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white cube

White Cube. Larry Bell: 6×6 An Improvisation

Larry Bell has consistently focused on the properties of light and its interface with surface throughout his career. Bell has installed a major Standing Wall sculpture, 6 x 6 An Improvisation comprises 36 individual glass panels, responding intuitively to the dynamics of the space.
Superconversations 1

Superconversations: Machines that Matter

Superconversations: Machines that Matter brings together a range of thinkers and artists concerned with the intersection of technology and immanence, questioning the logic of vitalism while developing that of mechanism. The symposium builds upon several themes from e-flux’s Supercommunity / Superconversations and forms the final instalment of a planetary series of in-person and simulcast video conversations.
Monster resurrection 1

David Link’s Monster Resurrection: an archaeology of calculating machines

Monster Resurrection, a video installation by the artist and theorist David Link, portrays four British engineers and curators who practiced media archeology long before the humanities discovered this theme. The collection of interviews follows the team leaders of these four projects, their careers, the emergence of their interest in old apparatuses and the completion of the reconstruction project in detail.
Kota 2

Kota: digital excavations in African Art

Kota: Digital Excavations in African Art is an exhibition exploring how data and technology offer exciting possibilities for groups of artwork that lack deep provenance or contextual information. The exhibition features the groundbreaking research of Frederic Cloth, who has created a database of extant guardian figures and a series of algorithms.
Scratch 1

Scratch! A debut exhibition by sculptor Marc Vellekoop

Scratch! is a heady mix of steel and car paint sculptures that combines Marc Vellekoop’s passion for colour, metallic/pearl effect pigments, trippy patterns and high gloss taking the viewer on an unexpected visual journey.
Fact 1

The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology presents: Follow

Follow investigates how we understand image and identity as ever-changing concepts which can be bought, sold, mimicked, endorsed, deleted and validated through a single click—as well as exploring methods to survive, subvert and utilize social media.
Promise Park 1

Moon Kyungwon and the YCAM Promise Park project

Promise Park Project aims to explore the meaning of the park from its establishment and discuss future forms of public spaces with experts from various fields. At the same time, it can also be understood as a platform for various engineers and researchers to engage in research and discussion.
Transmediale 1

Transmediale 2016 reboots itself as: Conversation Piece

With the name Conversation Piece, Transmediale 2016 creates an intensive space of exchanges, murmurs, and transitions and aims to provide the conditions for a reflection on idealized aspects of contemporary life under digital capitalism.
Simon Denny 1

Simon Denny: Products for Organising

Simon Denny is an artist who works with sculptural installations that include print, graphics, moving images and texts. Products for Organising, is developed in response to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and will feature new installations that revolve around contemporary radical management practices and the historical hacker organisational forms that may have inspired them.
Art of the airport 1

Art of the Airport Tower: Carolyn Russo and the photographic journey for Smithsonian

Art of the Airport Tower takes you on a photographic journey to airports in the United States and around the globe. Carolyn Russo explores the varied forms and functions of air traffic control towers throughout aviation history and interprets them as monumental abstractions, symbols of cultural expression, and testimonies of technological change.
Unlimited 1

João Vasco Paiva: Unlimited

Unlimited was inspired by Fernao Mendes Pinto’s journey from Europe to Asia in the 17th century and presents an immersive experience through the simultaneous screening of a digitally rendered expansive ocean and a mesmerizing sequence of abstract geometric maritime communication flags.
Or Gallery NADA 1

Or Gallery at NADA Miami Beach

The Or Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in NADA Miami Beach 2015. The gallery will exhibit a small selection of editions and single works by Vancouver-based artists pertaining to the city’s strong history of conceptual photographic and textual practices.
Smoking Mirror 1

Smoking Mirror: Mirror Images in Art and Medicine

The exhibition presents unique reflective objects as well as coordinated light and sound effects to create a space designed to elicit a state of altered consciousness similar to a hypnotic trance, exploring the connection between mental activity and the cognitive awareness of one’s own body in space
exo evolution 1

ZKM Center for Art and Media presents: Exo-Evolution

The exhibition Exo-Evolution shows the interconnection between art and science and the artistic application of new technology. The exhibition shows us visions and solutions to problems of the 20th century offering insights into the future and a look back at the past of the artistic and technological exteriorization of human capabilities.
Christine Sun 1

Christine Sun Kim: Rustle Tustle

In Rustle Tustle, Christine Sun Kim, who was born deaf, invites viewers to expand their understanding of what sound is and can be, undermining the all-prevailing sound etiquette set by hearing culture.
Act festival 1

ACT Festival 2015

ACT Festival presents a world-class exhibition, symposium, performance and workshop program that creatively reconfigures and recontextualizes advanced technologies and lets us experience the digital anew. ACT Festival will examine methods of “new making”—in projects, practices, educational platforms, and creative ecosystems.