Issue 51

DigiMag Issue 51

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Towards The Edge Of Chaos: An Interview with Leonardo Solaas

Born in Argentina, the artist Leonardo Solaas lives in Buenos Aires. His practice includes both commercial and personal projects that explore complex systems through computation, interactivity and generative process. Solaas uses software such as Processing to explore the subtle and undefined boundary territories between art and generative design.

Carlos Casas At Netmage 2010. The Audiovisual Cemetery

The latest edition, the tenth, of the International Festival Netmage took place last week. This edition investigated rarefied and dreamlike territories, through the choice of a deconstructive approach to music and video.

Bennet Pinpinella. Eccentric And Scratching Experimenter

The net is the new frontier of contemporary cinema, and it is through data communication and the digitalisation of information where the future, or rather the present, of the seventh art lives. From the launch of Youtube in 2005 everything has changed (lets hope forever), in the ways and of fruition and creation of images in movement.
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Mindful Technologies. Aware Objects And Eco-visualizations

Visual voltage is the travelling exhibition promoted by the Swedish Institute and the Interactive Institute whose Berlin version Visual Voltage Amplified had its opening on January 7th at the Felleshuset, one of the buildings of Scandinavian Embassies complex in Berlin.. The exhibition, supervised by Susanne Jaschko shows projects, concepts, and experimental works from artists and designers who critically deal with of energy production and consumption in an age of global sensibility to the environmental issues.

Harmony Korine: Gummo. The Hurricane Of American Province

At the beginning there is nothing. A desolate land far away from T.S. Eliot’s modern metaphysics and more similar to the media representation in the heart of a TV screen. It is disclosed again and again, catastrophe after catastrophe, blick after blick

Acoustics And Serendipity. An Interview With Jose’ Manuel Berenguer

We had the pleasure and honour of going to meet José Manuel Berenguer in his home. José Manuel Berenguer is a key figure in the electro-acoustic experimental scene in Spain. A polyvalent artist, with a rich CV of experiences in various fields, and also co-director of the Orquestra del Caos, he is a likable man, open to dialogue and of enormous cultural knowledge. You could listen to him talk for hours without lowering your level of concentration. His professional and artistic journey is fascinating.

A Collective Resounding Body. Aiming Towards An Auditory Tactility

Among the more interesting figures on the international circuit, the choreographer Isabelle Choinire has been developing a journey connected to sound qualities in movement for many years. She founded and currently directs the Corps Indice of Montréal (Canada) company with which she develops research projects on the relationships between dance and technologies.

Passion And Fashion: The Highly Qualified For Work

It has been almost three years since the publication of Produttori di Stile, the notebook reporting the results of a research financed by Provincia di Milano about working practices and flexibility in a number of fashion houses in Milan. At the time we witnessed the presentation
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Art Tech Media 2009. Sci-fi Journey Between Science & Culture

After a year of intense activity, including Espacio Enter in Tenerife in September, the European Congress at the Guggenheim in Bilbao in October, the continuation of project emc27 and the preparation of an experimental research centre also in Tenerife, and some other art projects in progress (not least the forthcoming further edition of the Nomadas project), the tireless Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco concluded their 2009 with panache in Barcelona with the II International Art Tech Media Congress.

Women In (video)game. Gender Ludic Culture

On 25-26 March at the University of Bradford in England it will take place the 7th meeting of the convention Women in Games. This meeting is hosted every year by different contexts and during its life it emerged as one of the most important in the female world of videogame research and industry

Journalism Is A Process, Not A Product. An Interview With David Cohn From

American Journalist, 27 years old, David Cohn started off as a freelance writing also for Wired, Seed Magazine, Columbia Journalism Preview. As editor at he took care of a project focused on citizen journalism. He organizes, on account of, his first Networked Journalism Summit which had the purpose of gathering all the best practices and professionals of online journalism. He also worked for Broowaha, wide network of citizen journalism and now he works in Oakland, near San Francisco.
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Connectivism & Open Education. Education Of The Future

A property of one entity must lead to or become a property of another entity in order for them to be considered connected; the knowledge that results from such connections is connective knowledge'. This is the epistemological principle of connectivism about which George Siemens - connectivist theorist at the Manitoba University - talks about in his book titled Knowing Knowledge (Knowing Knowledge - George Siemens, 2006)
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Quadrilateral Biennal 2009. Angles And Intersections

Angoli e intersezioni (Angles and intersections). This is the title of the third edition of the Biennial Quadrilateral (December 8th to January 31st), also known as the Croatian Biennial, this year devoted entirely to new media and their influence on local and global cultures.

The Sense Of A Clever Body. An Interview With Paola Bianchi

Paola Bianchi's dancing body is everything, sometimes nothing, sometimes everything to discover, expect and fully understand. The human figure and anatomy, it's mind and introspection that implode strength and elegance, dynamism in the emotion she puts on stage since the early eighties. She has traveled, fought and stopped, she knew without looking back and she continued.