Bio Art


Open Call THE W:OW PROJECT | DEADLINE 1/09/2017

The W:OW Project is inviting artists from all over the world working in digital media, science and art to reflect present and future of our planet as the place where life as such, the amazing diversity of a magnificent nature and the human species had the chance to arise. Deadline 1/09/2017
next nature network open call "Intimate Technology"

Intimate Technology – Call for Videos by Next Nature Network | DEADLINE 15/07/2017

How far do we allow technology to go? And how close to the skin can it get? The international network investigating the co-evolution of the bio-sphere and the techno-sphere is calling on film makers, students, artists, enthusiasts, technology experts, dancers, choreographers, and professionals critics who wants to share a one minute video on the theme of Intimate Technology. Deadline: 15/07/2017

The blurry edge between biological and synthetic

The evolution of bio-sciences knowledge such as synthetic biology, bio-robotics, bio-engineering of materials, bioinformatics, influences contemporary art and design which are pushed to rethink their responsibilities in communicating through critical expressions, interpretations and accessible/appropriate language

Shaping alternative futures. Interview with Pinar Yoldas

Introducing her work during a talk at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, Pinar Yoldas lists among her research fields: synthetic biology, turbo capitalism, big data, CO2 emissions, nano medicine, climate changes, bio-accumulation, and post-humanism.


The global ecological crisis now affects all societies, territories and activities, criss-crossing its economic and social consequences. But this crisis is also a cultural one. Therefore, the solutions to it can not only be political and technical. Culture can be a major player. Every year the COAL Prize highlights ten projects by artists working on environmental issues in the field of visual arts. Together they are participating in building a new collective narrative, that is optimistic and essential for everyone to find the motivation to implement the necessary changes towards a more sustainable world. Apply until 20/07/2017

Future emerging Art and Technology

Entitled "Future emerging Art and Technology", the exhibition presents a series of works of art created during collaborations between six internationally acclaimed artists and cutting-edge scientists. The artists were selected during an open process in March 2016 and paired with scientist groups working on European Union FET (Future Emerging Technologies) Open research projects such as exploring gene regulation, quantum physics, underwater robotics, carbon capture, and exascale computing.

Terra0, the augmented self-owned forest

Terra0 is a project that has just been discussed at Transmediale, Berlin, during the panel Becoming Earth: Engineering Symbiotic Futures. The project, at his first steps of development, aims at the creation of the first self-owned augmented forest, by using the blockchain technology and the smart contracts.

Genecraft: Art in the Biogenetic Age

BOM has launched Genecraft: Art in the Biogenetic Age, showcasing collaborations between artists and scientists making responses to landmark genetic research taking place in Birmingham. The exhibition forms part of a wider programme at BOM presenting art at the frontiers of science.

AESTHETICS get SYNTHETIC: Knowledge Link through Art and Science | DEADLINE 31/01/2017

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft calls for artists to take part in the residency program 2017 "AESTHETICS get SYNTHETIC: Knowledge Link through Art and Science" (KLAS). KLAS main goal is to initiate collaborative artistic and scientific exchange to foster transdisciplinary dialogues as well as to contribute to a wider understanding and appreciation of synthetic biology. Apply until 31/01/2017

Bio Art & Design Award 2016 winners: Liquid and Life in Motion

A dance of humans and viruses to the tune of evolution, a compass needle made of iron extracted from placentas and 3D printed materials inspired by the development of human organs. In May this year, these three proposals were proclaimed the winners of the Bio Art & Design Award 2016, a competition for young artists and designers.

Day of Collisions at FACT

On November 10, the FACT in Liverpool will host Day of Collisions. A full day of activities that investigate the relationship between art and science, linking together engineers, physicists and scientists with the most experimental artists of the contemporary scene. The day will be full of meetings, workshops and public debates

Choy Ka Fai: body, memory, speculations

Choy Ka Fai is a Singapore artist, famous for its performances and installations in which the movements of the dancer are stimulated and recorded using technological means, and exchanged with those of the other performers. Therefore, the body becomes a base on which to experiment and make visible the digital and its most hidden sphere

Robertina Šebjanič: reversing the Anthropocene

Robertina Šebjanič is an artist working between art, technology and science. Her research is oriented towards the Living systems, noise/sound art, installations and interactive ambiental responsive environments, and this year her work Aurelia 1+Hz/proto viva sonification received the Honorary Mention for Interactive Art at Prix Ars Electronica.