11th Audiovisual Arts Festival

The 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival of the Ionian University, depts. of Music Studies and Audio & Visual Arts, is extended in space and time: the festival will last for a total of 23 days, from May 20th to June 11th, and will be held at both Corfu and Athens.

4 Home Technology Trends to Watch for in 2017

Incorporating various forms of technology in homes is a trend that has been on the rise over the past few years. People are now more willing to spend money on home-related tech to make their homes "smarter” than ever before.

Great Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

The growth in digital technology has infiltrated the home in a massive way. A few years ago, a “smart home” was something most of us had never heard of. Now, there are many ways to add smart functionality to the home.

(Italiano) Segni leggeri. Internet non è per sempre

(Italiano) BAG Gallery di Parma ha aperto da qualche giorno “Segni Leggeri. Internet non è per sempre”, la bipersonale di Guido Segni e Luca Leggero. Una mostra inconsueta che la BAG decide di ospitare per la particolarità e la forza concettuale che contraddistinguono le ricerche dei due artisti toscani, posti in un dialogo di confronto che ne mette in evidenza i punti di tangenza, le peculiari caratteristiche e gli originali punti di vista su ciò che concerne l’uso e la presenza di Internet nella vita quotidiana di ciascun individuo contemporaneo.

(Italiano) Spring Attitude Festival

(Italiano) Il più raffinato e innovativo sound contemporaneo unito all’arte digitale, schegge di elettronica che incontrano il pop d’avanguardia, il folk a braccetto con il rap. La primavera di Roma fiorisce di suoni contaminati e sperimentali, nel nome della ricerca internazionale e della qualità artistica. Questa la cifra stilistica dell’VIII edizione di Spring Attitude - Festival internazionale di musica elettronica e cultura contemporanea - che torna nella Capitale dal 25 al 27 maggio forte delle 12.000 presenza dello scorso anno.

TOTAH presents Transient

TOTAH art gallery in New York, has just opened Transient, an exhibition of California Light and Space artists Helen Pashgian and Brian Wills. Both Pashgian, pio... READ MORE...

Archeonauts: the exhibition at Galerie Charlot in Paris

The exhibition "Archeonauts" attempts to bring together a group of artists who are also activists, theorists and visionaries. Out of sync with the present, they delve into a global pre- and post- internet material and immaterial culture. They belong to two different waves: one is the generation of artists born at the dawn of what has been termed the "end of the history"; the other is one of the first generations to have appropriated new information technologies for artistic purposes.

Heribert Friedl at Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien

In the site-specific works of art that the artist Heribert Friedl (*1969 Feldbach, lives in Vienna) made for his exhibition at the Künstlerhaus – Halle für Kunst & Medien there is little to see—because Friedl believes that the visual allure that’s generally crucial to viewing art has worn thin. For the Künstlerhaus he’s developed a sound installation whose starting point is its location in the middle of the Graz City Park

Joshua Frankel. I LIVE HERE

In partnership with Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and The Municipal Art Society of New York, Times Square Arts presents artist Joshua Frankel’s I LIVE HERE, Animation from “A Marvelous Order” on Times Square’s electronic billboards from 11:57 p.m. to midnight every night in May.

Ivana Franke. Retreat into Darkenss. Towards a Phenomenology of the Unknown

“The peculiar property of the pure spirit is seeing, not knowing,” wrote the poet and physician Justinus Kerner. This statement is called into question by the Berlin-based artist Ivana Franke with her project Retreat into Darkness. Towards a Phenomenology of the Unknown. Do we only see what we know? What can dislocate us from our comfortable, predefined point of view and challenge our gaze on the world?

What Is Tech’s Next Big Thing? Life After the Smartphone

In June of 2007, Steve Jobs and the iPhone changed the way that we interact and use our mobile devices. Nearly a decade later, the technology has advanced, and early models of “smartphones” are hardly recognizable when compared to today’s sleek, streamlined devices. The smartphone catapulted us into a tech revolution. Smart tech quickly became available and accessible to everyone. Now what’s next?

Rosa Barba: from source to poem to rhythm to reader

Rosa Barba’s films and sculptures bring together memory and fiction, documentary-style narrative and sci-fi storytelling, in a wide-ranging reflection on the poetic qualities of landscape as a place deeply engraved with the traces of history.

The Art of Flying a Drone

The word “drone” evokes many feelings in many people. In the news, drones are deadly weapons of mass destruction. Yet in the technical world, drones are the future and an enabler of better, and more affordable, modes of transportation. These tiny hovering objects are also an obsessive fascination for hobbyists, such as myself. Drones are no longer just a morbid object of war that only the government can control. Drones are now firmly entrenched in the consumer world, in businesses and at homes.

The Fastest Website Builders in 2017

Lots of people today will be on the lookout for the Fastest Website Builders in 2017. Of course, there are different things to prioritize when it comes to choosing the best web builders. People need to make sure that they are high-quality in general and that they're going to get high-quality websites out of them. They also have to confirm that they will be easy enough to use in general, and not just easy to use under very specific circumstances. However, in a lot of cases, all of these qualities will go hand in hand.

FACT and Arts@CERN announce hrm199 as the winner of COLLIDE International Award 2017

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool and Arts at CERN, the arts and science programme of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), are delighted to announce the studio platform hrm199, led by artist Haroon Mirza, as the winner of COLLIDE International Award 2017. COLLIDE is a major international artist residency programme created to challenge and transform the way art and science encounters are understood.

Technologizing Throw-Away Culture

In January 2017, a group of artists and academics travelled through Kenya to examine the rise of cheap, throw-away quality electronics. They visited downtown shopping streets, rural markets, luxury shopping malls and wholesale traders to buy and document one of the cheapest electronics accessories: USB charging cables. This event will include a presentation of their archive of USB cables, video and photography artwork, and a panel discussion on the broader implications of the recent global proliferation of cheap electronics.