Issue 45

DigiMag Issue 45


Raster Noton Shopping Style

Experimentation. Carsten Nicolai's (aka alva noto) artistic production, (one of the few artists in the digital art who does not need any presentation) has always been characterized by an element of constant research: thinking about sound frequencies and visuals, digital and minimal aesthetics, where noise and glitch are bound to mathematics and geometric shapes, has gone through an evolution that made him one of the most important, long-established and famous artists in the international electronic scene.

Cinemahacking: Interview To Paolo Gioli

Paolo Gioli is one of the reference Auteurs of Underground Italian Cinema. He has experimented in his research on images and vision, painting, photography and cinema, deconstructing and often inventing techniques, reproduction and shooting methods ex-novo. The 45th 'Mostra del Nuovo Cinema' (New Cinema Exhibition) in Pesaro, which is held between the 21 st and 29 th of June 2009, with a great homage dedicated to the Auteur with a film exhibition and a photographic exhibition, held in Palazzo Gradari in Pesaro, and the publication of a volume, curated by the Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Centre for Experimental Cinema Foundation), are among the most recent celebrations of his work.

Mapping Festival

The last Mapping Festival edition took place from the 8th to the 17th of May in the fervent city of Geneva . Focussing above all on visual aspects, this festival is different from the many others of electronic music which animate the Swiss city. Also this year it confirmed to be not only an incredibile showcase fot the vjing international scenery, but also an evidence of the real Swiss style in regard of technical organization and rich program.

Douglas Gordon: The Time Of Narration

In the works of video artist Douglas Gordon - one of the most important visual artists of his generation, awarded with the prestigious Turner Prize in 1996 when he was just 30 years old - the timing of movie narration gets twisted by a new device, that modifies its extension, its message, and the perception of the action it encloses.

The Science And Art Of Complex Systems

Within quantum mechanics, reality is an evolving state that includes the interaction of the observer as a component of the system under observation. The same thing can be said of any interactive work of media art. Human behavior contributes complexity to any interactive system of which it is a component, whether it reside in quantum space or cyberspace. Sword of the Stranger di Masahiro Ando.

The Murder Of Crows

Fino a pochi giorni fa  stato possibile visitare l'installazione 'The murder of crows' Janet Cardiff e George Bures Miller nella sala principale dell'Hamburger Bahnhof di Berlino, museo dedicato all'arte contemporanea.
Walking In The City With Christina Kubisch

Walking In The City With Christina Kubisch

Christina Kubisch, one of the most important sound artists on the European scene, began to work in 2003 on a project calleD Electrical Walks This project uses custom-built headphones which transduce electromagnetic fields into audio signals, through an interaction between force fields which allow the audience to listen to a concert of ambient sounds in public spaces specifically projected.
The Sound Ecosystems Of Agostino Di Scipio

The Sound Ecosystems Of Agostino Di Scipio

Those who know me and my interests can imagine my reaction when I was asked to write the catalog of the exhibition Digital Direct di Modena, curated by Caleffi Gilberto. One of the artists I was most interested in was Agostino di Scipio, and this is evident in any analysis of the texts chosen for the catalogue: where the interview, as a reflection on the content exposed to direct contact with the author, becomes a moment of openness and honesty between artist and critic.

From Cfu To Funen: Interview With Jakob Jakobsen

In April of this year a group of students from the Funen Art Academy , an independent academy in Copenhagen , did a tour of Italy with the objective of coming into contact with certain activist and underground Italian groups. Among the teachers who accompanied them was Jakob Jakobsen, a Danish artivist, who for some time has been involved and has elaborated practices for the liberation of artistic knowledge. In 2001, together with the artist Henrietta Heise, he founded the Copenhagen Free University, establishing it in his own apartment. This experience lasted 6 years and is what they themselves describe as being 'self-teaching'. In this interview Jakob tells us about his present and past experiences as an activist and teacher.


In this article I would like to introduce some of my thoughts on the forms of protest in art. My statements were conceived on occasion of the round table 'Out of the fiction of protest - Art and political activism' that took place on 24 May 2009 in Milan. In order to synthesize my thoughts I have decided to divide the article into three hypothesis aiming at eliciting the development of topics that either deny or confirm a given stance.

50 Years After Baron Snow’s Two Cultures

May 7, 1959, we are at the University of Cambridge, at the annual Sir Robert Rede's Lecturer . A British physicist and author holds a conference entitled The Two Cultures in which he attributes many political, environmental and cultural worldly problems of our time to the break of communication that took place between science and the humanities.

Science Is Sexy: Felice Frankel

I'm not an artist'. 'I put science into pictures'. This is how Felice Frankel begins: scientific photographer at the MIT, last 20 th of May she presented and discussed her work in the lecture Speaking of science through images: scientific photography organized by the University of Trento for the program Writing and talking of science

The Aware And Creative Technology Of Goto10

The collective GOTO10 (the answers of this interview were elaborated with the name GOTO10 by Karsten Gebbert, Claude Heiland-Allen, Aymeric Mansoux, Marloes de Valk and Thomas Vriet), active internationally for years in the technological activist environment, is a good example of how a group of programmer-artists manages to face and win against the swamps of our time through a creative, aware and thought-out use of technology. I interviewed them so that they could tell us about some aspects of their complex project.
The Digital Market Of Elektra

The Digital Market Of Elektra

Last 6th and 7th of May Montreal's Cinémathque Québécoise has hosted for the third consecutive year the International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA), event organized within Elektra, new media and audiovisual art festival. The International Marketplace for Digital Arts is a meeting for professional networking among those active in the field of production, creation and diffusion of digital arts.

Imaging Space: Direct Digital Symposium

As one of the five sections of the new periodical art exhibition and electronical world Direct Digital - edited by Gilberto Caleffi - the Symposium staged last Thursday 28th May in Sala Delfini della Galleria Civica di Modena suggested an analysis on the permeation of art, architecture and mass media in space planning and imaging.
Sabrina Muzi. About The Body Without Limits

Sabrina Muzi. About The Body Without Limits

The Italian artist Sabrina Muzi from Marche region, has been living for several years in Bologna, dividing herself between exhibitions and residences from Florida to Corea, between daily life and small joys in which through performatory, photographic, installatory-videos processes and contaminations, she returns us an inner art and aesthetic identities which involve all senses, transuded and amplified through her tiny explosive body.

Blender And 3dwithin Nearly…everybody’s Reach

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License'. Dietro questa sintetica definizione che apre il sito ufficiale del software free e open source Blender, non si cela solo un programma per la modellazione 3D, ma un'autentica filosofia di lavoro, oltre che una comunitˆ di utenti sviluppata lungo le direttrici partecipative che le nuove tecnologie aprono in diversi settori. Blender, che sarˆ protagonista di un interessantissimo workshop nel periodo di warm up del prossimo Hackmeeting di Milano di Giugno, presso l'Universitˆ Statale Bicocca

_augmentology 1[l]0[l]1_:interface Between Two Worlds

The _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ project reaches out into a multitude of networked environments, like a multi-tendrilled creature, it explores and reports back information to a central hub, located at the _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ blog. Existing in the virtual, the task is to explore other synthetic worlds and attempt to reflect back something of the nature of living within them and our own world. The resultant collection of projects and ideas can be considered a 'Synthetic Reality Manual' as Mez Breeze, who initiated the project, describes it.