Data Bodies 1

Data Bodies

: For two days, leading New Media artists from all over the world, from South Africa to Brighton to Belgium are gathering in Watermans' Riverside Art Centre to deliver an explosive programme of digital performances, dance, workshops, installations, and interactive events. The New Media Arts programme at Watermans is one of the most experimental and far-reaching in the field. On 14th and 15th November 2015 the West London venue is hosting its third annual Digital Performance Weekender, and this year’s theme is Data Bodies - privacy in a big data world.

“Globale” exhibition at ZKM: global control and censorship

This exhibition at ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, is based on the collaboration with a network of scientists, journalists, activists, and artists. The exhibition’s aim is to expand public debate about the ever-present surveillance and censorship methods

Paolo Cirio: Overexposed

With his public intervention Overexposed, artist Paolo Cirio disseminates unauthorized pictures of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials throughout major cities, taken from social media hacks. Then, using his HD Stencils graffiti technique, he spray-paints high-resolution reproductions of the misappropriated photos onto public walls

The Darknet. From memes to Onionland. An exploration

The exhibition Darknet – From Memes to Onionland. An Exploration will open Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen for interdisciplinary expeditions and encompass themes such as copyright, privacy, illegality and resistance.

Autonomies. The new exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

The exhibition "Autonomies" questions complex relations between technological development and ecosystem through artistic research. The concept “autonomy” in this context primarilly means autonomy in the sphere of automatization and the levels of independence of algorithms and hardware bases. The concept of machinic autonomies is inevitably followed by the questioning of the human position in a machinized ecosystem and technocapitalistic order.

Coded Matter(s): Sound Hackers

Software and the internet enabled people to produce and distribute music from their home computer. Nowadays the development of powerful mobile technology and accessible coding languages adds a whole range of possibilities to the production and performance of sound and music.

IMAL: Workshop. Code, Arts & Crafts – Mechatronics

In this workshop (1 & 22 June) participants will be able to create their own mechanical machines, with the help of FabLab digital fabrication tools, the Arduino technology, the experience of Julien Maire and Stéphane Noël