Alain Biltereist 1

Slow, Simple, Sweet by Alain Biltereyst

Slow, Simple, Sweet is the first solo exhibition by Belgian artist Alain Biltereyst in Italy. Biltereyst continues to explore shapes and colours through his plywood paintings series. Although his small paintings tend to be abstract, the artist always starts from an existing (urban) reality.
xcoax 2016 call def

xCOAx 2016. Deadline 31st January 2016

You are invited to submit theoretical, practical or experimental research work that includes but is not limited to the following topics: Computation Communication Aesthetics X Algorithms / Systems / Models Artificial Aesthetics Audiovisuals / Multimodality Creativity Design Interaction Games Generative Art / Design History Mechatronics / Physical Computing Music / Sound Art Performance Philosophy of Art / of Computation Technology / Ethics / Epistemology
digital pop call

Adaf 2016. Deadline: 25th January 2016

ADAF 2016 explores the different aspects of Pop culture in the digital era, focusing on five strands: Digital Aesthetics, Digital Technologies, Digital Economies, Digital Identities , DIgital Music.
white cube

White Cube. Larry Bell: 6×6 An Improvisation

Larry Bell has consistently focused on the properties of light and its interface with surface throughout his career. Bell has installed a major Standing Wall sculpture, 6 x 6 An Improvisation comprises 36 individual glass panels, responding intuitively to the dynamics of the space.
Future architecture  call def

Future Architecture Platform. Deadline 20th December 2015

The call for ideas will close on 20 December 2015. By 20 January 2016 platform institution members and the general public will select applicants on the basis of their ideas from various creative disciplines. These will help build new and engaging visions and nurture relationships between architecture and, in this case, the Future Architecture platform’s network of museums and festivals.
Nuit Blanche  call def

Nuit Blanche Toronto. Deadline 1st October 2016

Each year the City of Toronto works with Curators to commission a series of installations ("Exhibition Projects") for their Exhibition areas. In addition to these commissioned projects, participating Exhibitions include two projects each selected by the Curators through an Open Call process. Open Calls are funded and produced by the City of Toronto.
Act festival 1

ACT Festival 2015

ACT Festival presents a world-class exhibition, symposium, performance and workshop program that creatively reconfigures and recontextualizes advanced technologies and lets us experience the digital anew. ACT Festival will examine methods of “new making”—in projects, practices, educational platforms, and creative ecosystems.
mabella plascencia 1

The message of architecture’s phenomenological medium

When we talk about materials in architecture, the process of manufacturing reigns above it all in order to express whatever desire design withholds, almost without limits. The sincerity within the material’s rawness is now facing its faux-version when costs are at stake and time is of the essence, mostly for reaching the intended design.

(Italiano) Materiali innovativi in bagno: dal Corian al cemento

(Italiano) Nel settore dell’arredamento l’evoluzione del design in termini di ideazione di nuove forme e linee va di pari passo con la ricerca e lo studio di nuovi materiali: gli uni e gli altri concorrono infatti alla definizione di nuovi stili e alla realizzazione di oggetti finiti dotati di un’identità precisa, unica ed immediatamente riconoscibile.