Issue 50

DigiMag Issue 50


Less Talk, More Action. An Interview To The Yes Men

Over the last months, in the middle of the turmoil for the mobilizations in view of the Copenaghen COP15, an interesting coordination platform has been online for the movements that takes the name of Beyond Talk.

The Activist East: Among Guitars And Gentrification

We had been staying in Japan for more than 10 days, as we had been invited to present the project by Serpica Naro in the Cream Festival ( ), even if our main purpose was to meet at last all the artists, militants, agitators and promoters of the Maydays with whom we only have virtual contacts.

(Italiano) Identita’ Mediali

(Italiano) Re:live - Media Art History  la terza conferenza internazionale sulle Storie della Media Art, della Scienza e della Tecnologia. Tenutasi a Melbourne dal 26 al 29 novembre ha coinvolto oltre sessanta tra artisti, scienziati, filosofi, critici e curatori provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Monsieur Morin: For A Complex Thought Ethic

To meet Monsieur Morin is not something to be taken lightly. Even those who do not know him could not but be fascinated by his old Frenchman-like elegant ways and his ringed fingers. And I believe in his success. The husky voice with which the Monsieur expresses himself, never as an intellectual but more like the chief of a tribe who tells myths and stories, immediately creates empathy and takes you into an intellectual dimension with layered dimensions: that of complex thought. And it is immediately clear that complex thought, in the presence of the old philosopher, is not just a mix of methods, an intellectual practice, but the exercising of an existential operation, a human opening that has this objective: to give itself a new founding ethic, the ethic that a planetary consciousness needs.

Distributed Creativity Models: The Crowdsourcing

It was maybe predictable and it is definitely significant: Creative Review's has included crowd-sourcing among the topics covered in their 'Year in Review' December issue. I haven't checked the magazine yet, but I am researching on digital creative crowd-sourcing models since a while and I think they represent such an interesting opportunity for creatives that we should celebrate here.

Mediamatic Travel: Online Cultural Turism

The Mediamatic travel project, carried out by Mediamatic Bank, one of the most important cultural centers in Amsterdam and in Europe, is ready to turn the world of cultural tourism upside down. If you connect to the following website, you can find an endless list of cities, spread all over the world, with which it is possible to interact following definitely innovative approaches.

Babel Of Innovation

A new innovation in medical software', 'Innovation is the hearth of everything we do', 'The House of Innovation', 'Our innovation is back', these are the slogans that some multinational companies chose to draw attention to a key element in contemporary society: innovation.

The Screen And The City.continuous City Di Marianne Weems

Marianne Weems, a theatre director of the multidisciplinary company The Builders Association continues with extraordinary coherence and strength through her acute examination of technology and communication via computers, in reference to their influence in society and their effects on social interactions.

Francesca Proia: The Breath Of The Subtle Body

My job is to find a suitable energy in order to create a precise composition . The philosophy of yoga comes across my project of creation as a philosophy that deals with the creation of time. These are Francesca Proia's paths, a young choreographer and dancer in Ravenna that has made the yoga a philosophy of life, making its mark in the theatrical solos danced in detail, where the subtle body imprisons and ponders a unique balance of energy and empathy contemporary dance.

Aesthetics And Computation: The Origins Of Generative Art

After some years of a qualified and creative activity, it is now known to most people that the images produced with a generative technique are more adjustable, as they are the result of the information flow being seized in a split second; then the information is adjusted through the interface, that is some kind of design process that gives life to real metadata rather than to images, videos or sounds. We're dealing with pictures, videos and sounds not yet real.

Video Letter: When The Video Becomes Conscience

There is a story which is divided into two parts like two consciences which interlace with each other, fading into each other and embracing each other. Shuji Terayana, a person with close connections to the theatre, a poet and a person involved in the avant-garde film industry on the one hand; Shuntaro Tanikawa, a poet on the other.

Cimatics 2009: Festival and City

The seventh edition of the Cinematics Festival 2009 in Brussels has just ended up, after ten intense days of events which involved the whole city.

(Italiano) Biennale Performa 09: Alle Radici Del Video E Del Noise

(Italiano) Autunno a New York. Non  l'incipit per un racconto fatto di situazioni romantiche impresse su celluloide o per r'veries vintage. Magari  anche questo, New York  sempre tutto e il suo contrario. Ma un autunno a Manhattan pu˜ essere un'instancabile e sempre sbalorditiva passeggiata artistica, che nel mio caso ha avuto la fortuna di avvenire proprio durante i giorni in cui si  svolto un evento eccezionale per noi amanti delle arti digitali ed elettroniche: la Biennale Performa 09, rassegna multidisciplinare e trasversale, che anche quest'anno si  svolta in pi locations contemporaneamente, dedicata alle performing arts, in tutte le loro declinazioni.
#5 - photo by J. Rekveld

Joost Rekveld’s Study And Research Lines

At the beginning of 2009 for the first time the exceptional screens of IFFF - International Film Festival Rotterdam presented the film #37, the new experimental creation of the Dutch author Joost Rekveld (1970, Terneuzen, Netherlands), which achived a great success both from the public and the critics point of view thank to his poetic intensity and visual beauty.

The Future Of Journalism: Comparing Models

Are journalism and publishers dying? Are we watching their decline? Even if these assessments seem true today, they are so only in part. Journalism and publishers are facing a serious period of crisis. The responsibility for this condition is probably to be attributed to an inadequate business model which paid little attention to the changes which have affected society and consumers in recent years. The Internet has surely played a significant role in this situation, having proposed a 'long tail' offer able to satisfy more sectorial and niche demands.

Fluctuating Intelligences

In the 'liquid society', as Zygmunt Bauman defines it in: 'Modus Vivendi. Hell and Utopia of the Liquid World', the structures that create the boundaries of space of behaviour, habits and social and individual forms, are dissolved, creating a chaotic and dynamic context in continuous transformation where contemporary men and women find themselves having to continuously and frenetically pass from social one role to another. Family, work, social life, are alternated until they overlap, despite having different needs and necessities that are often distant from each other.

Jonah Brucker-cohen: New Media, From Web 2.0 To Web 4.0

Jonah Brucker-Cohen is a researcher, an artist and a writer who, in spite of his youth, has reached unquestionable fame and respect internationally in the field of new media and technologies applied to art. He has recently obtained a Ph d at the Disruptive Design Team of the Networking and Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG) at the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin.

Christian Zanesi, The Act Of Listening

Christian Zanesi is a French composer and the person responsible for the production of radio programs for France Musique and French Culture at the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) in Paris, an institution that last year celebrated the 50th anniversary and that is throughly integrated in the much bigger INA ( Institut National de l'Audiovisuel).