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London Sinfonietta Meets Warp

The tour of London Sinfonietta Orchestra with Warp Records is going on and tonight will perform at Auditorium Giovanni Agnelli at Lingotto in Turin. Tonight with Squarepusher and Plaid

CTRL_ALT_DEL Sound Art Festival

Ctrl_alt_del is sound-art festival realized in Turkey, in September 2003. It was a collaboration between NOMAD, Marres, Hedah, and Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Musical Studies

Carsten Nicolai

Lo Schirn Kunsthalle di Francoforte organizza una personale sui lavori di uno dei più importanti e considerati artisti elettronici in circolazione


Videomedeja presents and promotes brand new videos, video and sound installations, computer animations, interactive art, live visual performances. The first festival was held in 1996

Alva Noto – Transrapid

Con la pubblicazione del lavoro Transrapid di Alva Noto aka Carsten Nicolai, la label tedesca annuncia la nascita di una serie di release

Ars Electronica 2005

From 1st to 6th of September the great galà of new media art will perform in Linz, with the best worldwide production and the most brilliant stars of the digital world

Dyne:bolic Rasta Software

Il CyberRasta programmatore Jaromil, paladino della filosofia del free software, rende disponibile la nuova release del suo sistema operativo


Insert is the first retrospective exhibition of Croatian video art which gathers works arising from video techniques in the period from the early seventies of the last century to today

Mini Festival Of New Media Art

This is a one-night mini-festival celebrating the autumnal equinox through the uncommon merger of new media art technologies with an emphasis on creative figurations of the natural environment


Recognizing the increasing significance of media art for our culture, the conference will discuss the history of media art within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories of art.

A Virtual Memorial Tsunami Project

Dal noto Memorial di webart una nuova possibilità per i media artists di tutto il mondo di partecipare al progetto in onore delle vittime dello Tsunami

Eyebeam Artist In Residence (AIR)

E' online il bando di iscrizione alla residenza per artisti multimediali indetta dall'Eyebeam 2004 Artist in Residence con scadenza il 23/2

Urban Screens 2005

Urban Screens is an international conference ranging from critical theory to project experiences by researchers and practitioners in the field of Art, Architecture, Urban Studies and Digital Media

Web’s First File Extinguisher

Vuk Cosic, net art pioneer, half artist and half true spiritual guide of net art community, gave life to a new project based upon extinghusher files that we can find in Internet

Capturing The Movie Mind

Researchers, activists and media-artists meet on the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing to discuss about The Connection Between War Against Terrorism, Economics e MediaArt

Jimmy Edgar & Plaid

Tornano questa sera nella capitale i Plaid, alfieri dell'etichetta Warp, accompagnati sul palco dal giovane talento americano Jimmy Edgar

Struttura E Il Mare Digitale

Three days dedicated to Internet, net art and digital art, hacktivism, installations and multimedia. It is Struttura, festival dedicated to digital communication

Unesco Digi-Arts Africa

The UNESCO DigiArts Project is a community-driven web initiative which is aiming to promote interdisciplinary research and activities related to digital cultural practices