Issue 68

DigiMag Issue 68

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Moving-remixing.the Economy Of Motion By Mark Amerika

Mark Amerika has been a prolific and creative force exploring the worlds of net art and writing (both offline and online), while developing a theoretical and creative response to the changing media and potential opportunities that those new mediums create
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Stewing. “people’s Pornography” By Katrien Jacobs

Katrien Jacobs, associate professor of cultural and religious studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, opens her latest volume on regional sex cultures, People’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet, with the striking if simple proposition that the pursuit of sexual pleasure is tied up with struggles for civil liberties.
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Isea 2011 Istanbul: A Report. Art At The Crossroads

The 17th edition of the ISEA - International Symposium on Electronic Art, the leading world conference and exhibition event for art, media and technology, took place in Istanbul from 14 to 21 September 2011. The Symposium was the outcome of the synergy that was developed between the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the Sabanci University of Istanbul, under the direction of the ISEA2011 Istanbul Artistic Director and Conference Chair Prof. Lanfranco Aceti (Goldsmiths College, London, Sabanci University, Istanbul, LEA Editor in Chief, Kasa Gallery Director) and the Conference and Programme Director Özden Sahin (LEA Editorial Manager, Kasa Gallery Vice Director & In-house Curator).

Lindsay Howard: 319 Scholes And Online Curating

Lindsay Howard is Director of 319 Scholes of Brooklyn, an hyperactive space dealing with promotion and diffussion of digital arts, trough exhibitions, workshops and live shows. The center working philosophy is based on the use a non-disciplinary approach to examine technology and its effects on our communities, relationships, and the body.
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Sound, Body, Volume. Performativity According To Nico Vascellari

Nico Vascellari is an italian artist born in Vittorio Veneto (TV) in 1976. His artworks have been exhibited at the Monitor Gallery in Rome, one of the most interesting galleries and also one of the most interested in the research in the contemporary art field.
numero68_ Craft 01

Craft Hacking In The Loom. Christy Matson And Melissa Barron

Christy Matson and Melissa Barron are two artists that combines digital videogames with weaving. In there art they explores the borders between virtual images and real images, but also the close relationship between the early computer history and the tradition of handicraft.
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The Particles. An Interview To Alex Posada

Spanish passport, degree in electronic engineering, Alex Posada is artist, digital creator, researcher in the field of interactivity, academic in new media for master and post-graduate courses and workshops. He took up the artistic career when, settled in Barcelona, started to cooperate with musicians and local artists in 2002.
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You’re Doing What? Make A Living Inventing Your Job

The (long) way heading (by subway) to the New York Science Hall, hosting the World Maker Faire in Queens, gives me time to read some free presses and resume an article of the sunday NYTimes I haven't finished yet. It's a long piece about the twilight of the US manufacturing sector, started from the 50's to nowadays [1], and about the definite takeover of China.
numero68_ Sonic Haiku 01

Sonic Haiku And Invisible Cities. Yasuiro Morinaga’s Sound Design

Yasuhiro Morinaga is a sound designer specialized in field recording. He gave his contribution to various cinema, contemporary dance, installations, theatre and product design projects. His target in field recording is particularly aimed on rural communities, natural environments and concrete sounds.
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Updates From The Revolt. An Interview With A Syrian Activist

A month ago I entered Syria by land from Turkey. After a couple of week in Syria investigating as an under cover observer the Syrian uprise - which started by now almost 6 month ago - I moved to Beirut searching for the activists working from outside the country
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The “speculative” Exhibition. May Fiction Redefine Reality?

Speculative, a collective exhibition organized at LACE - Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions - on display from last June 16th to August 28th, finely resonate with the uncertain and psychotic times we are living in, shaken by financial breakdowns, massive firings, and environmental disasters.
numero68_Frederik de Wilde 01

Frederik De Wilde. The Invisible Boundary Among Art & Science

Among the works presented EOD 02 (Electric Organ Discharge), byFrederik De Wilde particularly captured our attention. EOD 02 is an installation realized in collaboration with the LAb[au] in Bruxelles. It consists of four mirror aquariums located on pedestals with integrated audio.