Issue 69

DigiMag Issue 69

numero69_ Algorithmic 01

Algorithmic “unconscious” – Part 1

This two-part essay offers an investigation of the 'depths' of the algorithmic workings of digital visualisation systems. The focal point of this study is digital 'memory', as explored in relation to the Algebras of Logic, the notions of process paradigm, pre-representational pixel-grids and emergence
numero69_A.i 01

A.i. And Landform Studies. The Rediscovery Of The Ontological Need

The philosophical twentieth century was characterized by an explosion of science and scientific nature which highlighted an idea of progress and progression of the human thought and evolution as something which does not need further questions. The idea that functionality and applicability of a theory can be applied to praxis, which executes and finalizes such theory, comes full circle
numero69_ Anything 01

Anything I Love Goes Into My Brain. An Interview With Rafael Rozendaal

In the year 2000, Miltos Manetas published the famous Neen Manifesto in which he describes a new unidentified generation of artists who glorifies computers, artificially simulation and who use the web as their gallery. Two years later, Manetas and Peter Lunenfeld manifested the Neen concept in a spectacular 'hijacking' of the Whitney biennals domain name
numero69_ Notes on Cyber 01

Notes On Cyber-minotaurs And Immedia. The Opacity Of Immaterial Signs

This article aims to start an ontological exploration of all the pragmatics that define our relation with the web and the new technologies. It rises from the need of redefining the concept of virtuality as opposite to reality, precisely because the new media immateriality is rapidly building a new intimacy between man and machine.
numero69_ Urban Escapism 01

Urban Escapism – Part 1. The Thousand Lights Of Tokyo’s Streets

Toshio Iwai, born in Japan in 1962, has been internationally defined as a new-media artist. In the following pages, I will address one of his experiments, Sound-Lens , which he made in 2001, when he was 39. Following this piece, a couple of Japanese contemporary authors are offering a totally new point of view of Tokyo through the everyday's unseen: Iwai is one of these explorers.
numero69_ Ricci 01

Ricci/forte. A Mash-up Of Uneasiness And Perversion

The epigraph introducing the article is taken from the cover notes of the above book, a volume containing the first publication of the Macadamia Nut Brittle text, related to the homonymous show that made its debut at the Festival Garofano Verde in Rome in 2009, inspired by Dennis Cooper, written by Ricci/Forte and directed by Stefano Ricci, which also contains an interview to the artists and a critical introduction by the author, retracing the main characteristics of the work by the Roman duo
numero69_A new Documentation 01

A New Documentation. An Interview To Joao Vasco Paiva

João Vasco Paiva (n. 1979) is a Portuguese artist based in Hong Kong since 2006. He has taught at the City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media and Hong Kong Art School/ RMIT University. With a background in painting and advanced training in media technology, his work is characterized by the appropriation of observed phenomena, mapping apparently random situations and presenting them in an aesthetically organized framework through video, audiovisual performance, recording, and installation
numero69_ Robotic Identity 01

Robotic Identity. Multimedia Fashion Shows By Hussein Chalayan

From July 5 to December 11, the Parisian Muse des Arts Decoratifs hosted the exhibition Récits de mode of designer Hussein Chalayan. The visitors of this exhibition don't belong to the category of female followers who follow the latest trends and haute couture and move around in groups of cutting-edge young designers sketching clothes on their Moleskin
numero69_Mischer'traxler 01

Mischer’traxler. Naturally Combined Design

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler (Mischer'Traxler) design and develop collections of objects and conduct experimental research into design , by adopting a conceptual approach. These two designers love experimenting, analyzing and creating in a fully autonomous way, by devising concepts, systems and views, rather than single and simple products. Their works, by becoming part of a sustainable perspective of needs, ask us to pay greater attention to ethics.
numero69_Designing Complexity 01

Designing Complexity. Remarks About Design Modeling Symposium

The consequences of Information Technology for big architectural systems have to cross huge amounts of digital data with new design methodologies and revolutionary techniques of material production. The third edition of Design Modelling Symposium, held in Berlin at the Universität der Künste Berlin (UDK) from 7th to 12th October, turned into a privileged observatory of the challenge that researchers and designers from disparate fields are facing in the attempt to control these complex systems
numero69_ Light Spectrum 01

Light Spectrum Glasses. Looking Beyond White Light

Spectral glasses enable a pragmatic approach to evaluate the colour rendering of light. This technique could help architects, interior and lighting designers to analyse quickly how light reproduces colours on objects. The film by Thomas Schielke covers vivid impressions of our architectural and urban environment with a variety of light sources ranging from sunlight to modern LEDs. The images reveal a fascinating look beyond white light to search for inherent light colours.
numero69_ Bozar Electronic 01

Bozar Electronic Weekend. Electtronic Music In The Heart Of Europe

The heart of Europe beats at the rate of electronic music. The proof of that is Brussels, the city that hosted, on October 28th and 29th, the Bozar Electronic Weekend, one of the not-to-miss events for lovers of electronic music and experimentation applied to it. More than thirty, among digital artists, musicians, DJs and VJs, took part to it
numero69_ Intermundo 01

Intermundo & Systema Solar: Militant Sounds, Socio-cultural Projects

In 2007 the first edition of MDE Encuentros de Medellín (the International Contemporary Art Festival of Medellín, Colombia), was opened with a band performance. A well-blended group composed by visual artists, sound experimenters, rappers and activists, who just a few months before - in 2006 - had joined their forces to work together in self-production field. This band mixes digital sounds with Afro-Colombian music tradition.
numero69_ None Stands 01

None Stands For Us. The Occupation Of Teatro Valle

The Teatro Valle Occupato has drifted away from its initial route and is now heading to Piramide. It's about 6 PM of 10/15, and this is the Twittered message you can find following ashtag #15o, the personal and global reference point of this crazy day. I just escaped from two indiscriminate charges of the security forces (I should use the word guard, as it is better suitable for their manners, but I use the official term out of politeness), which, as usual, do not know and do not care to make any distinction between peaceful and not peaceful demonstrators