Issue 48

DigiMag Issue 48


Facebook’s Slackers

Imagine you have a Facebook account. It isn't difficult at all. Imagine you are Danish and live in Copenhagen and someone asks you to share a cause aiming to defend the Stork Fountain, the city symbol, which is going to be knocked down. If you were a citizien who belives in the historical identity of the city where you live, you would probably share the cause without problems and maybe you would also widespread the idea among your friends. There is only one thing: this piece of news is totally false. Nobody has ever thought to knock down the most important sightseing of the Danish capital.

Raul Martinez: The Tenderness Of Metal

Although Digimag deals with digital culture, this month we want to devote a well-deserved space to an artist, whose work does not exactly fall within this category, but it perfectly places itself within that field of research that our magazine carries out in the framework of (applied and reused) technology, mechanics and art. The general trend does no longer lie in the celebration of technology in itself, but aims to grant priority to the concept and the tangibility, also when, in order to obtain them, the artist uses techniques and materials that are not exactly the latest fad.

To Evaluate Digital Creativity: How And What Instruments To Use

The 'Digital Creativity' review (september 2009, Vol. 20) has recently published a special issue dedicated to the speeches to the Completing The Circle conference organized by the Lansdown Centre for Eletronic Arts in London (supported by the BCS Computer Arts Society and by the Design Research Society) which took place in January 2009.

Geert Lovink: List Culture And The Art Of Moderation

Geert Lovink is one of the most influential cultures of the net worldwide. He is a critic and a theorist, he has been interested for years in texts and essays about the new media and network culture, and among his most recent projects the creation of the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam is worth to be mentioned. This institute works on critical analysis of the Internet, and its aim is to help actively the development and the divulgation of studies and discussions on network topics, even through the organisation of conferences, and publications whose aim is to stimulate dialogue and online sharing.
The Contemporary Brazil Pass Through Its Modernity

The Contemporary Brazil Pass Through Its Modernity

A large exhibition dedicated to the current Brazil, distributed over the three major expositive areas in Rotterdam, ended at the close of last summer. We are talking about Brazil Contemporary, the point of arrival of a demanding research project on the visual, social and architectural culture of this country.

Thirty Years Of Ars Electronica: The Future Of Man And Nature

The 2009 Ars Electronica will surely be an edition to remember. The festival, which takes place in Linz the first week of September, celebrated its 30th year. Much attention was focused on the little Austrian town for the fact that Linz was chosen as European Culture Capital for 2009, and so it has experienced an intense year, dense with launches and cultural events

Oltre La Vista Del Mondo. Message In A Bottle

In occasione della prima edizione della Festa della Marineria, tenutasi a la Spezia dall'11 al 16 giugno, Xlabfactory ha presentato Oltre la vista del mondo - Message in a botle. Recital multimediale per il golfo dei poeti. Non ci poteva essere tema pi appropriato di quello affrontato nello spettacolo per celebrare il fascino incantatorio che emana dal Golfo di La Spezia: il testo drammaturgico di Andrea Balzola, che ha curato anche la regia dello spettacolo, narra di visioni estatiche, di esperienze epifaniche, ma anche tragiche, scaturite dalla frequentazione dei suggestivi luoghi che rendono unico il Golfo spezzino.

The Uncertain Human Quantum Mechanics

Werner Heisenberg's famous 'Uncertainty Principle' articulates the idea that we cannever completely eliminate the influence of the subject from any description of quantumparticles. The reason is simple: because we are part of the very system beingdescribed. It is impossible to accurately predict exactly how an electron will behavewhen we measure it because of the sensitivity of its wave function to our presence orthe presence of a detection device, which we put into place. The act of measurement causes an uncertain change in the thing being measured.
Volavolafly Me. Anteprima A Parigi

