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Digicult is a project totally free since 2005. As many who have known us in the past years, Digicult is an ambitious project, offering a complete and dynamic critical, informational and communication online service, and requiring a daily and constant commitment. Without any help from institutions or private investors, Digicult is in constant need of support from the members of its community, its readership and its fans.

Help us to reach 5.000 Euro goal

Make a contribution to help us reach our 5,000 Euro goal, which is essential to cover all the expenses we have had to develop the new platform and services, and to support also our operation over the next year!

That means if 500 people give 10,00 Euro in the next weeks we can do it – If you’ve been holding back, we need you to give now!

What will your donation fund!

We need a concrete help:

- that will assist us in facing administration expenses, expanding our editorial team and new content (critic & journalist) commissions

- that faces further expenses for our online platform next technical developments

- that faces the cultural, edicational and curatorial projects to come

- that feeds new production chains among commitments (public or private), professionals and students to produce new cultural objects

- to offer to you an increasingly exciting platform and an instrument of analysis and research progressively more effective and up-to-date. 

Make a Donation!

The simplest way to support Digicult. it is a system conceived using the FLOSS system of funding as a model. it is a free choice to fund an project independent and autonomous from any institutional or private funds.


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