Robertina Šebjanič: reversing the Anthropocene

Robertina Šebjanič is an artist working between art, technology and science. Her research is oriented towards the Living systems, noise/sound art, installations and interactive ambiental responsive environments, and this year her work Aurelia 1+Hz/proto viva sonification received the Honorary Mention for Interactive Art at Prix Ars Electronica.

Yuri Pattison: user, space

At the Chisenhale Gallery in London it on show User, space by Yuri Pattison. Taking inspiration from modernist architecture and science fiction Pattison creates installations that examine the pervasive nature of new technologies, which increasingly influence both how, and where, we live and work, presenting a future that is already imagined.
space brain laboratory 1

Space Brain Laboratory

Space brain Laboratory born in 2009 thanks to Ann Veronica Janssens and Nathalie Ergino, is a project that brings together the thoughts and experiences of artists and researchers in the humanities and physical sciences, covering progress in neurosciences and astrophysics along with current practices in hypnosis and shamanism.

Maurizio Martinucci (TeZ): creative investigation in music, art, science

Maurizio Martinucci (aka TeZ) is an Italian interdisciplinary artist and independent researcher based in Amsterdam. He uses technology as a means with which to explore perceptual effects and the relationship between sound, light and space. He focuses primarily on generative compositions with spatialised sound for live performances and installations

Open Fields conference and exhibition: RIXC Art Science Festival 2016

On the occasion of RIXC Art Science Festival will be presented the conference and exhibition Open Fields. An event that is centered around the transdisciplinarity that investigates the transformative potential of art in connection with science, with the purpose to creating methodologies and approaches where is forbidden any categorization

Math is Art: Understanding the Basic Concept of Probability

They say there’s art in everything – which in all likelihood makes everyone artists. Additionally, you could argue – even contradict – this statement by pointing out that having the potential and aspirations to achieve a certain level of craftiness in life doesn’t make anyone a bona fide artist.
collide 1

Collide International Award

Collide International Award 2016 was awarded to the South Korean artist Yunchul Kim. Collide is a new collaboration between CERN and FACT, offering to artists and scientists the opportunity to experience the interconnections between science and art, encouraging them to move in new, unexplored and especially interdisciplinary way.
Maja Smrekar 1

Maja Smrekar. Survival Kit for the Anthropocene – Trailer

Aksioma is proud to present Survival Kit for the Anthropocene by Maja Smrekar. A reflection in form of art on the theme of the extinction and the biological supremacy of some species in connection with a strong criticism on neoliberal economic systems, all created with folkloric, ludic and contemporary art elements.
Cameron Robbins 1

Cameron Robbins: Field Lines

MONA presents Field Lines, Robbins’ first international solo exhibition. Cameron’s work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements nature, made visible through mechanical instruments of his own invention. In Field Lines the natural forces, not always perceptible, are revealed to live inside and out of the artwork.
press release 2

Ingenious and Fearless Companions by High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB)

Until June at the Birmingham Open Media will present the HAB's collective exhibition. Ingenious and Fearless Companions will transport the viewer into the micro world of bacteria and microorganisms that resist and travel in space. The project supported by NASA and The Rocket Mavericks start a further connection between the arts and science.

Ralf Baecker’s solo show Order+Noise (Interface I)

Ralf Baecker famous artist for his background in computer science related to technology, at the Nome in Berlin will present Order + Noise (Interface I) his new installation, that explores the mechanisms in which the elements involved affect one another, creating a kinetic and mechanical process where is not missing the cultural factor.
States of Matter 1

States of Matter

Never as in this era Art & Science are connected to each other. The Art expands and exceeds its boundaries, while in the meantime the Science are involved in the creative and artistic process. Will be discussed this intense relationship between the 23 and 26 June at the the art - science community Spektrum in Berlin.
the force behind 1

The Forces behind the Forms. Geology, Matter, Process in Contemporary Art

Nature as a phenomenon to investigate the social and spiritual dimensions. This is the key feature of the exhibition The Forces behind the Forms, present until July in Krefeld (Germany). A dialogue between geology and contemporary arts that explore the new space and modes of composition, and as well induce the human being to think about himself.

Bill Vorn. Immersed in a world of robots, metaphors, and paradoxes

Bill Vorn is a Canadian artist and academic based in Montréal. He has worked on performance, interactive installations, experimental soundtracks, soundtrack scores, and sound editing, creating components for film, video, and various other artistic projects. His works have been shown at major international media art festivals and events
big 1

Big, Open & Beautiful #9. Hack the Body

What is the relationship between us and the technology? Between our body and our intimacy and new technological information? At the Big, Open & Beautiful: Hack the Body presents on March 23 in Amsterdam, academics and artists will discuss the significant impact of technology in our lives, in our bodies.
Metamorph 1

Fourth Trondheim biennale: Meta.Morf 2016

The fourth Trondheim biennale - Meta.Morf 2016 - will showcase artists, writers and scientists that in various ways take a closer look at man as interstellar traveller, and how we at the beginning of this millennium are about to redefine our relationship with the stars and, consequently, ourselves.
Ryoichi 1

Ryoichi Kurokawa: Unfold

A unique and sensory exhibition from acclaimed Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, transporting audiences into space through beautifully visual and sonic environments to showcase the birth of stars. This groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary exhibition will be Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokowa’s first UK solo show and will bring together the fields of art and science.

Sublime. The tremors of the world

Gathering over a hundred artists, architects, and filmmakers worldwide, Sublime. The tremors of the world offers a dialogue between ancient and contemporary works. It explores the ambivalent and persisting attraction for the “Nature too far” (Victor Hugo) and catastrophes.