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Libre Graphics Meeting 2015: beyond the first decade

Since its first edition, Libre Graphics
Meeting has been bringing together software developers, artists,
 designers, users and other contributors to Free/Libre and Open Source
 graphics software. For its tenth edition, LGM heads
 to Toronto for four days of talks, workshops, hack sessions and meetings.

numero66_ Ethical economy 01

Ethical Economy. The New Redistribution Of Value

Ethical consumerism, fair trade, socially responsible investments and corporate social responsibility are all phenomena on the rise. At the same time there are also virtual and local currencies and peer-2-peer rating systems that make the creation and redistribution of value in globalized social communities that share a set of common values, more real.

Pixelache Helsinki 2011

The 10th edition of Pixelache Helsinki will take place mostly on Suomenlinna island, located right outside central Helsinki. The focus this year will be on workshops, exhibitions, seminars and various informal events.

(Italiano) Pixelache Helsinki 2011

(Italiano) Si terrà per lo più nell'isola di Suomenlinna, ubicata a largo di Helsinki, la decima edizione del Pixelache Helsinki. Il festival quest'anno sarà incentrato su una serie di workshop, mostre, seminari e vari eventi informali. 01 The Future Of Money. For A New Democratic Economy

Last fall in Amsterdam took place the second Economies of the Commons Economies of the Commons - Paying the cost of making things free - conference. In the panels they discussed the political economy of open content and its consequences for the cultural sector and analyzed critically the economies taking place in the digital commons..

Funware Exhibition Playing with softwares

Making and using software can be experimental, humorous and aesthetically rich. Alongside today's rather dull omnipresence of databases and content management systems, elements of fun have actually informed and guided the development of software from its beginnings

Beyond Signal Reclining Nude

Oltre che con i disegni, Jenny Pickett mette in discussione il genere del nudo con un approccio interdisciplinare. Ritratti e disegni vengono sviluppati attraverso il suono e l'immagine. Forme astratte che diventano tessuti da arredamento. Reclining Nude è una serie di sculture sonore tappezzate che si riferiscono al corpo decostruito attraverso l'oggettivazione e/o la disumanizzazione ottenute con svariati mezzi – Il corpo viene ricostruito attraverso disegni sonori spaziali o si rimaterializza sottoforma di vibrazioni avvertite dallo spettatore quando entra in contatto con alcune opere

Feed Back

Forty-eight artists from over 18 countries are gathering at LACDA via the Live@808 networked performance space. Live@808 is a custom web application where realtime video, audio, texting and countless other media collide and intermix in a playful and exciting environment facilitated by emergent technology

Live Media and FLOSS workshop

In-depth Theoretical and practical audiovisual live performance seminary using FLOSS. Pure Data audiovisual real-time processing, tricks and tips to create your own performance tool

Mal au Pixel 2010

Since 2006, Mal au Pixel festival is looking at connecting technology, urban electronics and social transformation issues, and to investigate our contemporary beliefs. The festival brings together young digital artists and unconventionnal electronics : unexpected technologies, prototypes and open ended events.