle East that are 3D printed: every printed object contains an USB key with materials about the last months of the original artifact

Thomas Locher: Post-Information

Post-Information, Thomas Locher’s current exhibition at Silberkuppe, in Berlin, is all about men in gray flannel suits – or rather, their absence. The display mirrors the subject matter: the exhibition spans two soberly staged rooms, which are metaphorically sealed off by the strategic positioning of an aluminium