joseph nechvatal

The Meaningful Of Meaningless. Joseph Nechvatal’s ethics of noise

Joseph Nechvatal is an American artist who operates in different fields, such as music and media art. He is not just an artist though, he is also a philosopher and professor, and published many texts. The most complete and organic one is Immersion into Noise, a book kept hidden in the philosophical and essayistic panorama.

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Leap Second Festival Call

Leap Second Festival. Deadline: 25th June 2015

The festival is an open, international event for art, technology and precarity on the net. Works lasting one second or less. The festival is also interested in texts and essays. Deadline: 25th June 2015
Digital America Call

Digital America No. 5. Deadline: undefined

Digital America is now looking for critical essays, film, digital artwork, design, and process pieces that question, analyze, and/or hack the tools of digital culture. Deadline undefined

Is there enough time to make hyper-short films?

If 2013 was the year of the selfie, then 2014 was the year of the hyper-short film, the phenomenon of hyper-short film-making, the kind of work that is found within such platforms as Vine, Instagram, and Tout

Remote Encounters: a report about networking practitioners

Remote Encounters: Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal ubiquity in networked performance was a two-day international conference with performances held at the University of South Wales on the 11th and 12th of April 2013