Issue 65

DigiMag Issue 65

numero65_Revealing Intersitial 01

Revealing Interstitial Spaces. Part 3

This essay offers an investigation into the notion of interstitial space and its creative exploration in various site-specific art practices as realised mainly with the use of digital technology. This is the last part of this three-part essay
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The Production Of Truth. The Aesthetics Of Journalism

At first glance the premise, and promise, of the exhibition All That Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism might seem contradictory and unlikely, even unfeasible: what on earth could be meant by the aesthetics of journalism? Surely journalism is something to be thought of and discussed in terms of ethics not aesthetics?
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Byob. Bring Your Own Beamer

In our case BYOB means Bring Your Own Beamer. It is a new format of itinerant exhibition in which space is transformed for one day in a digital version of a nineteenth-century picture gallery. By using a projector local artists are invited to show everything that could fall within the definition of image motion: from a Skype video call to a photoshop screen to a performance with Finder.
numero65_The Cognition 01

The Cognition Of Gesture. Composition By Wayne Mcgregor

Perception and movement are the base upon which English choreograph Wayne McGregor founded all of his work. In 1992, when he was only 22 years old, he founded Random Dance Company, taking it to an international level by means of a radical exploration of the relation between dance and technology, and collaborating with multidisciplinary artists in the realization of works that widely contribute in making his company one of the best British reality of the dance panorama.
numero65_ Shoot me 01

Shoot Me From Linz To Venice. “videoludica” And The Italian Game Art

Game Art, i.e. contemporary art inspired by videogames. It could be an artistic modification of an existing commercial videogame or a completely new artistic game (an Artgame), but it can also be a more traditional art forms like painting, photography, video or performance. Common for Game Art is that the aesthetic, the technique and culture from the videogame world has been essential when the art work was created or exhibited to the public.
numero65_ Staging Utopia 01

Staging Utopia. Stage Archive: Intervew To Rosa Barba

Stage Archive is the title of an exhibition cured by Chiara Parisi and Andrea Villani shown at Mart (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Trento and Rovereto) until August 28. In this exhibition Rosa Barba explains and reinterprets the historical archives of the museum in which futurist documents and works are stored
numero65_ The Italian Hub 01

The Italian Hub. Interview With

Co-De-iT is an independent group of research on digital and scripting-based architecture, born in Italy yet strictly connected with the rest of the world. Their activity is guided by a mission: to bring to Italy some innovations usually characterizing other most advanced international contexts. The request for innovation is clear and concrete, as confirmed by the interviews with Andrea Graziano, Alessio Erioli and Davide Del Giudice. A more and more increasing number of students and professionals rely on Co-De-iT, attracted by its hub role for all those information and projects that encounter problems in penetrating the Italian context.
numero65_ The Scoppiatore 01

The “scoppiatore”. The Intonarumori By Luigi Russolo

It is June 2, 1913. During a Futurist evening at the Teatro Storchi in Modena Luigi Russolo presents to the public the first of his Intonarumori, the scoppiatore. The public response is symptomatic of its lack of preparation in assisting to such performance. In a newspaper of the time La Gazzetta dell'Emilia, the review on 3rd June 1913 is entitled The Futurist happy evening at the Teatro Storchi'. 01 Sonic Universes In Random

After three years from the previous release Semeion on Hefty, the Neapolitan duo formed by Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono, who are together since the beginning of the 90s, is back with a new album Randomicon on FlatMate / Störung Records.
numero65_ The Dialectic 01

The Dialectic Of Noise. An Aesthetic Perspective

Especially nowadays, noise is deeply-rooted in every individual. Being the unquestionable protagonist of our daily life brings two consequences: one is the development of a particular interest in noise as point of departure for different studies, and the other is the stratification of these studies and opinions. They overshadow the possibility of alternative readings and the rediscovery of the phenomenon with all its qualities.
numero65_Media Adventures 01

Media Adventures In Belgrade. The Share Conference

Things are happening in Belgrade. This historic city sitting at the junction of the Danube and Sava rivers is throwing off a troubled past and with the enthusiasm of its young population, is striving to create a dynamic and media savvy cultural hub. The SHARE Conference, held in early April 2011 is an example of the entrepreneurism that appears to be taking hold in this rapidly emerging creative environment.
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Vittorio Arrigoni On Wikipedia? To Be Deleted Outright

On April 14, 2011 the Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, member of the International Solidarity Movement, was kidnapped in Gaza. Author of the book 'Gaza. Restiamo Umani', translated into four languages, and collaborator of the newspaper 'Il Manifesto', Arrigoni was the only foreign reporter to describe on his blog Guerrilla Radio, started in 2008, the sufferance of Palestinian people living in Gaza.