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Web’s First File Extinguisher

Vuk Cosic, net art pioneer, half artist and half true spiritual guide of net art community, gave life to a new project based upon extinghusher files that we can find in Internet

Capturing The Movie Mind

Researchers, activists and media-artists meet on the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing to discuss about The Connection Between War Against Terrorism, Economics e MediaArt

Jimmy Edgar & Plaid

Tornano questa sera nella capitale i Plaid, alfieri dell'etichetta Warp, accompagnati sul palco dal giovane talento americano Jimmy Edgar

Struttura E Il Mare Digitale

Three days dedicated to Internet, net art and digital art, hacktivism, installations and multimedia. It is Struttura, festival dedicated to digital communication

Unesco Digi-Arts Africa

The UNESCO DigiArts Project is a community-driven web initiative which is aiming to promote interdisciplinary research and activities related to digital cultural practices