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digital migration call

Digital migration. Call for artists

Digital Migration describes the flow of transformation. Migration applies to everything from the smallest of cells to the entire planet. It is a fundamental pace... Deadline: 15 February 2015

The Functional Art of Alberto Cairo. Shaping data to generate opinions

We had the opportunity to interview Alberto Cairo, designer and journalist, and author of ”The functional Art. An introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization", during a series of presentations called "The Exhibitionist" he delivered in Milan at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, at the beginning of May

Poetic Codings exhibition

"Poetic Codings" is an exhibition that explores the relationship between art and technology. Through flatscreen displays, projections, interactive installations, and iPad apps it also addresses the differences between public and private viewing experiences. Many artists today embrace technology and find ways of integrating it into their practices.
numero68_Frederik de Wilde 01

Frederik De Wilde. The Invisible Boundary Among Art & Science

Among the works presented EOD 02 (Electric Organ Discharge), byFrederik De Wilde particularly captured our attention. EOD 02 is an installation realized in collaboration with the LAb[au] in Bruxelles. It consists of four mirror aquariums located on pedestals with integrated audio.
numero66_ Off 2011 01

Offf 2011. Year Zero, In Which Sense?

OFFF, the international festival for web design, graphic animation and post-digital culture, is back to Barcelona. It is not back because it has not reached its goals during its three years abroad, like Ivˆn de la Nuez, director of the the Department of Cultural Activities of the CCCB Center of Contemporary Culture , wants to point out. To claim the authorship of such a successful event is perfectly comprehensible, but it is also coherent with the politics of a city which tends always more to be a brand of industrial culture, disadvantaging in many cases the minor artistic trends, even if they are significant and committed.
numero64_Voluptus data 01

Voluptuous Data. Matias Del Campo And Span Architects

Talking about design and architecture with Matias Del Campo (SPAN Architects, with Sandra Manninger) opens the mind toward an unexpected miscellanea of technology and romanticism. It clarifies that the work of those that, like SPAN, are developing new paradigms in material production through architecture act in a world where the combination of technology and sensibility has yet to be questioned and investigated. As Del Campo himself states, in this field we have just scratched the surface: everything still has to be imagined, discovered and defined.
numero64_ Manuel Lima 01

Manuel Lima. Mapping The Information Space

In the contemporary media scenario always more information is produced, managed and shared through digital channels, with the consequent production of a huge quantity of data which end up piling up and stratifying in the enormous container which is the Net. To trace tracks, outlines allowing to enhance - in between art and science - trends, connections or configurations within this digital chaos, is today one of the main aims of Information Visualization, and that of Manuel Lima - interaction designer, architect and researcher - is one of the most authoritative voices in the present-day research scenario on this theme. Member of the Royal Society of Arts, he was named by Creativity Magazine 'among the 50 most influential and creative minds of 2009'.

SPAN Exhibition Formations

Architects Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger, former recipients of MAK-Schindler Scholarships for the Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program in Los Angeles, teamed up in 2003 to found the Viennese studio SPAN, which designed the Austrian pavilion for Expo 2010 in Shanghai together with Zeytinoglu ZT.

Decode Digital design sensations

The exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations was organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in collaboration with onedotzero

Freedom of creation Kickstarter

Freedom Of Creation, Dutch design editor and pioneer in 3D printing, and FreshFiber, electronics accessories brand, are inviting visionary people, design addicts and pioneers to help fund the world's first online customization tool for 3D products. On, everybody believing in the future of mass-customization, a true potential of 3D printing, can contribute, with low or big budgets, to this ambitious and futuristic project. Deadline for pledging is 27 February 2011.