Cameron Robbins 1

Cameron Robbins: Field Lines

MONA presents Field Lines, Robbins’ first international solo exhibition. Cameron’s work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements nature, made visible through mechanical instruments of his own invention. In Field Lines the natural forces, not always perceptible, are revealed to live inside and out of the artwork.
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Ingenious and Fearless Companions by High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB)

Until June at the Birmingham Open Media will present the HAB's collective exhibition. Ingenious and Fearless Companions will transport the viewer into the micro world of bacteria and microorganisms that resist and travel in space. The project supported by NASA and The Rocket Mavericks start a further connection between the arts and science.
the force behind 1

The Forces behind the Forms. Geology, Matter, Process in Contemporary Art

Nature as a phenomenon to investigate the social and spiritual dimensions. This is the key feature of the exhibition The Forces behind the Forms, present until July in Krefeld (Germany). A dialogue between geology and contemporary arts that explore the new space and modes of composition, and as well induce the human being to think about himself.
big 1

Big, Open & Beautiful #9. Hack the Body

What is the relationship between us and the technology? Between our body and our intimacy and new technological information? At the Big, Open & Beautiful: Hack the Body presents on March 23 in Amsterdam, academics and artists will discuss the significant impact of technology in our lives, in our bodies.
Metamorph 1

Fourth Trondheim biennale: Meta.Morf 2016

The fourth Trondheim biennale - Meta.Morf 2016 - will showcase artists, writers and scientists that in various ways take a closer look at man as interstellar traveller, and how we at the beginning of this millennium are about to redefine our relationship with the stars and, consequently, ourselves.
Ryoichi 1

Ryoichi Kurokawa: Unfold

A unique and sensory exhibition from acclaimed Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, transporting audiences into space through beautifully visual and sonic environments to showcase the birth of stars. This groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary exhibition will be Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokowa’s first UK solo show and will bring together the fields of art and science.

Sublime. The tremors of the world

Gathering over a hundred artists, architects, and filmmakers worldwide, Sublime. The tremors of the world offers a dialogue between ancient and contemporary works. It explores the ambivalent and persisting attraction for the “Nature too far” (Victor Hugo) and catastrophes.
Sonic Arts Academy 1

Sonic Acts Academy

Sonic Acts Academy is a new platform that aims to grow, expand, sustain and disseminate stimulating discourse about artistic research. The academy invites artists and theorists to expand on their research through workshops, masterclasses, lectures, concerts, film screenings and work presentations
Christine Odlund 1

Aether & Einstein: Christine Ödlund at Magasin III

The exhibition transforms Magasin III into a laboratory of sorts where, among other things, the artist examines the communication between humans and plants. As a visitor to this magical world, one is offered the opportunity to discover and explore the interplay between the senses.
Al and Al 1

AL and AL: Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse

Inspired by this revolutionary concept, the artists have undertaken three multiverse journeys across space and time, travelling from the atomic scale reality of DNA into the mind of thinking machines in the future who believe Alan Turing is their creator, through to the point of no return at the edge of a black hole.

Everything is Connected to Everyone: An Interview with Artist Simona Koch

Men and nature, men are nature, man or nature: these are just some of the most recurrent questions at the center of German artist Simona Koch’s research. She has developed several works and side projects that deal not just with the aforementioned themes, but also with politics, history of humankind and psychology.

Ideas in the making: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Ideas in the making: HKW focuses its work on long-term research across artistic, scientific and academic borders. It aims to produce new perspectives on war and violence, and on how the relationship between humanity and technology is changing and what new time regimes evolve from this.
transmediale 1

Transmediale/conversationpiece 2016

Following the program announcement from last month, we are pleased to announce further participants from the realms of art, culture, and media, who will gather for transmediale/conversationpiece, to take place at Haus der Kulturen der Welt from 3-7 February 2016.

NOME presents Quayola’s solo show Iconographies in Berlin

Quayola’s Iconographies are part of an ongoing project that analyzes Renaissance and Baroque paintings through computational methods. Quayola transforms religious and mythological scenes into complex abstract formations, creating alternative versions of the old masterpieces by removing the paintings from their historical narratives.

Manfred Mohr: Artificiata II

For his second exhibition at Carroll / Fletcher, digital art pioneer Manfred Mohr presents a series of new pieces mapping his formal investigations of theoretical space in generative screen-based works, drawings, and inkjet paintings.
Smoking Mirror 1

Smoking Mirror: Mirror Images in Art and Medicine

The exhibition presents unique reflective objects as well as coordinated light and sound effects to create a space designed to elicit a state of altered consciousness similar to a hypnotic trance, exploring the connection between mental activity and the cognitive awareness of one’s own body in space