Digicult is based on the active participation of quite 50 professional people, who represent a wide international Network of journalists, curators, artists, theorists, practioneers and critics. These professional people have been doing their bit for the project, realizing interviews and articles to meet the increasing demand for information on national and international digital culture and art world and protagonists.

Digicult is based on the voluntary participation of all of its’ authors. They each have a personal space on the website and magazine that they can use to publish and diffuse their researches. This gives them the possibility of contacting and creating professional bonds with artists and other authors, institutions and different organizations. All you have to do is scroll down this page, to find out how these professionals come from extremely different backgrounds, interests and countries. This variety faithfully represent today’s definition of “digital culture”: a mix of creativity and social research, science, communication, innovation and art history.

List of the Authors:

  • Alessandra Saviotti
    Independent Curator and Editor

    Alessandra Saviotti is an independent curator and editor. She focuses on the continuous interaction with artists. By relating constantly with them she [...]

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  • Alessandro Delfanti
    Teacher and journalist

    Alessandro Delfanti teaches Sociology of New Media at the University of Milan. As a free lance journalist he writes about science, technology [...]

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  • Alessio Galbiati
    Freelance Critic and Journalist

    Alessio Galbiati is a freelance critic, journalist and graphic designer. He got M. A. in Arts, Music and Performance Studies, at University [...]

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  • Alexandra Purcaru
    Photographer and Fashion Lover

    Alexandra Purcaru is a photographer living in Paris with a passion for fashion and design. At the moment she is responsible of [...]

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  • Alfredo Cramerotti
    Writer, Curator and Artist

    Alfredo Cramerotti is a writer, curator and artist based in the UK. His cultural practice explores the relationship between reality and representation [...]

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  • Ana Carvalho
    PhD Candidate and Visual Artist

    Ana Carvalho is doctor in Communication and Digital Platforms from Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto, in Portugal. Subjects of her interest [...]

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  • Andy Miah
    Professor and Researcher

    Professor Andy Miah, PhD is Director of the Creative Futures Institute & Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies in the Faculty of [...]

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  • Anna Raimondo
    Artist and Curator

    Anna Raimondo completed the MA Sound Arts at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) with distinction in 2012. [...]

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  • Asma Ghanem
    Artist and Writer

    Asma was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. She is currently based in Ramallah, Palestine. Asma graduated from The International Academy of [...]

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  • Bertram Niessen
    Researcher and Teacher

    Bertram Niessen is a researcher, teacher and electronic artist. He researches, writes, teaches, designs and advices about a (somehow) wide range of [...]

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  • Carla Langella
    Architect and Assistant Professor

    Architetto, ricercatore presso la facoltà di Architettura della Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli nel settore ICAR/13. Insegna “Design della materia” e [...]

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  • Claudia D’Alonzo
    Curator and Writer

    Graduated in Contemporary Art History, Claudia PhD student in Audiovisual Studies at the University of Udine (Italy). For several years, she has [...]

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  • Claudia Galal
    Journalist and blogger

    Claudia Galal, half Italian and half Egyptian, was born in Urbino in 1981, growing up in the quieter place in the world, [...]

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  • Claudio Musso
    Art Critic, Curator and Lecturer

    Claudio Musso is an art critic and curator. His curatorial practice and his research is focus on urban art and the new [...]

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  • Daniela Silvestrin
    Cultural Manager and Curator

    Daniela Silvestrin studied Law in Hagen and History of Arts in Munich in Germany. She is a cultural manager, curator and freelance [...]

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  • David Barnard-Wills
    Political Scientist and Senior Research Analyst

    Dr David Barnard-Wills is a Political Scientist and Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research & Consulting. He has a PhD in Politics [...]

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  • Domenico Quaranta
    Contemporary Art Critic & Curator

    Domenico Quaranta is a contemporary art critic and curator. He focused his research on the impact of the current techno-social developments on [...]

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  • Donata Marletta
    Reseacher and lecturer

    Donata Marletta holds (2012) a PhD in Cultural Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Her research project focuses on how new [...]

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  • Elena Biserna
    Phd in Audiovisual Studies and Writer

    Elena studied Humanities and History of Contemporary Art at the University of Bologna and completed her Ph.D. in Audiovisual Studies at the [...]

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  • Enrico Pitozzi
    Professor and Researcher

    Enrico Pitozzi is Professor-in-Charge of the course “Forme della scena multimediale” in the Music and Performing Arts Department at the University of [...]

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  • Eugenia Fratzeskou
    Researcher, Author and Critic

    Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou is a London-based artist, researcher, author, editor, critic and educator. Pioneering types and processes of digital site-specific art and [...]

