Issue 66

DigiMag Issue 66

numero66_ Notes 01

Notes on Digital Icons And Death. Iran Vs Iran

The image of Neda's death appears compulsively in our brain. The eye, cannibal and hungry partner, looks at death through the satellite decongesting awareness that had to be deactivated like it happened to the building in our surroundings. CNN kept broadcasting the images of Neda's face. The big cathode eye feels the smell of blood, knows its bulimic, vampirized adepts, and uses them until the burning red becomes invisible and the moment of death becomes dream. Like in the chocking game, a ritual for wealthy American teenagers, in which they choke each others until they faint and gasp for few seconds, convulsing, and then wake up again, laughing with their friends without understanding where, or why or when it happened
numero66_ Me Myself 01

Me, Myself And Twenty-three. Science And Narcissism 2.0

The first time I heard of 23andMe I was reading an article on 'Internazionale', few years ago. Founded by Anne Wojcicki, the company provides a series of data and statistics about individuals' genome to everyone who is keen enough to send his/her own spit to be examined. For those who might not know, Wojcicki is Sergei Brin's wife, one of Google's chiefs and one of the main investors of the project.
numero66_ Three Ghost 01

Three Ghosts

Furtherfield Gallery is currently haunted by three ghosts. And the haunting is as stylish as we've come to expect there - elegant, carefully disposed and thoroughly good-looking.
numero66_ Ethical economy 01

Ethical Economy. The New Redistribution Of Value

Ethical consumerism, fair trade, socially responsible investments and corporate social responsibility are all phenomena on the rise. At the same time there are also virtual and local currencies and peer-2-peer rating systems that make the creation and redistribution of value in globalized social communities that share a set of common values, more real.
numero66_ the truth 01

The Truth Of Experience. Notes Of Expanded Photography

The idea of expanded photography is an attempt (one among many) to make sense of photography 'in excess', that is, how it transcends its established definition. It takes on board the fact that photography may no longer be subdivided and talked about according to genres but, rather, is a sort of visual alphabet and a visual database.
numero66_ A new Dark 01

A New Dark Age For Dutch Culture

The letter Meer dan kwaliteit' (More than Quality') by the State Secretary for Culture, Halbe Zijlstra (VVD, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) arrived in the electronic mailboxes of Dutch art and cultural institutes on Friday, 10 June 2011. It stated that €200 million would be brutally slashed from the arts and culture budget, starting as early as 1 January 2013
numero66_ The Naples 01

The Naples Academy. Training To New Technologies For Art

Naples Academy of Fine Arts is one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian academies. It was founded in 1752 by Charles III of Borbone with the aim to 'educate' young artists. Until a few decades ago, it was the only academy in the South of Italy.
numero66_ City Portraits 01

City Portraits. Teatro A Corte: Interview With Berlin

We interviewed Berlin before their participation to Teatro a Corte 2011. Berlin is a Belgium-based collective, built around Bart Baele and Yves Degryse. It started in 2003, when the group from Anversa was formed together with the actress Caroline Rochlitz, with the aim to develop a project dedicated to cities or regions able to tell stories of important and universal identities and humanities.
numero66_Certain Pleasure 01

Certain Pleasure. Zhang Peili And Electronic Media

Zhang Peili is an enigmatic figure: while he is widely respected in China as a pioneering video artist and a progenitor of the use of electronic media in the wake of the 85 New Wave movement of the mid-1980s, his international reputation relies primarily on a small number of survey exhibitions motivated by multicultural agendas and staged amidst work of vastly divergent practical initiatives.
numero66_ The Image 01

The Image Of Sound. Yuri Ancarani’s Stomach

Yuri Ancarani (Ravenna, 1972) likes to define himself a visual artist/film maker. He developed his research by starting studying his territory, the land where he was born: the Riviera Romagnola. As for his music video Vicino al Cuore (2003), work that he claims to love the most, or Kras (Bora, 2011) or Carrara caves (Il Capo, 2010), he always succeeds to catch the invisible aspect that transmits to the public the meaning of those places.
numero66_ Sound as Information 01

Sound As Information. Dj Spooky At Kernel Festival

From July 1st to July 3rd the heart of Brianza opened its doors to the Kernel Festival, a new event in Italy, conceived by taking inspiration from monumental examples like Ars Electronica Festival (Linz) and Sonar (Barcelona), and aiming to establish a promotional and experimental platform for new artistic languages deriving from new advanced technologies.
numero66_ Off 2011 01

Offf 2011. Year Zero, In Which Sense?

OFFF, the international festival for web design, graphic animation and post-digital culture, is back to Barcelona. It is not back because it has not reached its goals during its three years abroad, like Ivˆn de la Nuez, director of the the Department of Cultural Activities of the CCCB Center of Contemporary Culture , wants to point out. To claim the authorship of such a successful event is perfectly comprehensible, but it is also coherent with the politics of a city which tends always more to be a brand of industrial culture, disadvantaging in many cases the minor artistic trends, even if they are significant and committed.
numero66_ Operative 01

Operative Transformations. Part 1

This two-part essay offers a critical investigation into the notion of operative transformation and its role in the evolution of animation as a means of spatial morphogenesis in architecture, as explored in conjunction with its broader scientific and design contexts.
numero66_ Late 01

Late “primavera”. Recorded Report From The Festival

Even if it seems impossible to combine such a big number of so different bands on the same event, the Primavera Sound 2011 'back to the present' operation managed to hit the bull's eye. Three days - from May 26th to May 28th -of historic pop, rock and post-punk icons of the eighties and the nineties that performed on stage with new artists, offering more electronic and contaminated music than the post-dance, dubstep and hip hop wave.