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Making sense of it all. An interview with Ryoichi Kurokawa

Ryoichi Kurokawa is an Japanese artist who through his art, projects the viewer towards other universes. His audio-video are synesthetic creations that stimulate all the observer's sense, playing with fantasy and inventing immersive environments in which you can find another self
Korakrit Arunanondchai 1

Korakrit Arunanondchai at the Museion in Bolzano

It is in progress at the Museion in Bolzano the first solo show in Italy of Korakrit Arunanondchai. Polyhedric and multi-media artist who moves between imagination and reality territories, introducing the digital component as an element of reflection to investigate the phenomena of globalization and the mass media communications.
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Frank Gehry. Building in Paris

Frank Gehry, one of the major exponents of Deconstructivism, has inaugurated on May 27 at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Venice, Building in Paris. A unique architectural event where are exhibited the models of the studies, the project design and the artist's ideas inside an almost surreal scenario.
Casalegno 1

Mattia Casalegno at Bedlam Lorenz Assembly: What it Takes to be a Body

Casalegno’s large scale installation reflects on the idea of beauty and the fallacy of the presumed superiority of man and its machines over nature. This site-specific project comprises two previous installations, and a new series of twelve laser engravings on mirrored acrylics and Teflon, inspired by the narratives of the two pieces.
Alain Biltereist 1

Slow, Simple, Sweet by Alain Biltereyst

Slow, Simple, Sweet is the first solo exhibition by Belgian artist Alain Biltereyst in Italy. Biltereyst continues to explore shapes and colours through his plywood paintings series. Although his small paintings tend to be abstract, the artist always starts from an existing (urban) reality.
Monochrome 1

Digital Art Exhibition: Monochrome

Monochrome focuses on digital art at its purest, as black-and-white works provide the perfect reflection of an art form that is, in its essence, based on a binary system of 1′s and 0′s.
digital pop call

Adaf 2016. Deadline: 25th January 2016

ADAF 2016 explores the different aspects of Pop culture in the digital era, focusing on five strands: Digital Aesthetics, Digital Technologies, Digital Economies, Digital Identities , DIgital Music.
Simon Denny 1

Simon Denny: Products for Organising

Simon Denny is an artist who works with sculptural installations that include print, graphics, moving images and texts. Products for Organising, is developed in response to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and will feature new installations that revolve around contemporary radical management practices and the historical hacker organisational forms that may have inspired them.

(Italiano) SPRINT: salone di editoria indipendente e d’artista

SPRINT è una rassegna internazionale dedicata all’editoria indipendente e d’artista, ideata da O’ associazione non profit, a cura dell’artista Dafne Boggeri. Giunto alla sua terza edizione, il progetto coinvolge una selezione di realtà e autori tra le più interessanti nel panorama internazionale dell’editoria indipendente e d’artista
Vija Celmins 1

An Individual look at the art of Vija Celmins and Julia Haller

Celmins’s art maintains a delicate balance between abstraction and depiction, between surface and proportion, between the suggestion of movement and stillness. Julia Haller engages with the conventions and history of painting, trying to leave it behind or to negate it in her own work.
Making Africa 1

Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design

A Continent of Contemporary Design showcases work from a diverse range of creative fields: object and furniture design, graphic arts, illustration, fashion, architecture, urban planning, art, craft, film, photography, and more.

Judgment. Ariel Narunsky at arebyte London

arebyte presents Judgement a solo exhibition by Ariel Narunsky. Judgement is an attempt to utilize the perception of stadiums as social monuments to create a mirror or monument to our contemporary society and the human condition. The new work will offer a giant spiralled three-lane running track enveloped by a spiral wall

The emojification of reality: interview with Carla Gannis

Online communication, chatting, colorful and disturbing interfaces are critically used by Gannis becoming the starting material for her artistic research. She is one of the most prolific American artists of digital art and in recent months her name has been one of the hottest in the market.

IC-98: Hours, Years, Aeons. Finnish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Finland presents Hours, Years, Aeons, a new site-specific installation by the artist duo IC-98 at the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition is commissioned and produced by Frame Visual Art Finland, and it is curated by Taru Elfving, PhD, Frame’s Head of Programme

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015: beyond the first decade

Since its first edition, Libre Graphics
Meeting has been bringing together software developers, artists,
 designers, users and other contributors to Free/Libre and Open Source
 graphics software. For its tenth edition, LGM heads
 to Toronto for four days of talks, workshops, hack sessions and meetings.

Transparency, Fluidity And Mediation

Transparency, Fluidity And Mediation

The exhibition Transparency, Fluidity and Mediation addresses the three terms as the catalyzers of artworks. The pieces on display could perhaps be mistaken for commercial products due to the production formats.
Quartz Composer Call

Quartz Composer. Deadline: 28th May 2015

This workshop in Rome is a visual programming environment designed for creating interactive video and graphics in a real-time environment that can interact with external inputs.