Volavola / Fly Me. Preview Machinima In Paris

New on YouTube: the interesting preview of VolaVola/FlyMe by Berardo Carboni. A small 3-minutes sample which mixes the machinima filming technique with a cartoon effect which got the attention of famed cyber-futurologist Bruce Sterling, who defines it on Wired blog disorienting. Let's see what it is about, with the help of its creator, machinima-operator Evo Szuyuan.
Madden 12x A Second. When The Eye Flickers In Milan

Madden 12x A Second. When The Eye Flickers In Milan

From the 17th to the 26th September at the DOCVA (Documentation Center for Visual Arts) in Milan, via Procaccini 4, took place the exhibition 'Quando l'occhio trema. Il flicker fra cinema, video e digitale' (When the eye shakes. A flicker between cinema, video and digital world'. It is a videoscreening created by Claudia D'Alonzo (Digicult) and Mario Gorni (Careof DOCVA) and made of15 works of art which play the so called 'flicker' effect.

Kempinski: Misteriose Predizioni Africane Sul Futuro

Queste sono le parole che accompagnavano Kempinski, il cortometraggio del giovanissimo videomaker, Neil Beloufa, presentato in anteprima lo scorso anno, al 52nd London Film Festival (LFF). Il video era proiettato in loop, all'interno dello Studio del BFI - British Film Institute, il magnifico centro sulla riva del Tamigi, la Southbank.

Tony Oursler: Round-nosed Whistiling-jack-off-dumb-fuck

Tony Oursler is one of the most internationally renowned multimedia artists, born in 1957 in New York City, where he lives and works. In the eighties he began to make short videos, and later he began to design installations where he set sound and video. Since the nineties the use of mannequins became a constant feature of his work, puppets and dolls were the stars of his installations.

Voom, By Robert Wilson:the Surface Of A Myth

There is a figure which seems to stop the time, move with care along its borders, fly above it, go through it but then sit outside it. It is a man who wears only his slips and stand in front of us, fixing us. Above us the rain begins to fall. The light is steered by a blinding intense blue which looks like a chemical color lent by Klein's imagination or by the fluorescent lamp of a sleazy club.

Carla Diana: From Real To Virtual And Back Again

Some years ago, in the rich panorama of designers and artists that used Flash to express their creativity on the web, there was a very interesting female figure whose work had already achieved international recognition. It was Carla Diana, from New York, but as her surname suggests, not far from her Italian roots

Project Culture And Technological Innovation

Cultural and intellectual activities should have practical consequences in the life of people, and among them, projecting disciplines should represent the happy case where humanistic knowledge and technical knowledge are combined, in order to generate products and services to support mankind.

Seismographs Of Time. A Conversation With Roberto Paci Dalo’

Among the main figures of contemporary experimentation, Roberto Paci Dal˜ is a director, multimedia artist and composer/performer. He is director and creator of the Giardini Pensili group. His research develops within an area that goes from the development of radio interventions to sound installations; from the development of plays to the building of virtual stages like the Itaca project commissioned by the Teatro di Roma and directed by Mario Martone (1999-2000), passing through the development of the film that, as in the case of Petr˜leo México (2004) was presented at the Locarno International film festival

Peter Chilvers: Visual And Tactical Music

Generative music is a term coined by Brian Eno years ago to describe music generated by a system, that is ever changing and varied, and that follows some rules. Ambient music - whose founding father is Eno - is music created to fill a given space, that can either be listened to carefully or as easily ignored.

Climate Justice Action: Precarious United For Climate Action

The economic crisis has heavily hit the precariat -- the sum of those working non-standard, temporary, part-time contracts in services and industry -- worse than any other social class. Millions of precarious youth, women, immigrants are being made redundant by the Great Recession. Unemployment has skyrocketed from the US to the EU, from Iceland to Japan. Those responsible for the crisis -- big banks, investment funds, free-market economists and policy-makers -- whitewash and greenwash without shame as if nothing happened and go on with business as usual. Governments are giving trillions to the bankers and peanuts to the permatemps.