RoBOt 08. Digital paths into music and art

The A/V section of roBOt Festival, dedicated to visual arts is historically divided into two main areas the curatorial one and call4roBOt announces 6 curatorial projects , chosen and commissioned directly from the festival.

(Italiano) Spring Attitude Festival 2015

(Italiano) Spring Attitude è il festival romano dedicato alla musica elettronica, alle nuove sonorità e alla ricerca sperimentale avanzata, con particolare interesse per le ultime tendenze generazionali legate ai nuovi linguaggi. Art Directors: Andrea Esu, Caterina Tomeo

Punch Drunk and Livity Sound. The Tom Ford aka Peverlist’s creatures

The mainstream celebrities from Bristol are Massive Attack, Tricky and Bansky, but the town on the River Avon can offer a wider range of resources, often hidden in the undergorund, and it features the heart of a peculiar music scene. Among the key players of this animation there is Tom Ford aka Peverelist, dj and producer, but also essential entertainer of the so-called Bristol Sound through his labels Punch Drunk and Livity Sound.

Get Physical Music. Portrait of a label

The official story of Get Physical Music, one of the most appreciated Berliner label by audiences and professionals in the international clubbing scene, Beatport best-selling, started in 2002. In that year the djs and producers concealed by moniker M.A.N.D.Y., Dj T and Booka Shade decided to make a job of their passion for electronic music, especially house.

Sonar Festival 2013: the 20th anniversary

The 20th anniversary of Sonar will be a global celebration which begins in Reykjavik in February and culminates in Barcelona in June, passing through Africa, Asia and Latin America. In total, within the next six months, Sonar will be programming around 300 shows spread across 21 stages at its 5 festivals.

Motion Sickness. The Domino Records’ night side

The Domino Records, first rank English label, has just released a double album gathering up some of the best remixes of its large discography. A definitely winning operation, because it sees great names of international clubbing (some very famous “veterans”, others young on the crest of a wave) in the throes of songs from equally important bands.

DECiBEL. A melting pot to dance

Within the landscape of the international electronic music Tectonic, a label based in Bristol, has always been very careful in the selection of its artists. Pinch alias Rob Ellis, “the godfather of dubstep” and founder of this label in 2005, doesn't give all his blessings. The last going into the multicolor family is DECiBEL, dj and producer born in London (real name Jay Fontaine) grown up in the sign of the cultural contamination.

Dancity Festival 2012: Labour of Love

The 6th and the 7th of July, in the ancient-roman town of Foligno, and in its striking locations, it took place the seventh edition of Dancity Festival, a singular event for the electronic music and digital art lovers
numero72_A taste of Sonar 01

A Taste of Sonar. South Africa Deals with Avant Guard

Sonar of Barcelona, an International festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, landed for its 19th Indaba Design edition (from 29th February to 4th March) in Cape Town, by using a completely new special format. In order to know more about that, we asked Georgia Taglietti, Head of the International Media Department of Avanced Music (the organization which, every year, arranges Sonar event), to describe this new partnership.

Anstam. An Unpredictable Sound Journey

Anstam's music is marked by darkness. A wide darkness, stretching throughout a space that is merely deducible, yet extremely claustrophobic since it is filled with many elements. It is as if the listener was taken to a large and dark room where he was left to roam and discover its secrets