Issue 53

DigiMag Issue 53

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Spectra. Movement According To Cindy Van Acker

Cindy Van Acker - a choreographer who is among the most interesting international figures in this field - for years has been involved in radical research on movement, with which she associates an investigation into the mise-en-scene as a device, but in an auditory key, accompanied by leading figures of the contemporary electronic field, such as Mika Vainio from Pan Sonic: she has been collaborating with him since 2007, when they worked on Kernel.
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Telcosystems: Machines And Audiovisual Horizons

David Kiers, Gideon Kiers and Lucas Van Der Velden, this is Telcosystems, a Dutch research group very well known and very respected internationally, for its aesthetic and important projects, from live performances or enviromental installations. For years they have been advancing on many levels: on an academic level (they studied at the Royal Conservatory of the Royal Academy of The Hague), on an editorial level ( Lucas Van Der Velden is one of the directors of the audio visual festival and Sonic Acts multimedia), on an artistic level, emotionally and prospetively in the sound-imagine relationship, related to the physical space and in relation to the audience.

Suspended Projections. The Changing Equilibria Of Wanda Moretti

Luisa Valeriani in his latest essay Performers - figures of change in widespread aesthetics', looks at the artist and the consumer as a sole figure. Both represent social and anthropological practices of creative spectacularisation which nowadays emerges from below; these performers favour their point of view and their own style by staging an innovative artistic creativity that goes beyond fashion, but which is also related to both the political field as well as sociology.

Medi/action And Mediam(bi)ent. The Nuformer Digital Media Method

Projectable surfaces in metropolis have become big buildings' facades. We already wrote on this subject in the previous Digimag issue and this time we are putting forward our interview with Rob Delfgaauw from NuFormer, a Dutch firm which has diffused worldwide the sensationalist technique of mapping and screening 3d videos on edifices thus precisely reflecting existing volumes and altering in the public the way of perceiving the static object. Performances, advertising campaigns, big public events. Their promotional video, Projections on Buildings, a video-live performance in which buildings seem to be flaking off in front of spectators or else to be filled up with colorful small balls, was everywhere on the web. NuFormer style gets popular and turns into an example for many

Decode Exhibition. Software Art At Victoria & Albert Museum

When is a work of art a design object? When it has a utilitarian purpose? When it has no purpose but is designed to encapsulate a concept that relates to human experience and attempting to capture something about the essence of our existence? Or when the sign on the gallery wall says so? This was the first question that crossed my mind when I arrived the the Victoria & Albert Museum in London to view the Decode exhibition. The exhibition ran from 8th December 2009 until 11th April 2010
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Biomimethic Prized By Science. Scientific Imaging As Art

A team of researchers from the Seconda Universitˆ of Naples formed by Professor Mario De Stefano from Environmental Sciences Department, Pharmaceutical Science for Environment and Health Section, myself from the History and Environment Industrial Design Department, Luigi Vanvitelli School of Architecture and by recently graduated at this same school, Doctor Antonia Auletta, awarded with honorable mention during the 2009 edition of International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, the prestigious international competition of scientific photography organized by National Science Foundation and by Science magazine.

Between Rhythm And Measure. An Interview To Aoki Takamasa

Native to Osaka, Aoki Takamasa is an artist who is nowadays living in Berlin. He is an electronic musician and his works and compositions twist among a very rich and stratified melting-pot of glitch sounds and rhythm, translated in a music genre already known for a decade as IDM, with proper reference to techno and electro style.

Donkijote By Cristian Bettini. The Sustainable Slowness Of Being

Once upon a time there was a man who was travelling with a donkey. With them was also a GPS, a solar panel, a PC with a modem and a video camera. The donkey's steps guided the man through nature - steps that were very different from those that men have taken since they have been walking through cities. The donkey was called Minuto, and the Italian Cristian Bettini used him as a guide and as a metronome for his journey through an artistic project (Donkijote - third chapter of a complex project that started off as, and then continued as Donkeypedia) which allowed him to discover the fascinating Asturias region in Spain with his feet firmly on the ground.

Mechatronic Art And Diy. Marc Dusseiller: The Artistic Soldering

There are practices in the use of artistic and creative technology that can be compared to a sort of undergrowth because rich in rare and unexplored things. In the shadow of spheres and consolidated languages, characterized by codes and aesthetics, almost all supported by theories both by the public and by the market. These practices are hard to interpret through the framework of digital art because they are generated by s remix of ideas and subjects, that, on one hand have to do with the history of experimentation of electronics in the artistic field and on the other hand they regard the hacker culture, electronic art and technological design.

Open Observatory Challenge. Roger Malina And The New Leonardos

Data transparency, free movement of ideas, a fruitful collaboration between art, science and technology, but also among ordinary people and experts, this is exactly what Roger Malina is about. Recently hosted by Meet The Media Guru, an event held in Milan. At the Director of Astrophysics Observatory in Marseille, where he is a member of the Observational Cosmology Research Group, Roger Malina is chief editor of the newspaper Leonardo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and promoter of a series of interdisciplinary convergence projects, of which we will talk about later.
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A Surreal Doubt. Iocose Group’s Works

IOCOSE is the name of a collective born in Bologna in 2006. Their style, although being lightheartedly artistic-prank, also includes in its practices a series of questions which arise from a mature relation with the Internet, new media and social networks. Among other exhibitions, IOCOSE also presented their works at the last edition of The Influencers in Barcelona.
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A Year Of Arts Santa Monica. An Interview To Vicenc Altaio’

The new Arts Santa M˜nica of 2010 in Barcelona began with new stimuli for creativity and discussion. Fresh with new mentalities, a new spirit and new aspirations, Arts Santa M˜nica, an old convent situated on the emblematic Rambla and just a stone's throw from the sea, now passes on to a new stage in its history, which is dedicated to interdisciplinary issues connected to art, science and communication.
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Synthetic Aesthetics. Life Design

It is too late to apply for the bursary in Synthetic Aesthetics: the deadline for submitting the applying form was set on the 31st March 2010. The call for bid was addressed to 6 artists/designers and 6 scientists/engineers who wanted to take part to the exchange project in Synthetic Biology, design and aesthetics. Anyway, this is also an opportunity to expand on the topic of synthetic aesthetics, which is directly linked to synthetic biology,a theme which Digicult has already coped with, although briefly, in the past.