Issue 55

DigiMag Issue 55

numero55_Deep Ambiguity 01

Deep Ambiguity. A Conversation With Ben Houge

Ben Houge is a composer and sound designer who, though trained in composition, has largely been employed in sound design for video games, for at least five years at the corporate Ubisoft (in addition to collaborations with Gearbox Software, Troika Games, Massive Entertainment, Escape Factory, Relic Entertainment and ArenaNet). In Shanghai, however, he is known as one of the few outsiders to truly penetrate local art and music cultures.
numero55_A Movie about the revolution 01

A Movie About The Revolution: Seize The Time

From June 1st you can find 'Seize the Time' in bookshops and online stores. The DVD + book (Federico Carra Editore, €19) contains the text published hereby by courtesy of Kiwido.
numero55_Athanasius Kircher 01

Athanasius Kircher. Arca Musarithmica And Many Sound Devices

Researching possible origins and theoretical roots of Sound Sculpture and Sound Art it isn't rare to get to face the oeuvre of Jesuit priest Athanasius Kircher, an intriguing character who has been a point of reference for the work of many artists. We will here attempt to get closer to his poetics and understand which are the elements in his research that foremost might have influenced aforementioned fields.
numero55_Fair Trade Social 01

Fair Trade Social Networks. Solidariety As Key Factor

Renewed discovery of forgotten knowledge, sharing and deepening of hobbies, new friends and relationships, exhibitionism, amusements, etc. The list of private ways to use social networks, and of course the social networks themselves, is constantly widening. There are many cases in which the profiles are refearable to collective or professional activities based above all on promotion functions, engagement and widening of someone's personal image on the web, or rather strengthening and personalizing the relationship with customers (see for example the philosophy of social media - described in the International corporate for safety Northrop Grumman).
numero55_The Imal Centre 01

The Imal Centre. Culture & Techno In The Heart Of Europe

IMAL is an association created in 1999. From 2007 IMAL (Interactive Media Art Laboratory) has inaugurated its' new Center for digital and technological culture; a space that reaches 600 mq situated in what used to be an industrial shed in the heart of Brussels, becoming a place of encounter between artistic, scientific and industrial experimentation. A space, dedicated to research, digital culture and new media.
numero55_When Archives Becomes Art 01

When Archive Becomes Art. Megaloop: Thirty Years Of Tam

The Tam Teatromusica, the well-known theatrical and video-theatre Italian company, has reached thirty years of artistic activity and celebrates this achievement with a truly memorable retrospective exhibition in Padua. It was 1980 when Michael Sambin, Pierangela Allegro and Laurent Dupont combined their expertise in the field of performing arts, music and experimental video art and gave life to the company, based in Padova.
numero55_Chora Platonica 01

Chora Platonica And Digital Matrix

As can be seen in Plato's Timaeus, space plays a significant role in cosmology. Alongside Models/Ideals and their imitations, Plato uses Χώρα (Chôra), that is, an invisible and formless receptacle... of all becoming' where Forms are materialised, in a sense close to space (1). Despite the hermeneutic difficulties in fully defining it, Chora has set the foundations of the concept of spatiality, place and placing, while the influence of Plato's cosmology is evident even in contemporary science.
numero55_Sonarcinema 01

Sonarcinema 2010. Music For Eyes And Brains

For those like us (Italians, if you were wondering) who come from places where national TV programs are superficial and squalid, and completely detached from both our real and our imaginary worlds, one of the most interesting experiences at Sonar Festival is offered by the chance to discover quality music videos and documentaries. No way the proposal can be exhaustive, of course, but it is definitely the result of a careful selection.
numero55_Lookat Festival 01

Lookat Festival. Between Interactivity And Contemplation

It is more and more evident that contemporary culture and art are able to communicate to a public which goes beyond the simple niche of professionals. It is also difficult to ignore the fact that the new media offer a great contribution to this phenomenon. Lastly, it is a matter of fact that the vernissages of exhibitions, events and theme festivals are more and more crowded. However, when this happens in small towns, often accused to be unable to satisfy the requests and practices of electronic and digital art, it means that the 'long queue' has already created a positive effect which is impossible to ignore.
numero55_Radiography of the Matter 01

Radiography Of The Matter. Herman Kolgen And The Sound Perception

Among the interesting figures of the artistic panorama, Herman Kolgen lives in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Audiokinetic sculptor, he works starting from the relationship between sound and image creating, from their divergence, works presented as installations, performances, sound sculptures, videos and cinematographic works - for example Silent Room (2005), film, installation and live performance created with the collaboration of the video artist and photographer Dominique [t] Skoltz with whom he founded in 1996 the multi-discipline cell Skoltz_Kolgen (followed by DigiMag several times in the past).
numero55_Vjing for light and colors 01

Vjing For Lights And Colors. The Sketch Projector Of Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin is an illustrator and an English Vj who has fused the latest technology and traditional media in a new and unique style through which she creates performances using her drawings. She began her journey as a traditional illustrator, until she discovered that she could draw with the graphic tablet and project what she was doing during concerts, happening and performances
numero55_Scienze and Mind 01

Science And Mind. Mikael Metthey’s Interaction Design

Within the current context of critique and practical artistic activity, predominantly based on now well entrenched mechanisms of expression pivoted on subversion, destruction of rules, rough and direct exposition of the violent attacks against both the artistic and social status quo, French-born 27-year.old interaction designer Mikael Metthey, structures his own critical speech along wider periphrases.
numero55_Nuene Musik in Milan 01

Nueue Musik In Milan. The Rai’s Institute Of Phonology Memory

After more than fifty years from the birth of analog magnetic bands music recording, on the 17th of September 2008 at the Castello Sforzesco Museum of Music Instruments in Milan, a new space dedicated to Rai - Institute of Musical Phonology was inaugurated, musical instrument of the XXth Century, extension of human thought. Such event was made possible thank to International Music festival MITO, in collaboration with the Civic Museum of Musical Instruments, TV Production Centre and Direzione Radio RAI.