Media Art Histories/Re:Trace 2017 – Call for Papers | Deadline: 26/03/2017

The 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology titled RE:TRACE focuses on an evaluation of the status of the meta-discipline MediaArtHistories today, more than a decade after the first conference founded the field now recognized worldwide as a significant historical inquiry at the intersection of art, science, and technology

Awesome Shield: empowering the next generation of creators with code

Awesome Shield is a start up born in Berlin in 2014, to teach kids to code based on the Arduino platform; also they build hardware prototypes and designing a functional online-learning platform. Awesome Shield has already been put into action in Europe and last and this year they took part in the Maker Faire Rome

Computational fashion and 4D print. The glamorous side of fabbing and synthetic biology

Dissemination of tools for rapid prototyping through 3D printing and evolution of software for digital modeling to parametric methods excited great interest inside the world of fashion. Designers created many experiments at different levels of scale: from fabrics with three-dimensional textures to dresses and accessories modeled directly in three dimensions around the body of the wearer.

The Games Europe Plays. Body-Tech

The exhibition The Games Europe Plays-BODY-TECH presents the works of interactive artists and game makers from the UK and continental Europe, trying to imagine how we will inhabit and take care of our virtual and physical bodies in the future. Taking also a playful look at how digital technologies contami-nate our daily life.

When Digital Innovation meets Industry: the iMinds’ model

iMinds is a Flemish non-profit organization, that drive digital innovation for society and economy, through strategic and applied research on key digital technologies. Offering to people and organizations active support in research and business development, and also encourages tech entrepreneurs to bring their smart innovations to life
Energy Flash 1

Energy Flash — The Rave Movement

Energy Flash - The Rave Movement is the first museum exhibition to considering the rave in their social, political, economic and technological aspects. Including interdisciplinary projects from different fields of art, the exhibition has the goal to give back its cultural value at the rave phenomenon, often overlooked or rejected.

The socio-economic impact of the cultural heritage on the communities

It 'obvious change of paradigm occurred in recent years regarding the evaluation of the potential social and economic terms of cultural heritage: the transition from a conception centered on the retention of a value-centered, testified in a clear from Faro Protocol of 2005 - promoted by the Council of Europe
Holbaek 1

An Age of Our Own Making

An Age of Our Own Making is an exhibition that takes place in three different Danish cities, with the goal of initiate a reflection on the current human condition. Ecology, liberty and political space are some themes that artists will use in their artworks to track down the human and his status inside of the contemporary society.
reset modernity 1

Reset Modernity!

At the ZKM (Center for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe is present, from April, the collective exhibition Reset Modernity! That drives the visitors to experience the resetting modernity for redirect the confused signals suggested from our age, by taking alternative routes in which our choices become primary.
As rights 1

As Rights Go By. On the erosion and denial of rights

At freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL in Wien is present As Rights-Go By On the Erosion and Denial of Rights, an exhibition that explore the impact of globalization and mass surveillance on civil and human rights. The artists through video, installations and the new technologies analyze this contemporary scenario, that has changed our life.
unit 1

#unit: Connecting Unicorns. World’s First Queer Tech Festival

Here comes the second edition of the world’s first queer tech festival and it is once again going to take place in Berlin at Postbahnhof Club. The #unit festival is one of the largest queer tech events in the world and it is a platform for queer and straight techies as well as people who love technology to connect.
The Promise 1

The Promise of Total Automation

In this era where machines and the technological instruments are invading our life and human relationships. The artists involved in The Promise of Total Automation are trying to identify those elements of automation that stimulate the dreams and utopias, and so are be able to create a new imaginary in which the technology is not excluded.

(Italiano) Accademia Carrara di Bergamo: incontro con Thomas Pololi, Quadernini

(Italiano) Inizia il ciclo di talk e laboratori nell'ambito del corso di Sistemi Editoriali per l'Arte, condotto da Marco Mancuso. Mercoledì 21 Marzo 2016 è in programma l’incontro con Thomas Pololi, ideatore e curatore del progetto Quadernini, dal 2005 un percorso di raccolta partecipata di quaderni scolastici attraverso il web
Nervous system 1

Nervous Systems. The big exhibition by Tactical Technology Collective

Nervous Systems is an exhibition that questions this systemic closure and the pervasive nervousness that haunts today’s systems, data-driven rationalities and ideologies. What does “privacy” mean when it becomes possible to identify someone just as easily from “anonymous” data as from a fingerprint or identity card? What remains of the world when it is being interpreted for us by machines?

Disorder and the Disinformation Society

This book is the first general social analysis that seriously considers the daily experience of information disruption and software failure within contemporary Western society. Through an investigation of informationalism, it describes the social processes producing informational disorder

Silicon Valley. I signori del silicio, Evgeny Morozov

For several years, companies in Silicon Valley promise prosperity, equality and a new society in which everything will be shareable and accessible. Surpassing the old logic of the market. But is this really so?