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  • Felipe Zuniga
    Artist and Theorist

    He holds a B.A. in visual arts from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, U.NA.M and a M.F.A. from University of California [...]

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  • Filippo Lorenzin
    Curator and Critic

    Filippo Lorenzin is an indipendent curator and critic of contemporary art. He’s mainly interested in the relationship between art, technology and society, [...]

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  • Garrett Lynch
    Artist, Lecturer and Curator

    Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist. His work deals with networks (in their most open sense) within an [...]

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  • Giulia Baldi
    Researcher, Producer and Reporter

    With a background in contemporary art, music, media and society, for over 10 years Giulia Baldi has been committed to the production [...]

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  • Giulia Simi
    PhD Candidate and DM Specialist

    Giulia Simi was born in Livorno, Tuscany, in 1979, a border year that makes her a conflicted daughter of the seventies and [...]

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  • Giulia Tonucci
    Web Journalist and Press Officer

    Giulia Tonucci was born in Milan, on 1st March 1984. Performed academic studies at the Universities of Pisa, London and Bologna. She [...]

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  • Gretta Louw
    Digital and performance artist

    Gretta Louw is a multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly with digital media and networked performance, whose practice explores the potential of art as [...]

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  • Hannah Nelson-Teutsch
    Artist, Curator and Writer

    Hannah Nelson-Teutsch is an artist, curator and writer who's critical work on art, technology, and literature has appeared in Hyperallergic, Trendblog, Bustle, [...]

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  • Herman B. Mendolicchio
    PhD Candidate and Scholar

    Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio is a PhD Candidate in “History, Theory and Criticism of Arts” and a scholar of the department of History [...]

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  • Ivo Caruso
    Designer and Phd Candidate

    Ivo Caruso has a degree in Industrial Design at Sapienza University of Rome. He is designer, university tutor and PhD student in [...]

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  • Jamie Ferguson
    Master of Fine Art Student

    Jamie is a Canadian interested in extra-disciplinary encounters for collaborative research and creation. By probing alternative methodologies for design, a boundless space [...]

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  • Jeremy Levine
    Architect and Lecturer

    Jeremy Levine is the principal of Jeremy Levine Design, which specializes in sustainable, modern architecture.  Levine earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the [...]

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  • Kirsten Hawkins
    Linguist, Digital Marketer and Copywriter

    Kirsten Hawkins is first and foremost a linguist hailing from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese and [...]

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  • Loretta Borrelli
    Web Developer, Activist and Artivist

    Loretta Borrelli was born more than thirty years ago for reasons beyond his control. Lives and works in Milan. She graduated at [...]

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  • Lucrezia Cippitelli
    Scholar, Activist and Curator

    Scholar and curator, lives in Brussels and Roma. Professor of Aesthetics at the Art Academy of L’Aquila, Visiting Scholar at Cornell University, [...]

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  • Ludovica Amoroso
    Journalist and Writer

    A degree in Communications cum laude, a Master in Marketing, a period in Spain for several years after having obtained a Phd. [...]

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  • Ludovico Ristori
    ICT professional and freelance author

    Ludovico Ristori is quite uncertain writing this profile. After a childhood when imagined himself as top gun, doctor and mad scientist was [...]

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  • Mabel Plasencia
    Architect, Designer and Blogger

    Mabel Plasencia Aquino, is an Architect and Freelance Designer living in Puerto Rico and natively from the Dominican Republic. Her inclinations towards [...]

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  • Marco Mancuso
    Critic, Curator and Lecturer

    Marco Mancuso is a critic, curator and teacher in the field of digital technologies applied to Art, Design, and contemporary culture. Founder [...]

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  • Maria Chatzichristodoulou
    Curator, Producer and Writer

    Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka Maria X] is a cultural practitioner (curator, performer, producer, writer). Maria holds a PhD in Art & Computational Technologies [...]

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  • Marieke Verbiesen
    Artist and MFA Interactive Media

    Marieke Verbiesen is a new media artist who works with playful interactive installations & games. [...]

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  • Mario Margani
    Curatore and Master Student

    Mario Margani, born in Enna, Sicily (1985), has studied Communication and Management in Art and Cultural Market in Milan and Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque [...]

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  • Mario Tirino
    PhD candidate, journalist and teacher

    Mario Tirino is a PhD candidate in Sciences of Communication at University of Salerno, freelance journalist and audiovisual media teacher in public [...]

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  • Mark Hancock
    Writer, Producer and Lecturer

    Mark Hancock is a writer, media producer and freelance lecturer. He has been writing about media arts for a number of years, [...]

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  • Marta Arniani
    Deputy Project Manager and Researcher

    Marta Arniani is Deputy Project Manager in Sigma Orionis’ projects addressing ICT and Art/Creative Industries connection (FET-ART, CRe-AM) and Collective Awareness Platforms [...]

