curated by Marco Mancuso


Sincronie Festival. DATA: E. Domnitch & D. Gelfand, Hidden Worlds screening

On Tuesday the 15th of December 2009 at Teatro Arsenale in Milan, Digicult presented DATA, the third meeting of the Sincronie Festival 2009, a contemporary and experimental music event that began in 2003. DATA is an event, a reflective critique on the existing relationship between contemporary art and science on the basis of mathematical processes, numbers, logic abstractions and formulae

Thorsten Fleisch: Screening and Exhibition

Digicult presented for the first time in Italy, the works of Thorsten Fleisch, German artist and filmmaker, author of the 2003 movie Gestalt, one of the best achievements in contemporary audio-visual art, awarded an Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003. His works are, as very seldom happens, completely timeless pieces of art that will last in the years to come, standing out in the creative chaos of our time.

Arts Catalyst, Radioqualia & Tez: Sincronie 2008

RADIOASTRONOMY curated by Marco Mancuso, was the second meeting of the Sincronie Festival 2008 on the connections between audiovisual art and astronomy. The first part of the project was a videoscreening of some videos by the reknowned project The Arts Catalyst. The second part was a double concert at Casa dell’Energia in Milan: Radioqualia’s member Honor Harger, and the Italian artists Tez last work.

Graffiti Research Lab: Enzimi Festival 2007

Marco Mancuso as Digicult collaborated with Enzimi Festival in Rome as guest curator, inviting Graffiti Research Lab for the first time in Italy. G.R.L. are a think tank from New York that mixes open source technologies with practice of metropolitan activism of writers and artists. G.R.L presented in Rome their worldwide famous project L.A.S.E.R. TAG and their playful Led Throwies

Screen Music 2: Festival della Creatività 2007

In the wide fields of contemporary experimentation, within the new mixedmedia disciplines/subjects, chapter number two of the Screen Music event, presented a multishaped group of artists as subjects of the most advanced electronic audiovisual research, in the many of its possible declinations, considering this ear also the possible means of dialogue between “digital” and “material” aesthetics.

Screen Music 1: Festival della Creatività 2006

Screen Music is an idea of Gianni De Simone and is curated by Marco Mancuso, with the precious collaboration of Andrea Mi, Director of Videominuto and Federica Linke from Basebog. In contemporary experimentation within new multimedia areas, artists invited to present their recent video productions and to realize live shows inside the marvellous location of Teatrino Lorenese della Fortezza da Basso in Florence

Wave: Piemonte Share Festival 2005

Wave section of Piemonte Share Festival 2005 registered the collaboration of Digicult in the ambit of the audiovisual section of the festival that will be held in the Atrium Space headquarter, in Turin. Wave in Atrium is thought to question the unexplored and explored bounds of the audiovisual experimentation, through the invitation of some italian leading artists like: Pirandelo and Otolab.