Issue 71

DigiMag Issue 71

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Israeli Center For Digital Arts. The Middle-Eastern Side Of Art

Our journey leads us to Israel, not far from Tel Aviv, its capital city. Specifically, to Halon where the Israeli Center for Digital Art is based. It is the one and only center dedicated to digital arts and new media. The Center was founded in 2001 with the purpose to promote digital arts and other artforms in Israel. It is also focused on encouraging dialogue between artists and audience, and among (Israeli and international) artists
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The Transformation: Of Curating: Three Terms

The text is a revised version of an essay published on switch, an event, project, and book that archives the first three years of an artist-led project by Triona Ryan & Harald Turek in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. It began in 2008 as a ground up approach to showing contemporary works of moving images in a small town located in a rural context, a conversation between artists, audiences and artworks taking place outside of the big city and adapting to the rhythm of smaller places
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Kristoffer Gansing. Talking about transmediale 2012

transmediale is just finished. The 2k+12 edition of the media art, design and culture Berliner festival took place rom 31 January until 5 February at the wonderful Haus der Kulturen der Welt, one of the most important European leading centre for the contemporary arts in Tiergarten.
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Perspective Dizziness. Francois Vogel’s Images

FranÁois Vogel†is a French photographer and filmmaker. Each time he is defined in many different ways: ìBaroque Wizard of Videoî [2], or ìAstronaut of Image/sî†[3]. He easily moves between the world of communication as well as the independent video scene by producing commercials, music videos and other award-winning shorts known on an international scale.
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Enter The Void. Director’s Cut

Upon completing his studies, Gaspar NoÈ had the chance to shoot two black-and-white short films: ìTintarella di lunaî in 1985 and ìPulp amËreî†in 1987. The first simply tells the story of a woman who leaves her husband for her lover, while the second shows a man attempting to rape his wife, as he listened to the radio that rape can be an act of profound love: perhaps, it is in this exact moment that the poetics of this Argentine filmmaker was born
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The Total Artist. Arts Of Stage And Music

The Brain Soundtrack is a body of work, in development since its beginning in 2002. It is a trilogy of projects that its author, the Portuguese artist Ye77a (stage name), defines as ìthe soundtrack of my lifeî. The first project of the trilogy is called 4Play and the second one is Back & Forward. The third is still in its early conceptual phase.
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Drawing The Invisible. Urban Transcripts 2011

Rome City & Urban Superbia: Drawing the Invisible workshop took place in Rome during 13 ñ 17 December 2011, as part of the Urban Transcripts 2011: Rome, the accidental city international workshop on the city
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Detached From Yourself. Thus Under Control – Part 1

The present essay is meant to clarify todayís condition of new-media art in Japan. The reader may wonder if nowadays new-media art Japanese artists are the same as their western counterparts. If this is not the case then: are they aware of being operating on a different layer than their colleagues?
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The Sublime And The Vulnerable. The Art Of Carrie Mae Rose

It is around these magical objects that the latest aesthetic and conceptual work of Carrie Mae Rose takes place. Sculptor, performer, interactive designer, she is best known for her work Wearable Weapons produced during a residence and fellowship at Eyebeam in New York.

Anstam. An Unpredictable Sound Journey

Anstam's music is marked by darkness. A wide darkness, stretching throughout a space that is merely deducible, yet extremely claustrophobic since it is filled with many elements. It is as if the listener was taken to a large and dark room where he was left to roam and discover its secrets
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The Influencers 2012: War Through Art

This year ìThe Influencersî promises to be a very exciting festival, but being quite honest, when on earth†has it ever disappointed? Or, hasnít it positively surprised those people who visited it for the first time? The most original and dynamic festival of Barcelona is at its eighth edition in 2012 and, as ever, itís taking place at CCCB, from 9th 11th February.
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Marta De Menezes. Bio-Art System Analysis

Marta de Menezes has been working now for a decade with biological techniques and materials as her medium, and has often done so in collaboration with scientists, and in particular, with biologists. She is a phd candidate at the University of Leiden, and the artistic director at Ectopia, an experimental art lab in Lisbon. By recently employing the tools of analysis in systems biology to the field of art practice, de Menezes is taking a reflexive and immersive approach to art research. It's one that embraces complexity and could translate into a deeper understanding about the historical development and embedded structures of art and biology related exploration