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  • Massimo Schiavoni
    Performing Art Scholar

    Massimo Schiavoni is a Visual Artist, Performing Art scholar, Project Manager and Still Photographer. Since the 80′s he followed every edition of [...]

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  • Mathias Jannson
    Art critic and Researcher

    Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic and Game Art researcher. He has a Master of Arts degree in art history and [...]

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  • Mattia Casalegno
    Multimedia Artist and Designer

    Mattia Casalegno was born in Naples, Italy. At the crossing point of video-art, new media art and generative design, his work moves [...]

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  • Mauro Arrighi
    Artist, Lecturer and Curator

    Graduated from Interface Culture in Linz (Austria), guest at IAMAS in Ogaki (Japan); former PhD student at Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan), [...]

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  • Mitra Azar
    Artist, Philosopher

    Eclectic-schizo-creative-nomadic-sponge freakily haunted by images and by the relational-performative-political-philosophical aspect of doing them. Mitra Azar is a young artist with an eclectic formation. [...]

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  • Monica Ponzini
    DV Librarian, Writer and Video Maker

    Born in Milan, she received her degree form the University of Milan in Classical Literature, with a specialization in Modern Linguistics and [...]

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  • Paolo Magaudda
    Sociologist of science & technology

    Paolo Magaudda is Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Padova and lecturer at the Iusve University (Venice) and at the [...]

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  • Pasquale Napolitano
    Researcher and Professor

    Pasquale Napolitano is an expert in design and visual communication. His PhD research in Visual Communication at the University of Salerno, is [...]

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  • Patrick Lichty
    Artist, Writer and Curator

    Patrick Lichty (b.1962) is a technologically-based conceptual artist, writer, independent curator, animator for the activist group, The Yes Men, co-founder of [...]

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  • Robin Peckham
    Art Critic and Gallerist at Saamlung

    Robin Peckham is a Shanghai-based writer whose critical interests lie in the development of a vocabulary to discuss art and culture in [...]

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  • Rosa Nussbaum
    Artist and Writer

    Rosa Nussbaum is a London based artist/writer and part of art collective PeriscopeCollaborations. Working closely with her partner and collaborator Tom Wadley [...]

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  • Sabina Barcucci
    Architect, Designer and Researcher

    Sabina Barcucci is an architect, designer and researcher. She researches on computational design thinking, with a specific interest on new organizational forms [...]

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  • Silvia Bertolotti
    Freelance Writer

    Silvia Bertolotti is a Brussels based free-lance writer. With a Degree in Philosophy and a Master in Art and Cultural Management, she is [...]

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  • Silvia Casini
    Freelance Curator and Researcher

    Silvia Casini is scientific coordinator of Arscientia ( and a research fellow at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Department of Philosophy and Cultural [...]

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  • Silvia Scaravaggi
    Freelance Editor and Curator

    Silvia Scaravaggi is a freelance editor and curator; her research focuses on video, interaction design, art-science-technology. She got a Master Degree in [...]

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  • Silvio Lorusso
    Artist, Designer and PhD Candidate

    Silvio Lorusso is an Italian artist and designer. His ongoing PhD research in Design Sciences at Iuav University of Venice is focused [...]

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  • Simone Arcagni
    Researcher and Scholar

    Simone Arcagni is Researcher at the University of Palermo. Cinema, video, media and new technologies scholar and critic. He collaborates with "Nòva [...]

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  • Simone Broglia
    Writer and Researcher

    Born in Milan. He graduated in philosophy with a thesis about the using of space and electronics in Luigi Nono’s Prometeo. He [...]

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  • Tatiana Bazzichelli
    Researcher, Networker and Curator

    Tatiana Bazzichelli is a researcher, networker and curator, working in the field of hacktivism and net culture. She is PhD researcher at [...]

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  • Tiziano Bonini
    Researcher and Author

    Tiziano Bonini (1977), Ph.D. in Media, Communication and Public Sphere (Siena University, 2008). He is a researcher in media sociology at [...]

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  • Valentina Tanni
    Art Critic, Curator and Lecturer

    Valentina Tanni (Rome, 1976) is a contemporary art critic and curator. Her research is focused on the relationship between art and new [...]

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  • Vanessa Michielon
    Dancer and Researcher

    Vanessa Michielon holds a PhD in Cultural Heritage and a Bachelor and Master Degree in Media and Cinema Engineering (Polytechnic of Turin). [...]

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  • Zoe Romano
    Copywriter, Activist and Craftivist

    Zoe Romano is a media activist and visual artist based in Milan working on precarity, material and immaterial labor in creative and [...]

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